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Child Support


									Child support is a high priority debt that you must pay no matter how
difficult your financial position might appear to be.

There are a number of reasons why you need to make child support payments
top priority. Quite apart from the fact that your children shouldn't have
to suffer for your financial dilemma and the necessity for you to provide
them with the necessary support to ensure their welfare is looked after,
you also need to be aware of the consequences of not paying child

Any child support court order that was   written or modified after the 31st
of December 1993 will automatically be   deducted from your wages if you
are employed. If you are self-employed   or unemployed you are still
legally required to make the necessary   payments.

Your failure to do so can result in various different actions being taken
against you including debt collectors coming to retrieve the necessary
funds, getting issued with a court order to recover the outstanding money
or in some circumstances you can be put in jail until you make your past
due child support payments.

You can see now why Child support is a high priority debt that needs to
be paid before many other debts.

There are State Departments that have wide reaching powers to collect the
past due money.

If you can't pay this money then contact them as soon as possible and
work out an arrangement where you can pay off the outstanding amount by
installments and then include this into your budget and prioritize it

There are so many other areas that are affected by non-payment of child
support that can impact on your ability to clear the rest of your debt
including the sale of your assets to cover the cost and liens on your
assets to stop you borrowing against them to clear debt.

Once your past due amount exceeds $1000 the debt will be reported to the
credit reporting agencies and anyone who accesses your credit reports
such as creditors, insurance companies, landlords and so on will see that
you have fallen behind in your payments and this certainly doesn't help
your cause when trying to sort out your debt problems.

Make it your priority and make your life easier in the process.

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