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					                                                                                                           Sh'vat-Adar 5768

                     BETH OR NEWS
                      Volu m e 53, Issu e 6
                                                                                                             February 2008

                      CONGREGATION B ETH O R • 239 WELSH ROAD • Maple Glen, PA 19002

                      The Beth Or News is funded by an endowment from the Florence and Rhoda Kramer Memorial Fund

                         CHECK IT OUT!                                        THE TORAH:
                           SYNAPLEX                                           A WOMEN’S COMMENTARY
                         FEBRUARY 29, 2008
                         In honor of Israel’s 60th birthday, we                 GUEST BIMA SPEAKER:
                            will learn some Yiddish, welcome
                            a guest rabbi and provide other
                                                                                RABBI SUE LEVI ELWELL
                            fun activities.
                                                                                Director of URJ PA Council
                           Dinner by Arpeggio's!                                FEBRUARY 15, 2008 at 8 pm
                       Details and return form, page 4.
                                                                  Recently released, this monumental volume represents the
            PURIM CARNIVAL !                                      first time a major Torah commentary was written by women
                                                                  scholars and rabbis. Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell will speak on “The
            S   ,M
             UNDAY  2, 2008
                          ARCH                                    Torah of Poetry and the Poetry of Torah” offering her unique
            BEGINNING AT 11 AM                                    perspective serving on the project's editorial board.
            Details page 6.                                       Rabbi Elwell has been teaching and writing about Jewish
                                                                                women’s history and feminist spirituality for
                                                                                the past thirty years. She is Founding Director
                        GOLF,OUTING                                             of the American Jewish Congress Feminist
                                                                                Center in Los Angeles, and since 2001, has
                        M    M 19, 2008
                           ONDAY          AY                                    served as the Regional Director of the Union
                        Details page 6.                                         for Reform Judaism’s Pennsylvania Council
                                                                                and Federation of Reform Synagogues of
                                                                                Greater Philadelphia.

                                                                  SISTERHOOD/BROTHERHOOD BRUNCH
                                                                  CANCER PREVENTION & R ISK: WHAT YOU NEED             TO   KNOW
                                                                  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 9 AM

ADULT CHOIR                                                       DR. HOWARD ZIPIN, MD
                                                                  Details on page 7.

TO SING AT THE                                                    SISTERHOOD
                                                                  MOTHER-DAUGHTER TEA

