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The national newsletter of Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem                                                       Volume #7 Issue #2 Spring 2010

Back to spinal research
Vancouver gala honours leading radiologist
“Can I move my legs?”                        On April 25, two years after his      the Hebrew University’s Institute             ties to all three institutions sponsoring
   Those were the first words Dr. Phil     surgery, Dr. Switzer will be honoured    for Medical Research Israel-Canada            the gala dinner, he is a passionate
Switzer asked his wife, Diane, after      at “Back to Spinal Research,” a fund-    (IMRIC), and support doctoral and             supporter of SCI research, even if he
a seven-hour surgery to remove a          raising gala in support of spinal cord   post-doctoral candidates conducting           is reluctant to be in the spotlight: “It’s
tumour in his spinal cord. The lead-      injury (SCI) research, co-sponsored      spinal cord or other neuroscience             not my style,” he says. “I am doing
ing Vancouver radiologist — who           by CFHU’s Vancouver chapter, UBC,        research at IMRIC and at UBC.                 this to support the cause — Hebrew
was used to diagnosing other people’s     and the Rick Hansen Foundation.            Funds raised will also support the          University, UBC, the Rick Hansen
conditions — was now the patient,         The dinner will be hosted by honor-      expansion of the Rick Hansen SCI              Foundation, and spinal cord research.”
and he faced the real possibility of      ary co-chairs Rick Hansen, president     Registry, Canada’s only national data-           — Story by Adrianne Fitch
being paralyzed from the waist down.      and CEO of the Hansen Founda-            base for people with traumatic spinal
   Seven weeks later, after a period of   tion, UBC president Prof. Stephen        cord injuries. Israel will become the         For more information on the gala
aggressive rehabilitation, Dr. Switzer,   Toope, and Hebrew U president Dr.        second country after Australia to join        dinner, please visit or
clinical professor of radiology at the    Menahem Ben Sasson.                      the Registry.                                 contact Dina Wachtel at 604.257.5133.
University of British Columbia and           These three institutions have come      Back at work and enjoying life,
Canadian Friends national vice-           together in a unique partnership         Dr. Switzer says that his surgery,
president, walked out of rehab on his     to foster and collaborate on SCI         rehabilitation, and recovery have
own steam. Months later, he returned      research. Proceeds from the dinner       given him sharper vision. “It’s like
to work, and resumed skiing, cycling,     will help provide equipment for          I’m wearing glasses now,” he says.
and golfing.                               and fund clinical studies in SCI at      “Everything is much clearer.” With

                                                                                   Back to spinal research: Vancouver’s
                                                                                   Phil Switzer will be honoured by CFHU,
                                                                                   UBC, and the Rick Hansen Foundation.

                                                                                     Vancouver-Jerusalem spinal-cord connections: A small Vancouver delegation
                                                                                   visited the Hebrew University in October to connect with IMRIC’s spinal cord research
                                                                                   team: (l to r) CFHU national vice-president and dinner honouree Dr. Phil Switzer;
                                                                                   Vancouver residents Madam Justice Risa Levine, Bill Levine, Nanci Segal, Diane Switzer,
                                                                                   and Gary Segal; vice-president external for UBC Stephen Owen; world-renowned
                                                                                   spinal cord researcher Dr. Marcel Dvorak; Sue Dvorak; gala dinner convener Deborah
                                                                                   Roitberg; Rick Hansen; and Connie Savage of the Rick Hansen Foundation.

Bringing East Asian studies to Hebrew U
Louis Frieberg Center result of foresight, determination
The Hebrew University has                 as a very important centre economi-       scholarly meetings and workshops
recently lost a good friend and pas-      cally and internationally, but also       from visiting East Asian artists,
sionate supporter. Louis Friebergz”l      that it would be an important area        the Center offers a wide variety of
(1917–2009) endowed the Hebrew            for Israel to know about and engage       public activities as well as academic
University’s first chair in East Asian     with.”                                    courses and innovative research. As
Studies in 1991. In 2006, his vision        Today, the Frieberg Center oper-        well, its members meet regularly
was fully realized with the establish-    ates as an interdisciplinary forum        with Israeli policymakers, diplomats,
ment of the Louis Frieberg Center         with the aim of promoting and             and business people to debrief on
for East Asian Studies at the Hebrew      broadening teaching, research, and        issues pertinent to relations with
                                                                                                                                                                              Photograph by: Douglas Guthrie

University of Jerusalem.                  discussion of East Asian–related          East Asia.
  Frieberg, a Holocaust survivor          subjects. It is establishing Hebrew          “East Asian culture and history
who immigrated to Canada after the        U as a world-renowned hub of East         is on par with Jewish and Western
Second World War, was definitely           Asian studies.                            history,” says Prof. Shelach. “Louis
ahead of his time, says Prof. Gideon        With a vibrant public lecture series    Frieberg recognized that establish-
Shelach, the Center’s director. “In       — the Korean ambassador recently          ing the Center was important not
1991, he had the foresight to realize     spoke — and conferences that bring        only for the Hebrew University, but
that East Asia was not only emerging      together international scholars, to       for Israel.”                                 Extraordinary vision: Lou Friebergz”l

