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									Debt Settlement Act 2010

   What New Laws Mean For
     Consumers in Debt

        By Michael Baker
       Debt Relief Help Now
The economic downfall is causing many
problems to the living of the common man
among which the greatest problem is the
credit card debt. Americans are greatly
affecting badly by these debts. On July 28,
2010, the government has taken a strong
action against these problems affecting the
normal man the small businesses. The
consumer now can easily get rid of the
debt without any trouble and difficulty. The
Americans are applying for these programs
in great numbers.

Due to the increasing unemployment and
the lower wages, the Americans were
unable to settle and pay the heavy debts.
The companies are not allowed to charge
any fee on the consumer under the Act of
2010. The companies are not even allowed
to charge any penalty or liability on the

There were many shady and fraudulent
companies working in the past before the
imposition of the new Act of 2010. The
fraud companies were working in the
market for their own benefit and
advantage. This new Act is forcing the
fraud companies to go out of the market.
Now there is no consumer risk involved in
the process. Now consumers can easily
apply for the legitimate debt settlement

If the consumer is having ten thousand
dollar in debt, then there is a possibility to
reduce the debt under the new FTC laws.
There are also many other options
available in the market for debt relief. The
consumer should not have to fear anymore
under the new FTC laws.

In 2010, the debt settlement option has
become a best option to filing bankruptcy
and other options like debt consolidation,
credit card counseling, and debt
management. These new FTC laws mean a
lot to consumer in terms of the debt relief.
The legal debt settlement companies have
appreciated the new rules and regulations.
The shady and the fraudulent companies
have claimed that these new laws work
only for the benefit of the consumer. These
companies claimed that they need money
in order to run the accounts of the

There are numerous debt relief networks
working online free of charge. You can
currently get guidance services from these
networks concerning the debt settlement
companies. These networks will assist you
find the legal company. Apply for the debt
relief in these companies to protect your
monetary future and company.

If you would like more information on receiving debt
 relief, please visit Debt Relief Help Now and we can
         help guide you to reducing your debt.

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