ACADEMY OF MUSIC                                                  BETH OR SOCIAL HALL
                                                                  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2008 FROM 2 - 4 PM
                                                                  Tea includes selection of tea, hot cocoa and lemonade, fruit, tea
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23 AT 8 PM                                     sandwiches scones and preserves and sweets and more.
Beth Or’s adult choir will join with                              We're hosting a dessert competition so bring
choirs from St. Mary’s and Jefferson                              your very favorite dessert for all to try.
Hospital. All proceeds                                            For mothers and daughters of all ages,
from this concert                                                 Open to everyone! Individuals also
will benefit Multiple                                             welcome; we are all daughters.
                                                                  Benefactor's cost is included in dues;
                                                                  $15 for Sisterhood members and daughters
                                                                  of Sisterhood members (ages 7-18);
                                                                  $20 non-sisterhood members; $5 for children 7 and under.
                                                                  Tax and gratuity included. Return form on page 7.
                         Time for a Yiddish Revival
                         Sholom Aleychem!                                                                find out more about One Book,
                         Typically, I begin my                                                           One Jewish Community, go to
                         columns for the Beth                                                   and click on the One
                         Or news using the                                                               Book logo. There you can find out about
                         common Sephardic                                                                community events, interact with others
Hebrew spelling of the word, Shalom!                                                                     who are reading the book, and register
I depart this month in an effort to                                                                      to receive a weekly OBOJC email update
spotlight the precious place of Yiddish                                                                  including a Yiddish word/phrase of the
culture in the life of a Jew today. The                                                                  week.
greeting, Sholom Aleychem (which should                                                                  One event that is planned in coordination
be read and pronounced with as thick                                                                     with OBOJC here at Beth Or will be
an Eastern European Jewish accent as                                                                     the screening of the newly released
possible!) is the most common generic                                                                    documentary film, A Cantor’s Tale at
greeting in Yiddish. However, that is sadly                                                              our February 29 SynaplexTM Shabbat.
as deep as many of our understandings               Lansky tells the story of his own early
                                                    involvement with Yiddish language and the            This is the story of one of my teachers at
of Yiddish language goes. All right…I                                                                    the Hebrew Union College, Hazzan Jack
guess many of us also know how to make              quest to preserve these cultural treasures.
                                                    It is a story that takes him and a group of          Mendelson who is on a one-man crusade
off-color remarks and refer to anatomy                                                                   to preserve the traditional sound of the
and biology in Yiddish. Truly, the world            similarly idealistic Jewish 20-somethings on
                                                    multiple cross-country adventures and into           Eastern European Cantor. I will facilitate a
of Yiddish is rapidly disappearing before                                                                discussion of the film after the screening
our eyes – and this is a cause for both             settings that can be touching, comical and
                                                    surprising. Outwitting History is the story          as well – you can preview clips from the
concern and action.                                                                                      movie at
                                                    of how people become passionate about a
This year, Congregation Beth Or is                  cause, an issue, a quest.                            We are also planning a special celebration
partnering with the Jewish Outreach                                                                      of OBOJC in the Bux-Mont region with
Partnership of Philadelphia and Federation          Beth Or is making these books available
                                                    to any congregants who wish to read the              a concert of Yiddish music and story on
in a coalition of organizations that are                                                                 Sunday evening, March 30, with klezmer
promoting One Book, One Jewish                      story at no charge (one copy per family,
                                                    please). We are also in the process of               music legend Hankus Netsky and his band.
Community. Modeled after similar “One                                                                    Look for more information coming soon.
Book” campaigns, this effort is to get as           planning a number of events both within
                                                    the synagogue and collaboratively in the             Until then,
many people across the Jewish community
                                                    greater community to celebrate Yiddish               Zay Gezunt (Be Healthy!),
of Philadelphia to read the book selected
for this year, Outwitting History by                and promote its preservation. The book
Aaron Lansky. Written by the founder of             is an amazingly compelling read – funny,
the National Yiddish Book Center, the book          touching and meaningful. There are
is subtitled The Amazing Adventures of a            already thousands of copies in the hands
                                                    of Jews across the Philadelphia area. To                                                    Rabbi
Man Who Rescued a Million Yiddish Books.


        A STATE IS BORN                                                             ADDRESS

    MAY 31, 2008, 7:30 PM & JUNE 1, 2008, 2 PM
      Enjoy a singing extravaganza by our very own                                  Produced by Steve Blumenthal, Act II Playhouse
                    Beth Or Members
    Professionally directed, choreographed,
                                                                                    SATURDAY APRIL 5, 2008 AT 8PM
    and produced. Tickets go on sale
    February 15, 2008.                                                              "Address Unknown" is a Stage Reading based on the classic
    Sponsored by Congregation                                                       book published in 1938. The book portrays a series of fictional
    Beth Or's Israel 60 Committee.                                                  letters between a Jewish Art dealer living in San Francisco and
                                                                                    his business partner, who returned to Germany.
    For more information contact Cheryl
    at                                                    Tickets $20 — limited seating
    To purchase tickets please call Jodye at                                        Sponsored by Congregation Beth Or's Israel 60 Committee
    Beth Or at 215.646.5806.                                                        For more information contact Cheryl,
                                                   Logo courtesy of the Jewish      To purchase tickets please call Jodye at Beth Or at 215.646.5806.
                                                 Federation of Greater Washington

FROM THE PRESIDENT                                                                                  FEBRUARY WORSHIP

                                                                                                   Fri Feb 1
                                                                                                   7:15 pm - Shabbat Mishpatim
                                                                                                   6th Grade Family Shabbat

