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									Artists, Actors and Attraction Marketing
Have you ever felt like the Artists, Actors, and creative fields are
undervalued and unappreciated in our society, especially when it comes to
Do you want a steady income and still want your Dream of your creative
endeavor to come true? An artist, actor, or creative person who wants to
make money in his or her field wants to get known and have exposure to
more people and places. When you are just beginning, or stuck along the
way, that may be a challenge. That is where the new way of Internet
Attraction Marketing just fits like a glove for people in the creative
Internet Attraction Marketing has recently been taught by the gurus of
the internet world who are showing "us" their secrets of how they have
learned to bring people (leads) to them, instead of having to go hunt
leads down the "traditional" way.
The traditional way is spending money on leads, calling those leads,
dealing with rejection, bothering family and friends and everyone who
moves, spending a lot of money on advertising. There is little profit for
the investment.
What is the "new way" of marketing on the internet and getting yourself
known to a wider audience? It starts with understanding Social Networking
and seeing your talent or creative art as a product or service to share.
So what are the benefits for you to start Social Networking with your
business? Social Media and Web 2.0 is exploding on the internet and huge
numbers of people are taking part in online Social Networking
communities. It is enabling businesses to take advantage of amazing
NOW is a very good time to start and position yourself in the marketing
revolution that is happening on the internet. Every day new people are
signing up on Social Networking websites. These sites were originally
formed with the motivation of building friendships and networks of like-
minded social contacts.
Now people are getting news, currents events, politics, finances, sports,
watching videos, hobbies, listening to music, and discussing topics on
social sites and forums - this is where the "people" are hanging out. It
makes sense to go where they are and meet them there and for them to get
to know you. It's free to socialize with the people in your networks
Once you have begun communicating with others in the social communities
you choose, one of the biggest benefits that will likely happen
will gain respect within your community and you will build an "Audience".
As you are genuine and offer valuable knowledge and information, you will
gain a lot of potential interest in yourself and your business.
If you want to start developing your "Audience" now, here is a way to
4 Small Steps to Start MySpace Social Networking:
1. Join MySpace Groups - join a group(s) on topics of interest, a
business and/or hobby *add a signature link with your website that will
allow your new friends and contacts to "click" and connect with you and
your business.
2. Fill Out Profile page - be genuine, easy to read, link to your
business websites (blog, etc.).
3. Regularly add content, update, and invite people - respond to
comments, write articles, videos, music -*video and music is unique to
4. Sign up for MySpace (it's no cost). Go to: MySpace -ends in .com -
fill out the form - email address - your name - password
How can you actively work with MySpace and your Email List, Blog,
Squidoo, and other Social Networking Sites? You can take "Small Steps" to
get yourself poised for the exciting time ahead, whether you have a small
business or network marketing.
MySpace is one of many Social Networking sites and just the beginning.
Other examples of sites you might want to get started with now: (these
are all .com) Facebook, Social bookmarking sites like Digg, Squidoo,
HubPages, and Twitter.
People can follow your blog posts when they subscribe to your RSS If you
need a website you can go to GoDaddy.
MySpace is one of many Social Networking sites and just the beginning.
For further support with Internet Attraction Marketing and Social
Networking contact Kathy Beaman. Kathy teaches Social Marketing in Small
Steps designed for quick monetary success for Network Marketers.
Kathy Beaman is a Renegade University and Internet Affiliate Attraction
Marketing Coach from Palm Desert, California.

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