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Keep it Simple to Reduce Costs


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									It is possible to have a perfectly good wedding without all the
additional frills and expenses that go with a traditional wedding even to
the extent that you might decide to not have any bridesmaids, or a best
man, flower girls or other members of the wedding party.

While people traditionally have other members in the wedding party it is
not essential and a lot more people are choosing not to have them these
days simply to reduce the expense that is involved.

Any additional features that you have in your wedding will involve more
expenditure such as flowers and dresses for the bridesmaids and flower
girls and the hiring of suits and shoes for the best man and other men in
the bridal party.

If you're working to a budget you should also consider reducing the
number of people that you invite to your wedding and don't feel obliged
to invite people who you haven't contacted for some time as obviously if
these people were important to you, you would have made more contact with
them over last months or years.

Having a theme wedding can also add costs as all aspects of the wedding
will need to tie in with that theme from the clothing to the decoration
and even down to the invitation cards.

There is usually a lot more work and planning involved with a theme
wedding so if you're working on a budget you need to consider whether
this is an important aspect of your wedding not.

One benefit of reducing the costs in other areas of the wedding
preparations is you will have more money to spend on yourself and your
partner and as you two are the whole focus of the wedding that might be a
better use of your time and money.

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