Inside: From Our Leadership, page 2 • Students and Alumni, page 2 • Mazel tov! page 2 • Focus on Planned Giving, page 3 •
Revitalizing Our Board, page 3 • Transforming the Notion of Citizenship, page 3 • What’s Happening @ Hebrew U, page 4 •
Calendar of Events, page 6 • Across Canada, page 6 • Live, Learn & Explore, page 8 • Friendship 2010 Trip, page 8

               Message from our Leadership
               Promoting positive Jewish identity on campus
               Our name says it all: the mission                        contributions to humankind.                   While we strongly encourage our
               of Canadian Friends of the Hebrew                           For example, funds raised from          Canadian students to study for a
               University of Jerusalem is to develop                    the party went to Hebrew U’s Vidal         year at the Hebrew University, we
               and promote awareness of, leader-                        Sassoon International Center for           also want them to be proud of their
               ship in, and support for the Hebrew                      the Study of Antisemitism, which           Jewish identity and to feel safe and
               University.                                              focuses on relations between Jews and      comfortable on their campuses in
                 Sometimes, however, CFHU’s mis-                        non-Jews in situations of tension and      Canada. All students must be able to
               sion calls for action closer to home.                    crisis. In this newsletter, you can also   learn in an atmosphere that promotes
                 “Be U Be Hebrew” is our response                       read about the work of the Univer-         dialogue, not one that shuts it down.
               to a disturbing trend at Canadian                        sity’s Gilo Center for Citizenship,        With “Be U Be Hebrew,” we
               universities across the country, where                   Democracy and Civic Education,             aim to ensure that these cru-
               events like Israel Apartheid Week                        which aims to break down barriers          cial elements of the univer-
               (IAW) shut down open discussion of                       and foster common language between         sity experience are upheld.
               events in the Middle East and, per-                      the various peoples living in Israel.
               haps more disturbing, can intimidate                        And, of course, in the face of
               Jewish students, who worry about                         events like IAW, institutions such
               disclosing their identity on campus.                     as the Hebrew University’s Institute       Rami Kleinmann,
               “Be U Be Hebrew” is a national                           for Medical Research Israel-Canada         National Director (left)
               awareness campaign — launched with                       (IMRIC) take on even greater impor-
               a raucous Purim party on February                        tance. The groundbreaking medical
               28th at Toronto’s Mod Club — that                        research and the partnerships between
               aims to promote a sense of pride in                      Israeli and Canadian researchers to        Nathan Lindenberg,
               Jewish identity for students, and a                      eradicate the world’s most pressing        National President (right)
               wider sense of the Hebrew University’s                   medical problems, represent enor-
               and Israel’s accomplishments and                         mous gains for people everywhere.

                                                                        Students and Alumni
    National Office
    5024 – 3080 Yonge Street, PO Box 65, Toronto, ON M4N 3N1
    Phone 416.485.8000 • Toll-free 1.888.HEBREW U
    Website: • General Inquiry:
                                                                        A cultural ambassador
    National Director: Rami Kleinmann,
    Associate National Director: Merle Goldman,       Hebi Gong exemplifies the                  at the Truman Institute.                       more precisely, to speak Hebrew
    National Director, Communications and Marketing:
                                                                        Rothberg International School’s              Today, Gong is studying econom-              fluently, to find out the beauty that
         Miriam Pilc-Levine,
    Director of Student Recruitment and Alumni Affairs:                 international appeal. In 2008–09,          ics and political science at McGill            hides behind the doors of the Holy
         Moshik Galanty,
    Alumni Coordinator: Faren Gurvey,                  the Shanghai native, now 20, was the       University in Montreal. He chose               Land, to discover career possibilities,
    Student Inquiries: 416.485.1222 •
                                                                        only Chinese student in the Hebrew         McGill in part for its similarity to           to enhance understanding of differ-
    Tribute Cards:
                                                                        University’s Rothberg program. He          the Rothberg School: “One can                  ent cultures, to meet great friends,
    Montreal Chapter
    Director: Carolyn Steinman,                      entered the University after a five-        study in English and then go [off-             and to have the guidance of world-
         Phone 514.932.2133
                                                                        month Hebrew ulpan program where           campus] to immerse in another                  class professors.”
    Ottawa Chapter
    Director: Shelli Kimmel, • Phone 613.829.3150      he blasted through two levels of           language and culture.”
    Toronto Chapter                                                     Hebrew in the time most students take        At McGill, Gong is a Hillel
    Program Coordinator: Jenifer Lev,
                                                                                                                   Leadership Initiative intern, building
        Phone 416.485.8000

