Is Zrii a Scam Learn the Truth About Zrii by primusboy


									Is Zrii a Scam? Learn the Truth About Zrii
Zrii is a new liquid nutritional drink that is endorsed by the Chopra
Center. Ever since its pre-launch in October it has been the "talk" in
the network marketing industry.
The question is, "Does Zrii stand up to all the hype?"
Well, where would you really go to find out the FACTS about Zrii? Would
you listen to so called "health guru's" that give their opinion without
even testing the product? Or would you read reviews from people who
really don't know what they are talking about?
The point is there are many people who are more than willing to share
their opinions about Zrii.
But, opinions aren't worth much these days. In High School my science
teacher taught me to think objectively and NOT rely on my or anyone
else's opinions. Science is about testing and measuring the results.
If science is based on opinion then we are all doomed. So let's forget
about all the opinions you find on the internet about Zrii. Honestly, I
don't even care about opinions from self-proclaimed "health gurus".
Sometimes those opinions are the most dangerous since people tend to
value them more than what it is- an opinion.
O.k so back to Zrii. First, let's start with the facts. Zrii is
formulated by doctors who are well recognized in the field of Integrative
Medicine- Suhas Kshirsagar MD (Ayurveda), Thomas Yarema M.D., Daniel
Rhoda, Dr. Yadu Moharir PhD, and David Simon M.D.
These men operate in the field of science. They are not just some
"ordinary Joe" or "self-proclaimed guru". They are the real deal.
How on earth would Bill Farley be able to get such recognized and
talented Doctors to formulate Zrii unless they truly believed in what
they were doing? And did you know that the formulators are very
transparent - they do a Scientific Advisory Board call once a month
giving in depth training on the product.
But, some people might need more. How about third-party validation?
Well, Zrii has had many tests done on it by third party health
So is Zrii just hype? Is Zrii a scam? From what I can tell it seems like
it will stand the test of time.
Dave Vass is a internet network marketer that is interested in helping
the average network marketer succeed by giving them the knowledge needed
to use the power of the internet for the growth of their business.
And it is my pleasure to bring all of my experience and knowledge
together to create a internet network marketing system for a once in a
lifetime opportunity...Zrii. My desire is to give others an advantage
above 97% of the other network marketers out there so that they can
actually make money!

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