                                     an you        graduated families living independently.        Sat Feb 2
                                     imagine                                                       11 am - Shabbat Worship with Bat Mitzvah
                                                   Meeting the needs of three families for         of Catherine Perlmutter, daughter of Lloyd
                                     being a       a month is a massive effort and our
                                     mother with                                                   and Ellen Perlmutter
                                                   community has demonstrated extraordinary
                           very young children     generosity in meeting this challenge.           Fri Feb 8
                           and having no place                                                     8 pm - Shabbat Terumah
                           to live, no way to      Over 175 members have volunteered
                                                                                                   BOFTY Shabbat
                           feed, clothe and        but opportunities remain. There are
                           keep warm those                            needs in areas of meals,     Sat Feb 9
who are helpless and depending                                          transportation, supplies   9 am -Shabbat Worship with Bat Mitzvah
on you? Surely, this is one                                               and overnight stays.     of Alexandra Simon, daughter of David and
of life’s true nightmares                                                I want to extend my       Stephanie Simon
and it happens right                                                     personal admiration       11 am - Worship with B’nai Mitzvah of Lee
here in our town.                                                        and thanks to all who     Beckman and Max Beckman, sons of Neil
                                                                         volunteered. You are      and Amy Kabinoff and Howard Beckman
The Inter-Faith
Housing Alliance                                                         helping us to be the      Fri Feb 15
(IHA) has been created                                                   sacred community          8 pm - Shabbat Tetzaveh
to address all the needs                                                 we strive to be. I am
                                                                         especially grateful to    Sat Feb 16
of these families from
emergency housing                                                         Marv Schwartz and        10:45 am - Shabbat Worship following
                                                                          Susy Krimker, the        Torah Study
to counseling, job
placement, and financial                                                  people for you to        Fri Feb 22
and parenting skills. Last                                               contact if you want       8 pm - Ki Tissa
year, with the vision of our                                             to be involved. This
                                                                        project could not be       Sat Feb 23
clergy, the assistance of our
staff, and the tireless efforts                                         accomplished without       11 am - Shabbat Worship with B’nai
                                                                        the area coordinators:     Mitzvah of Sasha Moses, daughter of
of Susy Krimker and Marv                                                                           Howard and Ronda Moses and Matthew
Schwartz, Beth Or became                                                Debbie Schwartz, Amy
                                                                        Abrams, Allan Male,        Swiren, son of David and Deborah Swiren
a very active partner in this
program, housing 3 families in our                                     Stuart Breifer, Dawn        Fri Feb 29
building for the month of February.                                   Hogan, Leslie Wise,          8 pm - Vayakhel
With their continuing dedication                                     and Nancy Schaffer-End.
                                                                   Please join these special
and the full support of the Board of
Trustees, we continue to perform this crucial      congregants in this caring project.                   CANDLELIGHTING
mitzvah this month.                                B’Shalom,                                       Feb   1.........................................5:00 pm
Our tradition reminds us over and over to                                                          Feb   8......................................... 5:08 pm
take care of the stranger, the widow, and                                                          Feb   15....................................... 5:17 pm
the orphan, not only because, “you were                                                            Feb   22....................................... 5:25 pm
strangers in the land of Egypt,” but because                                                       Feb   29....................................... 5:33 pm
these are the most vulnerable members of
our society. Beth Or’s mission affirms our
commitment to work to repair the world
(tikkun olam) and housing these families
is one way to put these words into action.                                                                                    STORAHTELLING
It also provides a direct experience for our                                                                                  PERFORMANCE
children that we, as their parents and their                                                                                  TRANSFORMS
community, take seriously our responsibilities                                                                                TRADITION
to others.
                                                                                                                              On Saturday,
The IHA is an amazing and inspiring                                                                                           November 10
program and we are honored to be part of                                                                                      Storahtelling
it. The Alliance identifies and screens the                                                                                   presented a
families. A caseworker is provided to help                                                                                    musical Havdalah
the families access the services needed to                                                                                    at the Werther
put their lives back together. The IHA runs                                                                                   home and brought
the center where the families spend their                                                                                     contemporary
days, as they work on their numerous tasks                                                                                    meaning to 5,000
and projects.                                                                                                                 years of Jewish
The Alliance maintains transitional housing                                                                                   tradition. This was
projects such as Hope Gardens (where Beth                                                                                     part of the Robert
Or’s involvement continues in many ways).                                                                                     and Molly Apter
Beth Or provides a place for the families                                                                                     Memorial Scholar-
to sleep, meals and transportation to and                                                                                     in-Residence
from the IHA Center. The program has been                                                                                     Weekend.
extremely successful, with over 90% of
                                  BUILDING COMMUNITY AT BETH OR
                              This past                       If your connection to Judaism is Friday                        the country use the Internet to help their
                              December I                      Night services, by all means come and join                     members stay connected. Please continue
                              was fortunate                   us! We have two more Synaplex Shabbatot                        to visit the Beth Or website at www.
                              enough to                       which I guarantee will provide creative               and watch for additional online
                              attend the URJ                  worship and wonderful ways to celebrate                        connections to your Beth Or community.
                              Biennial Meeting                Shabbat.                                                                 I update the website on a weekly
                              in San Diego.                                                                                              basis and have great plans to
                              I attended                                                                                                  use it as a way to not only
                              workshops                                                                                                    inform our members about
                              on different                                                                                                  upcoming events, but also
                              aspects of                                                                                                    to serve as a resource to
                              synagogue                                                                                                      answer your questions about
life: many focused on “building                                                                                                              everything Jewish. From
relationships within your community”.                                                                                                        recipes and traditions to
A subset of this is connecting to our                                                                                                        volunteer opportunities and
Judaism. In our busy lives this can vary                                                                                                    service projects, this vehicle
from family to family. If your connection to                                                                                                will help our families maintain
Judaism stops at the pick up/drop off lane                                                                                                 a connection to Beth Or in the
of religious school in Sundays, Mondays,                                                                                                  future.
and Tuesdays, I’d like to personally invite                                                                                             One of my colleagues described
you to park your car and come inside.                                                                                                  the weather in San Diego as 72
Our café is open and filled with lots of                                                                                              degrees and fluorescent because
people who like to sit and socialize with                                                                                            while the sun was shining outside,
old friends and make new ones. On almost                                      In addition, we have                                  we were all inside learning about
every Sunday, we have adult activities                            several wonderful bima guests in the                       ways to build our communities at home.
including speakers, classes, and other                        winter and spring that will surely peak your                   It is my hope to be able to take all that I
events. I’d like to specifically invite you                   interest. Keep reading the Beth Or News                        have learned and continually strengthen
to come in on Sunday, January 13 and                          and checking the website for details.                          our sense of Beth Or community. I look
participate in our town meetings to tell us                   Speaking of the website, a major theme of                      forward to your input as we work together
what you want from our community. Here                        the Biennial was using technology to keep                      to make this dream a reality.
is your chance to participate in Beth Or’s                    members connected. From Websites and
future! We will hold these meetings during                    Facebook to blogs, wiki and podcasts (and                      Elisa Heisman
both sessions of religious school from                        lots of other computer terminology that I’d                    Program Coordinator
10-10:45 am and 11:15 am to 12 noon.                          never heard of before), synagogues around