    Winnipeg Chapter
    Director: Sharon Zalik, • Phone 204.942.3085
                                                                        to complete one. He’s now fluent in
                                                                        Hebrew, and proficient in English; he       personal links with Jewish students
                                                                                                                   and coordinating events like a
                                                                                                                                                                    Mazel tov!
                                                                        can also get by in French and Arabic.
    Western Region and Vancouver Chapter
                                                                                                                   weekly Shabbat service and dinner.                Canadian Friends extends its warm-
    Executive Director: Dina Wachtel,                   At Rothberg, Gong “took advantage
        Phone 604.257.5133                                                                                         He sees himself as an ongoing cul-                est congratulations to Vancouver’s
                                                                        of as many extracurricular opportu-
         Edmonton Chapter — Chapter Coordinator: Jay Cairns                                                                                                          Dr. Larry Goldenberg, who was • Phone 780.444.0809                          nities” as he could handle, immersing      tural ambassador between Israel and
         Calgary Chapter — Chapter President: Cheryl Baron                                                         China. “I wish that more Chinese                  appointed to the Order of Canada
                                                                        himself in Israeli society and culture:
                                                                                                                        students can have the opportuni-             on December 30, 2009, by Her
                                                                        volunteering at Ammunition Hill,
                                                                                                                            ty to benefit from the Israeli            Excellency the Right Honourable
                                                                        lunching with President Shimon
                                                                                                                              experience.”                           Michaëlle Jean, Governor General
                                                                                      Peres, spending a
                                                                                                                                 He sums up that ex-                 of Canada.
                                                                                        Passover seder
                                                                                                                              perience concisely: “The                  Dr. Goldenberg, professor and
                                                                                          and Shabbat
                                                                                                                             Rothberg program can help               head of the department of urologic
                                                                                          services with
                                                                                                                                one to grasp the conflict             sciences at the University of British
                                                                                          Israeli friends, and
                                                                                                                                        in the region                Columbia and Vancouver General
    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute for Medical                          attending lectures
    Research Israel-Canada brings together the best minds
                                                                                                                                                                     Hospital (VGH), received his award
    from the scientific disciplines. Together, our researchers are                                                                       Shanghai native             for his “contributions to prostate
    creating innovative approaches to meet the challenges of                                                                              Hebi Gong (r) with         cancer research and treatment as
    medicine in the 21st century.
                                                                                                                                              Chinese ambas-         well as for promoting public aware-
    Email: • Website:                                                                                         sador to Israel        ness of the disease.” He was recently
    Connecting newsletter                                                                                                                     Zhao Jun, at a         honoured at a Vancouver CFHU
    Writing and editing: Susan Goldberg, go!communications
    Design, art direction, and production:        concepts that click                                                                          Chinese New           gala dinner that raised $2 million to
                                                                                                                                               Year luncheon         support the Men’s Health Institute
                                                                                                                                               at the ambas-         at VGH and the Hebrew Univer-
                                                                                                                                              sador’s residence      sity’s Institute for Medical Research
                                                                                                                                         in Israel, 2009.

Focus on Planned Giving
“Proud of my people”
Saskatoon couple supports HU’s “excellent minds”
                                           “I am a supporter of Israel and          dentistry, eventually earning a special-     The concept is simple: CFHU is the
                                           I am proud of my people.”                ization in oral and maxillofacial surgery.   owner and beneficiary of the policy;
                                              With those powerful 13 words,         They finally settled in Saskatoon,            the Shiffmans paid the premiums
                                           Dr. Jack Shiffman sums up the            where they raised their four children,       each year and received charitable tax
                                           reasons behind his family’s support      Howard, Carol, Kenneth (who attend-          receipts for the premium costs, now
                                           of Canadian Friends of the Hebrew        ed the Rothberg International School),       paid in full. Currently, CFHU ben-
                                           University. By giving to CFHU,           and Harold. They’re the proud grand-         efits from the policy’s collateral value
                                           Dr. Shiffman and his wife, Beverly,      parents of 11 grandchildren.                 and dividends. Upon Beverly’s death,
                                           contribute directly to Israel’s brain-      Two decades ago, in honour of             CFHU will receive the policy’s
                                           power, fostering, as he puts it, “top-   Dr. Shiffman’s 60th birthday, Beverly        $100,000 benefit — an amount far
                                           notch research and excellent minds.”     and their children established an            larger than the Shiffmans would be
                                              Originally from Manitoba — she        endowed scholarship to support an            able to give during their lifetime.
                                           from Winnipeg, he from Selkirk           undergraduate student at the Hebrew             With their planned gifts, the
                                           — the Shiffmans lived in Toronto;        University each year.                        Shiffmans support the Hebrew
                                           Flin Flon, MB; and Chicago, while           As well, the Shiffmans have estab-        University in perpetuity — helping
                                           Dr. Shiffman studied and practiced       lished a charitable life insurance policy.   to ensure ongoing excellence.
                                                Jack Shiffman

