Blending Cars With Computers

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					Blending Cars With Computers
Everybody knows that today's' cars implement computer technology, it is
not surprising anymore. We can hardly imagine cars without electronic
components. But what about infusing computers with car technology? Well,
maybe not exactly a technology, it is looks what I am thinking about
It appears that the first Ferrari laptop from Acer was more of a
publicity stunt rather than a proper "blend of genre". It did not really
impress on the performance level as Ferrari cars would. It rather
resembled Ferrari's shaky reliability records. But in a way it has become
an icon and lifted Acer to higher levels in ranks of popularity by brand
Today Acer continues to deliver new Ferrari models this time they are
closer to the top of the performance line. As much effort goes into the
interior design as into the exterior. Those machines are as good and fast
as they look.
It is easy to notice that Acer left a huge mark in this area. Others
follow in Acer's footsteps now. Look at Asus - they have a contract with
Lamborghini. Naturally theirs laptops have to be yellow to be recognised,
since Acer use red.
All in all in the end its all for us - customers. Laptop brands need our
attention, they crave to be recognised because they thrive on it. So they
will continue to come up with those eye and ego pleasing toys. It makes
the world a bit more colorful.
I sometimes wonder what's going to happen when other car companies would
start similar cooperation. Who is going to make a Vauxhall laptop...?
Wait...I know - Casio!
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