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This Body


									This Body (Am. Em, G, F, Am, G, F)

We worshipped You in spirit
We worshipped You in truth
We gave our hearts, our minds, our Souls
We gave our youth

Tired, naked and ashamed
Just another day with more of the same I see no evidence
It's all too clear
This body cancerous and filled with fear

I cannot stand deception But the truth scares
the hell out of me Because the truth is we are
all deceived But we refuse to see

Downcast, angry and confused
I'd love to laugh, but I'm not amused
I see the decadence
It's all around
This body's paralyzed
Tied to the ground

Jesus said, "come weary and I will give you rest"
But I'm too tired to go anywhere
I must confess
I need Him to come to me instead
There are too many voices in my head

All the evidence
Is plain to see
This Body's dying now
Dying to be free
Dying to be free...

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