                                                                            LEAP INTO SOMETHING
                                                                            NEW AT THE NEXT SYNAPLEX
                                                                            FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29
     SYNAPLEX SCHEDULE                                                                     8 pm —
                                                                                           Shabbat Celebrations.
  5:15 pm — Happy Hour                                                                     Movie: A Cantor’s Tale
  5:30 pm — Pizza Dinner for Preschoolers - RSVP is a must!                                The tradition of Eastern European Jewish cantorial music is
  $7 per person                                                                            alive and well in modern America thanks to Cantor Jacob
  6 pm —                                                                                   Mendelson who takes the viewer on a musical voyage that
  • Traditional Services with Rabbi Axler                                                  spans the Atlantic, originating in the birthplace of Brooklyn and
  • Alternative Services with a special guest rabbi                                        reaching all the way to Jerusalem. It is Cantor Mendelson’s
  • Bim Bam Services for preschoolers                                                      mission to insure that this legacy is passed on to this and
  7 pm —                                                                                   the generations to come in a way that is both true to its
  Catered Shabbat Dinner from Arpeggios                                                    origins and relevant to the modern world. Look for cameo
  $18 for adults, $10 for children (6 - 13), children under 5 are free.                    appearances by our very own Rabbi Craig Axler!
                                                                                           Check Beth Or's web site for more planned activities!
  Come join us for Synaplex Dinner on Friday, February 29, 2008. $18 for adults, $10 for children under 13, children under 5 are free, $7 per person for pizza dinner

  Family Name:

  Phone:                                                                  E-mail:

  Number of adults                    Number of Children                        Family Dinner               Candlelight & Conversation Dinner

  Do you prefer a vegetarian meal? Yes                        No            Pizza Dinner

  RSVP to Tracey Borochaner for dinner at and drop off your check to the temple office.

