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The Mac computer – more formerly known   as the Macintosh computer – is the
number one rival of IBM-based personal   computer. The Mac was invented by
the Apple Corporation back in the late   1970’s and released in 1984. It
has since become one of the biggies in   the personal as well as
professional computer market.

The Mac was one of the first commercially successful personal computers
to use a graphical user interface (GUI) and mouse instead of the then-
standard command line interface. This would prove to be very beneficial
to all users as the system was incredibly user-friendly and could be used
by more people in the common market.

Mac systems are mainly targeted at the home, education, and
creative/professional markets. The Mac computers use vertical
integration in all of their systems in that they create all parts of the
computer system including the hardware and operating system. Other
computers have one vendor for the operating system and multiple vendors
that create the hardware.

The original version of the Mac computer was released in 1984 with a
ground-breaking commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. It featured
a woman throwing a sledge hammer at a “Big Brother-like” video screen
meant to represent IBM. The concept was that with the Mac, Apple would
be bringing “power to the people” by challenging the text-based computers
that were dominating the market at the time.

Two days after the ad aired, the first Mac went on the market with a
price tag of $2,495. It came bundled with two useful programs designed
to show off its interface: MacWrite and MacPaint.

Although the Mac garnered an immediate, enthusiastic following, it was
too radical for some. Because the machine was entirely designed around
the GUI, existing text-mode and command-driven programs had to be
redesigned and rewritten; this was a challenging undertaking that many
software developers shied away from, and resulted in an initial lack of
software for the new system. Many users, accustomed to the arcane world
of command lines, labeled the Mac a mere “toy.”

Over the years, Apple would improve on the Mac design and release new
version after new version. Apple would also become instrumental in
introducing the new concept of the laptop computer with their release of
the Power Book. Mac computers are extremely popular with the iMac
desktop computer as well as the Mac mini laptop.

Of course, as with all computer technology, Mac will continue to evolve
and change as computer using needs change. However, we’re relatively
sure that the Apple Mac computer line will remain in the forefront of the
computer industry making the market truly free-choice and consumer

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