Revitalizing our board for the future
“Our members have a great                     Gabor points to the recent Global     tance of involving a younger genera-
affection for Israel and the Hebrew        Research Exchange partnership            tion of Canadian leaders. “We have
University. At the same time, they         between Winnipeg’s Dr. Frank             to keep CFHU relevant to the next
are equally proud of the work done         Plummer and IMRIC’s Dr. Ofer             generation, so that their strengths can
at Canadian universities and institu-      Mandelboim. “They didn’t know            infuse the organization.”
tions,” says CFHU national president       about each other’s research ... and                      Margaret Shuckett
Nathan Lindenberg. As CFHU revi-           now they are working together. We                           Robert Gabor
talizes its national board of directors,   want to uncover more opportunities
he says, its goal is to develop partner-   like this across Canada.”
ships to bring together the wonderful         To nurture such partnerships, says
minds across Canada with those at          Spanglet, Hebrew U and IMRIC
the Hebrew University, particularly        need funding for research infrastruc-
the Institute for Medical Research         ture to prevent brain drain. “Israel
Israel-Canada (IMRIC).                     has the happy challenge of produc-
   With that goal in mind, CFHU is         ing so many brilliant people each
delighted to welcome three new mem-        year, and we need to provide the
bers — Winnipeggers Robert Gabor           labs and equipment so that they can
and Margaret Shuckett, and Toronto-        pursue their work in Israel.”
nian Sam Spanglet — to its board.             Shuckett also points out the impor-                                                   Sam Spanglet

Transforming the notion of citizenship
Gilo Center aims to find common languages, preserve uniqueness
Israeli society is nothing if not          within an ivory tower,” the Center       year program offered to Jerusalem            its neighbour ... to have the youth in
diverse, where people of different         promotes research on citizenship and     public school students in Arabic             both communities work together on
cultures, languages, and religions must    democracy in Israel that is actively     language, Hebrew language, and               common projects,” says Macy.
find ways to coexist. At the Hebrew         dedicated to learning, inside the        Jewish religious streams.                       CFHU also supports the Gilo
University, the Gilo Center for Citi-      University and out, says Dr. Jeffrey       The Center recently created a pro-         Center by funding an annual Yitzhak
zenship, Democracy and Civic Educa-        Macy, the Center’s director.             gram, partially funded by Canadian           Rabin Scholarship for Canadian doc-
tion is committed to creating a civic        For example, in addition to its        Friends, for Grade 8 and 9 students          toral or post-doctoral students; the
language and consciousness that can        MA program in collaboration with         to bring together youth in two neigh-        recipient is joined by one Jewish and
help its citizens form a common iden-      the political science department,        bouring communities, one Bedouin             one Arab student from Israel. CFHU
tity strong enough to override conflict     the Center has created formal            and one Jewish. “We wanted to break          also funds an annual Rabin Fellow.
while promoting unique cultures.           civics education programs in high        down the tensions, to have each              Past fellows include John Fraser and
   More than simply “an ivory tower        schools, including a unique, three-      community understand more about              Fredrick H. Lowi.
                                                                                                                                    A vibrant sense of citizenship and
                                                                                                                                 identity for all its citizens is crucial to
                                                                                                                                 Israel’s survival as both a Jewish and
                                                                                                                                 democratic state, says Macy.

                                                                                                                                 “Living in Jerusalem”: In a class-
                                                                                                                                 room that in many ways replicates a
                                                                                                                                 microcosm of Israeli society, Jewish
                                                                                                                                 and Arab students study what it means
                                                                                                                                 to be a citizen in Israel.

W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I
    Your bubbe would kvell!
    HU hosts international Yiddish conference
    If you thought Yiddish was a dying          language and culture among young             World Wars, 1,700 national and local         conference organizer, along with Prof.
    language, think again. “A Century of        people and adults who are not ultra-         Yiddish newspapers were published in         Shaul Stampfer, head of the depart-
    Yiddish: 1908–2008,” coordinated            orthodox, and the demand for courses         Poland alone,” Prof. Szeintuch points        ment of Jewish history; and Prof.
    by HU’s Institute of Advanced Stud-         teaching the language has increased.”        out. “The Holocaust dealt a severe           Aharon Maman, head of the Mandel
    ies and the Israel Science Founda-            Keynote lecturer Prof. David               blow to Yiddish after millions of            Institute of Jewish Studies. “One of
    tion, proves otherwise. More than           Halivni-Weiss opened the conference          speakers were murdered. But Yiddish          the ways to follow the course of
    350 enthusiastic experts and guests         with a talk about his grandfather’s          didn’t die with them.” It is estimated       the language is to follow
    from around the world attended the          Talmudic terminology in Yiddish. Ses-        that in the world today there are about      demographic, linguistic
    four-day conference, which featured         sions included “The Fate of Yiddish in       two to three million Yiddish speakers.       and cultural changes of
    academic presentations, Yiddish             the Soviet Union,” “Zionist Language            “The fate of the language                 the Jewish people, and
    films, poetry readings, theatrical per-      Policy and Yiddish,” “Yiddish in Travel      is like the fate of the                       that was the aim of
    formances, and a musical concert.           Literature: Between Poland and South         people,” says Prof. Eli                        this conference.”
       “Until recently, Yiddish was             America,” and “Teaching Yiddish to           Lederhendler, chair
    thought of as a channel for jokes,”         Israeli Defense Force Veterans.”             of the Avraham                                 The entire conference
    says Prof. Yechiel Szeintuch, the           Sessions on the Yiddish writings             Harman Institute                                         is available for
    Joseph and Ida Berman Professor of          of Elie Wiesel and a lecture about           of Contempo-                                                viewing on
    Yiddish at the Hebrew University            Yiddish in cyberspace were particularly      rary Jewry at                                               YouTube.
    and one of the conference organizers.       well received.                               the Hebrew
    “But in the last decade, we have wit-          “Yiddish was at its height about a        University
    nessed a renewed interest in Yiddish        hundred years ago. Between the two           and another
    Mensches with microphone: Arye Firstenberg (age 98), treasurer of the Yiddish Cultural Society of
    Jerusalem, and Mendy Cahan, head of the Israeli Yiddish cultural association “Yung Yiddish,” strug-
    gle to sing Yiddish songs with one microphone at the Hebrew University’s recent Yiddish conference.