Plant a Tree In Israel
We at Beth Or love and care about Israel,
our land and our people. We are proud to
be partners with the Jewish National Fund
                                                         RELIGIOUS SCHOOL NEWS
                                                 Advisor) and Susan Edelstein (Director of     provide babysitting for younger siblings.
and with our brothers and sisters in Israel.     Education). - We are in the process of        It's a Girl Thing:
We are committed to “reclaiming”                 rescheduling this trip. Please look for       Rosh Hodesh Adar Alef
our homeland, to making Israel                   an email with the new date.
                                                                                               Both Rosh Hodesh groups (7th and 8th
more beautiful, secure, strong and               BOFTY students will help create Shabbat       grades) will meet on Sunday, February
peaceful. We can help Israel do                  activities for the Shabbaton, including       10 from 1:15-3:15 for their next
this by planting more trees!                     an interactive Torah study session and        Rosh Hodesh celebration. Exciting and
Please join with us during the                   a hands-on social action project. Also        interesting activities have been planned for
months of January and February,                  included in the day will be lunch and free    the month of Adar alef. If there are girls
as we plant trees in the Land of                 time in the Youth Lounge. We'll finish our    who are interested in joining one of these
Israel!                                          day with Havdalah at about 5 pm. We           groups, please call Susan Edelstein at
                                                 expect all seventh graders to attend. Be      215-646-5806.
Checks for $10, made out to                      sure to sign up for this exciting day!
the Jewish National Fund,                                                                      Fifth Grade Family Education
may be sent or brought to the                    Second Grade Family Education                 Program: Israel at 60 Tile Wall
Religious School Office. You may plant trees     Special: Unwrapping Shabbat
                                                                                               5th graders and their parents will take part in
in honor or in memory of loved ones. JNF         We will have our 2nd Grade Family Education
                                                                                               a tile-making session for our Israel at 60 Tile
Tree Forms will be sent home and extra           Program on Sunday morning,
                                                                                               Wall on Sunday, February 24 during both
forms may be picked up in the school office.     February 3 in the Multipurpose Room
                                                                                               sessions. We will provide everything needed
Thanks to all of you for being partners with     during both sessions. We have planned a
                                                                                               to create a special Israel tile: Israel picture
God by helping to make Israel and the world      special morning for “Unwrapping” Shabbat
                                                                                               books, markers, paper, scissors, paints and
a better place!                                  and Havdalah. Come and learn with Susan
                                                                                               glue! All you need to bring is your creativity
Sixth Grade Family                               Edelstein and Rabbi Axler and spend
                                                                                               and, if you wish (and this is voluntary, not
Shabbat Service                                  time with your children as we do Shabbat
                                                                                               mandatory), a check for $18, made out to
                                                 and Havdalah activities. We will provide
The second of three 6th grade family                                                           Beth Or.
                                                 babysitting for younger siblings.
Shabbat services will be held on Friday                                                        Faculty Workshop
evening, February 1 at 7:15. This                First Grade Family Education                  As part of the Auerbach CAJE Ner Tamid
Family Shabbat Service will be led by Josh       Program: Shema Pajama Party                   program, Beth Or teachers will attend
Stone's Monday and Tuesday 6th grade
                                                 All 1st grade students from both sessions     a workshop after school, on Sunday,
Hebrew students. We encourage all of our
                                                 and their parents are invited to a very       February 24, from 1 - 3 pm.
sixth graders and their families to attend
                                                 special Shema Pajama Party on Sunday          Each teacher has committed to twelve hours
and look forward to celebrating Shabbat
                                                 morning, February 10 at 9 am in the           of learning each year, for the next three
with all of you.
                                                 Multipurpose Room. Parents will have          years. We are proud of their dedication and
Seventh Grade Shabbaton                          the opportunity to learn about Jewish         accomplishments.
The 7th Grade Shabbaton, a day for               bedtime rituals and each family will create
students to celebrate Shabbat - together         a beautiful Shema pillowcase. Be sure

with classmates and with Sarah DeWoskin          to wear your PJs (parents can, too!) and
(Academy Director), Josh Stone (Youth            bring your favorite stuffed animal. We will

