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As with any other skin products there are many different moisturizers on
the market and they are all formulated to assist in different areas of
the skin.

They serve two main purposes and that is to soften the skin and help to
keep moisture under the outer layer.

This will make dry skin look more hydrated and in doing so it will make
your skin feel better - albeit temporarily.

There are three main areas that moisturizers are used for the face skin
and these are for the area around the eyes, the facial skin and the skin
on your neck.

All these areas of skin have slightly different characteristics and often
one moisturizer isn't suitable for all areas.

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate and for this reason
moisturizers for the eyes are lighter in texture than those used for the

Most people will use a different eye moisturizer than the one they will
use on their face.

If you are using one moisturizer for the whole of your face you will need
to be particularly careful to choose one that won't have any ingredients
that will irritate your eyes.

As you will be leaving moisturizer on your skin throughout the day you
really need to take the time to test samples of various products until
you find the one that is most suitable.

There is an enormous array of products, and moisturizers come in all
types and formulations.
The range in prices can vary considerably too but it is essential that
you buy quality products when selecting a moisturizer.

While many people don't bother using a separate moisturizer for the neck
skin there are formulations that are specifically suitable for the neck
as this is an area where there are fewer oil glands and the skin can
become somewhat drier.