         Unshrouding a mystery
         Tomb reveals earliest case of leprosy
         The discovery of the shrouded remains of a man, found in a tomb on the                Molecular analysis was conducted by Profs. Mark Spigelman and
         edge of the Old City of Jerusalem, has shed new light on our understanding          Charles Greenblatt of the Hebrew University’s Sanford F. Kuvin Center
         of leprosy in biblical times. Further, say researchers, the discovery disproves     for the Study of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, with researchers from
         the theory that the Shroud of Turin was used to wrap the body of Jesus.             Ontario’s Lakehead University, New Haven University, and University
            The burial cave, known as the Tomb of the Shroud, is part of a first-cen-         College London.
         tury CE cemetery known as the “Field of Blood” (Matthew 27:3–8) — near                This discovery, say Profs. Spigelman and Greenblatt, fills a vital gap in
         where Judas is said to have committed suicide. The tomb, radiocarbon-dated          our knowledge of the origins of leprosy, and adds a new dimension to the
         to 1–50 CE, is located next to the tomb of the high priest Annas (6–15 CE),         archaeological exploration of disease in ancient times.
         father-in-law of Caiaphas, the high priest who betrayed Jesus to the Romans.
            DNA analysis shows that the shrouded man suffered from leprosy and
         died of tuberculosis. At the time, people with disfiguring diseases — particu-
         larly leprosy — were ostracized from their communities. The location and
         size of the tomb, the textiles used in the shroud, and the clean state of the
                                                                                                                                                                          Photograph by: Shimon Gibson

         man’s hair, however, indicate that he was fairly affluent — and that TB and
         leprosy may have crossed social boundaries.
            The weave of the shroud is very different from that of the Turin shroud,

         says textiles historian Dr. Orit Shamir of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

         Assuming that the shroud is representative of those widely used at the time
         of Jesus, the researchers conclude that the Shroud of Turin did not originate
         from Jesus-era Jerusalem.
                                                                                             The entrance to the recently discovered Tomb of the Shroud

 Sanitize your hands!
 HU hand sanitizer halts H1N1
  To stop the spread of the H1N1 virus, our hands couldn’t simply be                 Ethoclean is being
  clean — they had to be pristine. But just how effective are those ubiqui-       developed by Novel
  tous dispensers of clear gel — with annual sales of $200 million (US) —         Therapeutic Technolo-
  at actually annihilating the influenza virus?                                    gies (NTT), a spin-off
     Most hand sanitizers available on the market today are not tested spe-       company of Yissum.
  cifically for H1N1, says Yaacov Michlin, president and CEO of Yissum             NTT is “currently
  Research Development Company Ltd., the technology transfer arm of               seeking a strategic part-
  the Hebrew University of Jerusalem ( But Ethoclean,           ner” to further develop
  a new anti-viral hand sanitizer invented by Prof. Elka Touitou of the           the product — ide-
  Hebrew University’s school of pharmacy, has been found in clinical tests        ally, before the next flu
  to completely inactivate the H1N1 virus within 15 seconds of exposure.          pandemic hits.
  As well, it also inactivates many non-enveloped viruses, such as hepati-        Inactivates H1N1:
  tis and noroviruses, which are not susceptible to regular alcohol-based         Ethoclean, a new
                                                                                  hand sanitizer
     But Ethoclean sanitizes more than just hands. It can be used on a
                                                                                  developed by HU re-
  variety of surfaces and foods, and is environmentally friendly. Further, it
                                                                                  searcher Elka Touitou,
  doesn’t dry the skin, which means that those at risk for repeated expo-
                                                                                  kills the H1N1 virus
  sure to the flu — anyone from doctors to primary school teachers —
                                                                                  in seconds.
  can use it frequently.