Shalom!                                                                  FEB. 10 – Sr., Jr., and Middle BOFTY skiing, snowboarding, and
                                                                         tubing trip (more info to come)
It has been an enjoyable and exciting past few weeks. Senior BOFTY
ventured onto the University of Pennsylvania’s campus to enjoy           FEB 11 – Jr. BOFTY dinner meeting and lounge night at 6 pm
breakfast for dinner during our Cereality and Comedy Sportz event.       FEB 25 – Sr. BOFTY Exec. Board meeting at 4 pm, general board
The next couple of weeks BOFTY spent a lot of time hanging out           meeting at 5:30 pm, and lounge night for all of Sr. BOFTY for
in the Youth Lounge where we planned our next event and ate a            dinner at 6
record amount of Chinese food and pizza. At                              MARCH 8 – Middle, Jr., and Sr. BOFTY Bake a Difference (more
our IHOP and a Movie event, the 21 of us in                              info to come)
attendance enjoyed watching Enchanted and
Dan in Real Life at the Regal Cinema after                               MARCH 9 – All Youth, Purim Carnival (more info to come)
eating an awesome IHOP dinner. Senior BOFTY                              MARCH 30 – Bitty and Mini BOFTY Baking with Bubby
looks forward to our next big event which is                             (more info to come)
the skiing, snowboarding, and tubing trip on
February 10.                                                             April 13 – Bitty and Mini BOFTY Chocolate Seder (more info
                                                                         to come)
Junior BOFTY had a great time at Ultrazone
where they had pizza, played some laser tag, and some arcades.           May 2 – Bitty and Mini BOFTY and family Shabbat Dinner
Junior BOFTY is really excited to join Senior BOFTY at the big skiing,   (more info to come)
snowboarding, and tubing trip on February 10. Middle BOFTY will          June 2 – All Youth Dorney Park (more info to come)
be joining Junior and Senior BOFTY for the big skiing, snowboarding,
                                                                         Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. You may
and tubing trip on February 10. More dates for Middle, Mini, and Bitty
                                                                         reach me at or call 215-646-5806 ext. 234.
BOFTY will follow.
                                                                         Also, Check out our website for fliers and other information
Please take note and reserve these dates in your calendar:     
FEB. 3 – Mini BOFTY trip to Franklin Institute                           B'Shalom,
FEB. 4 – Sr. BOFTY Exec. Board meeting at 4 pm and lounge                Josh Stone
night for all of Sr. BOFTY for dinner at 6 pm

FYI                                                                                                          LIBRARY
     BETH OR GALLERY                              SAVE THE DATE !!                         BETH OR’S WINDOW
                                                  CONGREGATION                             ON THE JEWISH WORLD
                                                                                           WIDE WEB
                                                  BETH OR 2008                             The library is
                                                  TEE OFF EVENT                            enhancing its
                                                  MONDAY, MAY 19, 2008                     online capabilities
                                                  OLD YORK ROAD COUNTRY CLUB               by developing a
                                                                                           directory of links
                                                  Join us for a full day and evening       to high quality
                                                  of food, golf, fun, friends, and         Jewish-
                                                  prizes. If you don’t play golf, we are   oriented
                                                  arranging for bunco and card games       web sites.
                                                  as well. Sponsorship opportunities       The directory can
                                                  are available. For more information,     be accessed on one of
                                                  please contact Elisa Heisman at          the Library’s computers
                                                             through a Link Bar
                                                  We also need volunteers to help plan     located at the top of the
                                                  this event. Contact Marc Goldstein at    Internet Explorer browser window.
                                                         Some link category examples include
                                                                                           Reform Judaism, Jewish History, Israel,
                                                                                           and Jewish Culture. New site links
                                                                                           and categories are added each week,
                                                                                           so come in and take a look at what
                                                                                           the Jewish World Wide Web has to
       LORRAINE                                                                            offer you.

