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Your computer’s hardware is the physical part of the computer, not to be
confused with software which is not physical. Computer hardware includes
the digital circuitry. Computer hardware includes the central processing
unit (CPU), the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, and the printer as well
as any other peripherals you want to add such as a scanner or a video

The hardware of a computer is not very often changed as opposed to the
software and data which can be changed all the time depending on user
requirements. Most computer hardware is not seen by the user. In fact,
there are many common household objects that contain hardware that is
embedded in systems in automobiles, microwave ovens, and compact disc

Your system’s hardware is run by various software programs and device
drivers. Device drivers are also in the form of software programs that
allow the hardware to run. You install these device drivers so that the
computer’s hardware operates properly without problems. Often, you will
need to update drivers to insure the system hardware runs smoothly, but
these updates are usually readily available on the device’s
manufacturer’s website.

Computer hardware includes the system’s random access memory (RAM) which
is used for program execution and short term data storage. RAM is used
so the computer does not have to take the time access the hard drive to
find the file or files that it needs to use. More RAM will contribute to
a faster PC. It’s easy to update your RAM as it is almost always
removable and fits in a slot on your mother boards which is the main
piece of hardware that controls all components of your computer.

As we said before, there are many different types of peripherals that you
can add to your computer. All of these devices are referred to as
computer hardware. They include:

*   CD-ROM or CD Writer
*   DVD-ROM or DVD Writer
*   Floppy disk
*   Zip drive
*   USB flash drive
*   Sound card
*   Speakers
*   Modem or network card for connecting to the Internet
*   Joystick or game controller
*   Image scanner
*   Web cam
*   Microphone
*   Printer

Hardware components are easy to install thus making it easier for you to
upgrade your computer making it “bigger and better”. To meet your
various and changing needs, you will want to always explore different
hardware configurations that will work for you and make your computer
everything you need or want it to be.