 Gates supports IMRIC
  $5 million grant to combat infectious disease
                                      The Bill & Melinda Gates Foun-              Prof. Warburg, a vector biologist, will    year. More than 90 percent of the
                                      dation is known for its support of          lead the study in collaboration with       cases are concentrated in the Indian
                                      innovative, efficient, and effective         researchers at Addis Ababa University      sub-continent, Brazil, and East
                                      research — initiatives that can make        in Ethiopia; the Hebrew University’s       Africa, in particular southern Sudan
                                      a real difference in global health. It’s    Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agricul-        and northwest Ethiopia.
                                      not surprising, then, that it’s chosen      ture, Food and Environment; Charles           Kala-azar is considered an emerging
                                      to support the work of researcher           University in Prague; and the Israeli      disease in Ethiopia, where it is fre-
                                      Prof. Alon Warburg of the Hebrew            government’s Volcani Center and            quently associated with HIV/AIDS,
                                      University’s Institute for Medical          Gertner Institute for Trauma and           a leading cause of adult illness and
                                      Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC).             Emergency Medicine Research.               death. Co-infection with HIV makes
                                         In December, the Gates Foun-                Leishmania donovani parasites           treatment much more complex: in
                                      dation granted $5 million to the            multiply inside cells of the immune        HIV-positive patients, Kala-azar
                                      Hebrew University’s Center for              system, producing symptoms that            relapses are common, and patients
                                      the Study of Infectious and Tropi-          include an enlarged spleen and fever.      have to be treated multiple times.
                                      cal Diseases for research into the          If treated promptly, the cure rate is 95      Given the difficulties of treat-
                                      parasite visceral leishmaniasis — also      percent. If left untreated, Kala-azar      ing large populations in remote
                                      known as Kala-azar — in Ethiopia.           kills 95 percent of its victims.           areas and the bleak prospects for
                                                                                     The project aims to identify the        co-infected patients, efforts must
                                      Supporting innovation: IMRIC                weak links in the parasite’s transmis-     be made to protect people living
                                      researcher Prof. Alon Warburg will lead     sion cycle and devise methods for          in HIV/AIDS-endemic areas from
                                      a study, funded by the Gates Foundation,    control of the disease, which affects      contracting Kala-azar.
                                      on the transmission of a deadly parasite.   an estimated 500,000 people each

                   cou er                                              C
                                                                       Calgary                                      Edmonton                             Winnip

    Hold the                                      CFHU blog goes national
    date!                                         Vancouver — With the launch of Hebrew You (,
                                                  Canadian Friends has officially entered the blogosphere.
                                                                                                                                   Global Rese
    CFHU’s chapters have an exciting                Funded by Vancouver businessman and philanthropist Lloyd Baron, the            Winnipeg — Canadian Friends’
    array of events planned for the com-          blog’s aim is to showcase up-to-the-minute news, views, and real-time dialogue   Winnipeg chapter has initiated the
    ing months. Mark your calendars now,
                                                  between current, former, and prospective Canadian students of the Hebrew         Global Research Exchange (GRE)
    and visit or call your local
                                                  University.                                                                      Programme, an exciting initiative that
    chapter office for more information.
                                                    The blog was originally conceived as a way to reach out to Vancouver-area      will support collaboration between
    National events and                           high school and university students who might be interested in spending a        Dr. Ofer Mandelboim, of the Hebrew
    missions                                      year at Hebrew U. But, says Vancouver chapter director Dina Wachtel, “the        University’s Institute for Medical
    May 5 Celebrating Partnerships                demand for a more nationally recognized voice, one that embraces all of          Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC),
    Reception on Parliament Hill, Ottawa          Canada, has compelled us to take the blog nationally.”                           and internationally renowned infectious
    May 30–June 10 Friendship 2010: Desert
                                                    Content for the site is drawn from a team of bloggers in Canada and            diseases researcher Dr. Frank Plummer,
    Magic and City Rhythms; Annual HU
                                                  in Jerusalem, who report on a variety of topics. Wachtel encourages any
    Board of Governors meeting and Mission
    of Friendship. With pre-BoG program:          interested readers to submit posts.
    Nabucco Opera at Massada, June 3–4            “There’s something for every-
    Oct. 10–22 Live, Learn & Explore              one,” she says, “from the latest
    Holland and Israel Mission                    academic news to the social
                                                  scene and current events in
    Apr. 27 Luncheon with Dan Senor,
    author of Start-Up Nation: The Story of
    Israel’s Economic Miracle.
                                                  A winning blogger:
    May 4 Prof. Reuven Hazan
    Nov. 15 Gala dinner honouring Heather
                                                  Vancouver chap-
    Monroe Blum, Principal, McGill Univer-        ter director Dina
    sity, in support of projects between the      Wachtel presents
    Hebrew University and McGill
                                                  Dylan Segal with

    Ottawa                                        his iPod Touch for
    Apr. 1 Passover luncheon, with keynote        writing the win-
    address by Alan Borovoy                       ning blog in the
    May 5 Prof. Reuven Hazan
                                                  Hebrew You launch