      ALEXANDER                                                                            Reminder: To search our catalog,
                                                                                           go to the Beth Or website and click
                                                                                           on “Education”. In the drop-down
    Opening February 8                                                                     window, click “Library”. You can then
                                                                                           click on Library Catalog to search
    Visit the new Olitsky Art Gallery                                                      by title, author, subject, and ISBN.
    adjacent to the Spain Lobby featuring
    works by Lorraine Alexander. Lorraine                                                  AMAZON ORDERS
    is a nationally recognized exhibitor,
    and her art has appeared widely in                                                     Do you order books from Amazon?
    galleries and museums throughout our                                                   You can help support Beth Or by
    area.                                                                                  making your purchase through the
                                                                                           Beth Or website,
    Lorraine studied at the University                                                     All you have to do is click on “Who
    of Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania                                                      We Are”. The last item on the side
    Academy of the Arts, and the Barnes                                                    bar menu is “Amazon”. Amazon will
    Foundation. She currently resides in                                                   give a percentage of your purchases
    Rydal, PA.                                                                             to Beth Or.
                                                                                           Lori Amchin
        BETH OR NEWS
    Our publishers for the Beth Or News                                                           BETH OR SISTERHOOD
    insist that we adhere to our deadlines                                                       ANNUAL FASHION SHOW
    to give them enough time to get our                                                    “UNDER THE BOARDWALK”
    paper out in a timely fashion. When
                                                                                                      APRIL 30, 2008
    you receive your deadline notice, please
    be sure to e-mail your article to Jodye                                                      New format, new surprises!

    Brody at and CC                                                          More information coming soon.
    Ellen Werther at
                                                                                                  Contact Robin Zappin or
    Please understand that if you miss the

                                                                                                      Lauren Lerner
    deadline, your article will not be included
    in the forthcoming issue. If you do not
    already receive a postcard, but wish to
    be reminded of the deadline, contact Pam
    Phillips at                 MARCH 2, 2008
    February 18, 2008 for April
                                                      Starting at 11 am
    March 17, 2008 for May                         Costume Parade, Prizes,
    April 21, 2008 for June                           Rides, Food, Fun!

BETH OR                                     SISTERHOOD'S PRIVATE                            Medical Oncology
                                                                                            and Hematology
KNITTERS                                    AEROSOLE SHOE PARTY                             at the Fox Chase
                                                                                            Cancer Center.
Wednesday                                   Tuesday                                         He maintains
February 20                                 March 18                                        a private practice
7 pm at Beth Or                             at 7:30 pm.                                     in general oncology
RSVP:                                       We'll have                                      and hematology and treats a wide range
Debbie Schwartz                             our own shoe                                    of cancers and diseases of the blood. His
Flora Krimker The                           & accessory                                     practice maintains offices in Chalfont,
group meets the 3rd Wednesday of the        hostess from                                    Doylestown, Sellersville, and Quakertown.
month at 7 pm                               the shop at English Village.                    He and his family have been Beth Or
                                            Come see new spring styles, have                members since 2000.

BETH OR SISTERHOOD’S                        refreshments, and take advantage of
                                            special discounts. 10% off 2nd pair, 15%        SAVE 9 – 9 amDATES!
MOTHER AND DAUGHTER TEA                     off 3rd pair, & 20% off 4th pair. Various
                                            sizes & styles to try. Come shop and have
                                                                                            THE HISTORY OF
Sunday, February 24, 2008                   fun with your Beth Or sisters.                  JEWISH MUSIC
from 2 pm to 4 pm                           RSVP to Elaine Goldfield at ergoldfield@msn.    FROM BIBLICAL
Enjoy homemade                              com.                                            TIMES TO THE
delights prepared by
our own Sisterhood.                         SISTERHOOD/BROTHERHOOD                          PRESENT
                                                                                            Cantor David Green
We are hosting a
dessert competition
                                            BRUNCHES                                        Tuesday, May 6
                                                                                            at 12 noon.
so bring your very                          CANCER PREVENTION AND RISK...
                                                                                            BETH OR SISTERHOOD’S ANNUAL
favorite dessert for all                    WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW.
                                                                                            ECUMENICAL LUNCHEON
to try. Cost: $15 for                       February 10 at 9 am -
                                                                                            Don’t miss out on this wonderful
Sisterhood members                          Howard S. Zipin, MD.
                                                                                            opportunity to enjoy a delicious luncheon
and daughters                               Discussion will focus on lifestyle choices,     at Beth Or (prepared by Sisterhood
of Sisterhood members ages 7-18;            preventative testing, and other things          members) and a thought provoking
Benefactors cost is included in dues; $20   we can all do to help decrease our              presentation by Rabbi Craig Axler. See
for non-Sisterhood members;                 risk of cancer. Dr Howard Zipin, Bux-Mont       future issues of the Beth Or News for
$5 for children 7 and under.                Oncology and Hematology Associates, he          more details.
For information contact Nancy Rosen.        received his training at Temple University
Return form below.                          School of Medicine with a Fellowship in

  Sisterhood Tea Return Form                                                          BROTHERHOOD
   Yes, we will attend the Mother-Daughter Tea on                     Help
   February 24, 2008.

