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									Affiliates, Monetizing, Attraction Marketing - New Name, Same Old Story
I have been spending a good amount of time lately learning all about
affiliates, monetizing, attraction marketing, and social networking. But
what I have come to realize is that while the names may have changed, the
story is the same.
There is nothing new and mysterious about network marketing, it is the
same old stuff all polished up and put in a new box with a pretty new
ribbon. There is nothing here that all the big companies down through the
ages have not known. The only thing that has changed is the manner in
which these things are done.
The department stores in the real world are e-stores in the virtual world
of the internet. Magazines are now e-zines, etc. And what these real
world companies have always done is attraction marketing, only they call
it advertising. They advertise in newspapers, the yellow pages, radio,
and television. They even advertise on blimps. They are drawing people in
with free samples, buy one-get-one-free-sales, and discounts. After all,
attraction marketing is just finding methods of bringing customers to
you. But you and I as network marketers can't do this because it is cost
Magazines have always monetized. They sold advertising space. As a matter
of fact most magazines these days have more ad pages than they do content
pages. Have you looked at Vogue lately?
And affiliates? Look at any big business and the one thing they all have
in common is affiliates. They may call it diversifying but it is the same
thing. They have several lines of business or several companies all
working independently and sending a revenue stream to the parent company.
So what does all this mean to today's network marketer? Well, it means
that we too have to shift from the real world to the virtual world and
become internet network marketers. We are not selling, we are sharing
information on the front end and offering our products or "opportunities"
on the back end. We are not putting all of our eggs in one basket but
putting links on our webpages advertising products and services that give
us a commission on purchases. We are purchasing pay per click advertising
instead of newspaper ads.
But the main thing that this move to the internet means is that it is now
affordable, it is now within reach of the average Joe that wants to start
their own business and not just for the elite.
The bottom line is that we are learning a whole new language that applies
to what we already know how to do...with a twist!
Shelley Cook is an internet marketing guide utilizing the Renegade System
which uses affiliate network marketing along with attraction marketing to
help others learn the ins and outs of creating a profitable on line

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