    Toronto                                       competition.
    Apr. 28 Best of Hebrew U: “The Best is
    Yet to Come” Symposium
    May 10 “Oved Alfia and his Ima:” An
    evening with the Dan Hotel Tel Aviv’s         Ambassadors for HU
    executive chef, and his mother
    Nov. 15 Gala dinner in honour of Senator      Toronto — “You are the ambassa-         Israel-Canada (IMRIC) to build-
    Jerry Grafstein in support of IMRIC           dors for the Hebrew University.”        ing Israeli-Canadian relationships,
                                                    That was the strong message           and highlighting the contributions
                                                  from Canadian Friends national          that Israeli researchers make to all
    Apr. 20 Community-wide Yom
    Ha’Atzma’ut Celebration                       director Rami Kleinmann to the          humankind. The IMRIC video was
    May 12 Prof. Reuven Hazan                     approximately 75 guests at the          screened, introducing the audience
                                                  Toronto chapter’s biannual Founders     to the many outstanding partner-
    Vancouver                                     Luncheon this past October. Attend-     ships between its researchers and
    Apr. 25 Back to Spinal Cord Research:
                                                  ees — some of the chapter’s most        their Canadian counterparts. In
    Gala celebration in honour of Dr. Phil
                                                  dedicated supporters — were treated     the face of so much negativity
    Switzer in support of IMRIC/spinal cord
    research, in partnership with UBC and
                                                  to a private tour of the Dead Sea       emana-ting from the region,
    the Rick Hansen Foundation                    Scrolls exhibit at the Royal Ontario    donors were encouraged to
                                                  Museum, led by its guest curator,       become ever-stronger
    Stay in touch                                 Hebrew U alumna Dr. Risa Levitt-        ambassadors for Israel and
                                                  Kohn. Dr. Levitt-Kohn is a professor    the Hebrew University.
    with CFHU!                                    of Hebrew Bible and Judaism at San
                                                                                          Building Israeli-
    Lots goes on at Canadian Friends be-
                                                  Diego State University and is the
                                                                                          Canadian relationships:
    tween issues of Connecting. Please visit      curator of the Museum Dan Rahimi.
                                                                                          Consul General Amir Gissin to sign up for up-to-the-          Following the tour, the group
                                                                                          addresses donors at the
    minute email alerts and news releases.        enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Park
    See you online!                                                                       Toronto Founders
                                                  Hyatt Hotel, where Consul General
    Across Canada Banner Photograph Credits:
                                                  Amir Gissin addressed the group.        luncheon.
    Vancouver: Wayne Stadler,
    Winnipeg: Deborah Clague,     He emphasized the importance of
    Toronto: Fulvio Evangelista,
    Ottawa: Alex Hunt,             the Institute for Medical Research
    Montreal: Alphonse Tran,

                                                          Toron o                                                                                               Ottawa                                             Montreal

                                                                                                                                                     “Sensing” in cyberspace
arch Exchange launch                                                                                                                                  Montreal — The day will come when your cell phone will be able to forecast
                                                                                                                                                      an earthquake, let you know if it’s safe to drink the local water, and even act as
of the Canadian National Microbiology            New research partnership: (l to r) Jim                                                               a lie detector. So says Prof. Ronny Agranat, director of the Hebrew University’s
Laboratory and the University of Manitoba.     Rondeau, Manitoba’s minister of science,                                                               Peter Brojde Centre for Innovative Engineering and Computer Science. Prof.
   CFHU, the province of Manitoba, U           technology, energy & mines; Winnipeg                                                                   Agranat was the keynote speaker at the Montreal chapter’s 2009 Albert
of M, and the Winnipeg Foundation have         chapter president Sheryl Rosenberg; GRE                                                                Einstein Business Forum, designed to alert Quebecers to investment
contributed more than $1 million to the        senior research coordinator Dr. Adrienne                                                              opportunities arising from the University’s innovative scientific and
program. The funds will enable scientists to   Meyers; and Dr. Frank Plummer at the
                                                                                                                                                     technological research.
travel between Winnipeg and Jerusalem to                                                                                                                Prof. Agranat discussed cyberspace’s “sensing” element, explain-
                                               announcement of the Global Resource
carry out research to combat diseases like                                                                                                           ing to an audience of local business people, government repre-
                                               Exchange Programme, September 2009.
HIV/AIDS and influenza. In May 2008,                                                                                                                  sentatives, and CFHU supporters how cyberspace can retrieve
Dr. Plummer was honoured by the                                                                                                                      information from the physical world. Cellphones, he
Winnipeg chapter at a gala dinner that                                                                                                               notes, could some day detect dangerous substances in
                                                                                          Photograph by: Rhonda Spivak

raised more than $300,000 for IMRIC.                                                                                                                 water — perhaps introduced by terrorists. Remote
                                                                                                                                                     sensing of the skin’s electromagnetic frequencies
                                                                                                                                                     could have applications in security screening
                                                                                                                                                     or lie-detection.
                                                                                                                                                        Brojde, president and CEO of Eicon
                                                                                                                                                     Technologies Corporation, died in 2005.
                                                                                                                                                     His wife, Anna, and their children, Ari and
                                                                                                                                                     Karen, created the centre in his memory.

