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Definition of Information Technology


									Definition of Information Technology
Information technology has been defined by the Information Technology
Association of America, or the ITAA as being the study, design,
development, implementation support and/or management of any computer
based information systems. This relates particularly to software
applications and computer hardware. Information technology deals with
using electronic computers and software to convert, store, protect,
process, retrieve with security or transmit any information. What began
many years ago as a term that many had no awareness of to a term that has
skyrocketed to include several aspects of computing and technology. IT is
a wide based term and encompasses many areas. Professionals in
information technology may perform a wide variety of tasks that range
from installing computer applications to designing widely complex
computer networks and information databases.
Everything from data management, networking, engineering computer
hardware, software design, database design and management and
administration of systems is included in the term of information
technology. When covering the aspects of IT as a whole, the use of
computers and information are typically associated.
The history of IT goes back several years. In order to perform the
functions associated with the field of technology the modern field will
use computers, servers, database management systems and cryptography.
It was not very long ago that the field of IT only consisted of a single
computer operator who stored data on a magnetic tape and then placed it
in storage. Times have changed drastically in the field of technology
from its inception several years ago. The field today typically includes
a Chief Information Officer and several individuals who work together to
achieve their goals. Years ago there was simply a single operator who
performed all the tasks related to this form of technology.
Today the job outlook for people interested in this field is very good.
With data security and server specialists among the highest paid in the
field, those with the needed skills and a keen interest in IT stand to
earn a substantial annual income.
With the increasing concern for data storage and management, along with
the security issues that most companies and corporations are facing, a
career in IT is an excellent choice for those who possess mathematical
and strategic planning skills.
Since 1961 the Information Technology Association of America has been
working to enhance the interests of US technology and electronics
industries. This association provides leadership training in areas
relating to business development, public policy, market forecasting and
standards of development to a large number of corporations. The ITAA
provides a grassroots approach to global networking for companies, market
and government from the smallest local level to a global audience.
It currently represents more than 16,000 information technological
related companies throughout the world. Based in Washington, DC, the
Information Technology Association of American is the only organization
of its kind that helps to unite local, state, national and global
businesses in the area of technology.
While technology today encompasses a wide range of individual focuses, it
is becoming increasing clear that the IT field of the future will include
many more topics and more demand than ever before. For those interested
in becoming part of this rapidly growing field the time is now. Getting
in on new developments could prove to be a very exciting and lucrative
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