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Of all the various sports practiced in the world today, golf has got to
be one of the most often played by amateurs and professionals alike. It
is one of those sports that can be played with little skill by people of
all ages – young and old alike. Recognizing that golf is one of the
major sports in the world has been a great advancement for people who
love this game.

Most people think of traditional sports as one on one or team
competitions. While golf is often played with other people, t he real
competitors in the game of golf are you against the golf course. Sure,
you can try to score better than your opponents, but really what you are
doing is trying to take into consideration things like sand traps, water
hazards, and distance so you can make it from tee box to hole with as few
strokes as possible.

While golf isn’t a very intensive sports activity, it does provide for
good exercise – especially if you walk the course instead of taking a
cart. You’re not going to get a good cardio workout, but you certainly
will benefit from a good stroll across the links. Plus, the swinging
motion will work your back muscles as well as your arm muscles.

Golf is one of the most competitive sports both professionally as well as
for amateurs. The lighthearted bantering you can hear on the golf course
during a tournament is quite interesting. Many side bets occur on tee
boxes and before a match begins. There’s quite a lot of ways you can try
to best your opponents and make a little money on the sid e as well!

You can also find competitive golf in schools as   part of their sports
programs. These days, it’s not uncommon to find    a golf team at the
middle school level, and high school and college   golf teams have been
part of sports programs for years. This is great   as it introduces golf to
kids at younger ages and they are more likely to   continue that interest
into their adult years.

Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with fans spanning
all age groups coming from all walks of life. Participating in golf as
part of a sports regimen provides for much enjoyment, some stress, and a
lot of great experiences. If you’ve never tried golf as one of the
sports you participate in, you really should. Gain the benefits of this
traditional game and see all of the amazing things you have in store!