                                                                                                                                                     Keynote speaker Prof. Ronny Agranat at
                                                                                                                                                     the Montreal Einstein Business Forum.

                                                                                                                                                     A capital “Best of HU”

         Mossad: An inside look
         Calgary — Five Israeli prime ministers relied on Ephraim Halevy’s expertise
         and loyalty as a leader in Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency. In Sep-
         tember, Halevy shared tales of his Mossad days in a talk entitled, “The Inside
         Story: A Middle East Security Update,” presented by CFHU’s Calgary chapter
         in conjunction with the Calgary Beth Tzedec Congregation.
           Halevy started with Mossad in the early 1970s, working his way up to head
         of the agency, appointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1998. In
         2002, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon named Halevy head of the National Security
         Council. One of his most important achievements was helping to bring about
         a peace treaty between Israel and Jordan. He also played an important role in                                                               Prof. Yuval Shany and Ottawa chapter president Myrna Barwin
         bringing Ethiopian Jews to Israel in the mid-1980s.
                                                                                                                                                     Ottawa — More than 100 people turned out for what was generally deemed
         The Inside Story:
                                                                                                                                                     the Ottawa chapter’s “best ever” showcase of Hebrew University talent. At
                                                                                                                                                     September’s Best of Hebrew U event, scholars from the fields of law, anatomy
         Former Mossad
                                                                                                                                                     and cell biology, Jewish music, and Bible studies dazzled participants with
         head Ephraim
                                                                                                                                                     details of their scholarly work.
         Halevy (l) receives
                                                                                                                                                       Keynote speaker Prof. Yuval Shany, the Hersch Lauterpacht Chair in Public
         a White Hat Award
                                                                                                                                                     International Law, spoke on “Israel’s War on Terror from a Global Perspective.”
         from Tourism Cal-
                                                                                                                                                     His approach was “insightful, analytical, and rigorous, but also very acces-
         gary’s Lou Pomer-                                                                                                                           sible and relevant to a Canadian audience,” says Ottawa criminal lawyer
         ance.                                                                                                                                       Leonard Shore.
                                                                                                                         Gold Photography, Alberta

                                                                                                                                                       Prof. Shany — who was recently awarded the 2010 Hebrew University
                                                                                                                                                     President’s Prize for Outstanding Researcher — was invited to speak in mid-
                                                                                                                                                     March as a guest of the Ottawa chapter’s Friends of the Faculty of Law, on
                                                                                                                                                     “The prohibition against torture in Israel: How absolute is the absolute?”

In the footsteps of history: Berlin and Israel
Live, Learn & Explore 2009
Canadian Friends’ Live, Learn & Explore trips, says Toronto
physician Dr. Mark Mandelcorn, give even seasoned travelers to Israel a new
perspective on the country.
   “You may have walked down a street a dozen times before, but on these trips,
you have a Hebrew University scholar with you, high-
lighting the art, the architecture, the culture.”
   Live & Learn experiences are unique, says
Dr. Mandelcorn: for example, taking part
in a walking tour of Jerusalem with
a professor of Hebrew literature,
through the eyes of a character in
an Shai Agnon novel, or studying a
biblical city with a renowned Bible
scholar, and then visiting that                                                                City of David excavation: Hebrew University archaeologist Doron
city as it is unearthed by Hebrew                                                           Ben Ami gives Live, Learn & Explore participants a sneak preview of
University archaeologists.                                                                  the newly excavated City of David archaeological dig. “The experi-
   “With Live & Learn, you come                                                            ences are unique — in the morning, we heard Prof. Yair Zakovitch, a
away with an enhanced, more
                                                                                          world-renowned Bible scholar, talk about the City of David as described
informed experience of Israel. You
                                                                                          in the book of Chronicles. In the afternoon, we toured the actual site.”
come away with a renewed appre-
                                                                                          — Dr. Mark Mandelcorn, Toronto
ciation for the country, its people, its
culture, and your own heritage. You can’t
beat that.”
                                            Touring the Wannsee Conference
The 2009 Live, Learn & Explore trip       Center Museum: “[Berlin] was a very emo-
took participants to Berlin and Israel.   tional journey. We went to Jewish places that
Join us October 10–22, 2010, as we        I remembered from my childhood. As kids,
explore Holland from a Jewish histori-    we went swimming at Wannsee, where ‘The
cal perspective, followed by travel in
                                          Final Solution’ was planned in 1942. Our
Israel. Visit or contact
                                          guide, a professor from Humboldt University
your local chapter director or Merle
                                          in Berlin, was so knowledgeable, and so
Goldman for more information.
                                          humble. I told him how much Berliners’ ac-
                                          knowledgement of their history meant to me
                                          and to my community.” — Gerda Freiberg,
                                                                                                                The Live, Learn & Explore group at Ein Gedi
                                          Holocaust survivor and educator, Toronto

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PO Box 65
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