                                                                      We are looking for a few men to fill the
                                                                      following positions—
                                                                      • Publicity Chair is a job that can be
   E-mail                                                                done in the privacy of your own home.
                                                                         This position entails coordinating
                                                                         articles for the Beth Or News, items for the Beth Or web
   Adults                                                                site, pictures and text for the video tower in the Spain Lobby
                                                                         and bulk mail items. Work at your own pace and be greatly
   Children                                                              appreciated by others. No experience necessary. Contact
                                                                         Bruce Miller if interested at
   Amount enclosed                                                    • Event Chairpeople needed. If you have an idea for an event,
                                                                        come to us with an outline and budget and we'll be happy
                                                                        to help you get started once it's approved by our Board.
   Please make checks out to
   Beth Or Sisterhood, and send to                                    • Members at large are also critical to the continued success
   Nancy Rosen, 313 Ponderosa Lane,                                    of Beth Or Brotherhood.
   Ambler PA 19002.
                                                                      Congratulations to Rif Pamukcu for winning the 2nd Annual
                                                                      Brotherhood raffle. Rif and his family are enjoying his 60-inch
                                                                      plasma TV. I would also like to thank all of the Brotherhood
                                                                      members who made the Annual Dinner a great success and to
                                                                      the men who participated in our Brotherhood Shabbat.

JRA UPDATE!                                                                                                 ABRAMSON CENTER
The Jewish Relief Agency has moved. Their          further information about Meals That                Dear Beth Or Friends,
new warehouse address is 10980 Dutton              Matter - Monday (meeting one Monday                 It is time again to volunteer a few hours
Road in Philadelphia, not far from their           per month), please contact Robin at                 a month, and put smiles on the faces of
previous home in the Northeast section of                                 residents of the Abramson Center.
town. Please join in the mitzvah of packing        MEALS THAT MATTER-                                  This is a wonderful Mitzvah project for
and distributing food, starting at 10 am and       B'NAI MITZVAH PROJECT                               B’nai Mitzvah students! The residents
running until about 1 pm. Upcoming dates           This newest addition to Meals That Matter           are very happy when young people take
are February 10 and March 9. To sign               is led by Robin Einhorn and is targeted to          the time to visit.
up, please contact Beth Or Coordinator             the younger generation. Stay tuned for
Nina Rae Semanoff or visit                                                                             The following are the Saturday dates
                                                   further information about this group!                                                                                  remaining for 2007-2008:
Meals That Matter is growing and                   FEBRUARY COLLECTION FOR                             • February 9 • March 8
bursting at the seams thanks to all of you         JEWISH CHILDREN & FAMILY                            • April 12 • May 10 • June 14
who have come out to cook for Aid for              SERVICES                                            I ask that you arrive in the lobby at
Friends and Cook for a Friend, both of             The JCFS alerted us that many babies are            9:45 am. We leave at approximately 1
which support the homebound and elderly.           being placed in foster care and there is a          pm, after helping to serve during the
Here is an overview of Meals That Matter           significant need for baby clothes, formula,         Oneg. This is a true mitzvah, and the
and contact information.                           bottles, and wipes. During the month of             center is only minutes from Beth Or!
                                                   February, these donations may be dropped
MEALS THAT MATTER-SUNDAY                           off in Beth Or's School lobby. The Social
                                                                                                       If you can help, please call Debbie
This group, led by Gaby Halpern, prepares                                                              Schwartz (evenings).
                                                   Action Committee thanks you for your
meals for Cook for a Friend, a project of the      participation!
JCC Klein Branch. The JCC delivers meals to
senior citizens who are unable to cook for
themselves, many of whom are financially           What is BOTC? The Beth Or Troop
disadvantaged. For further information about       Connection. This is a new organized
Meals That Matter-Sunday (meeting one              effort to reach out to U.S. and Israeli
Sunday per month), please contact Gaby             troops by sending care packages, cards,
Halpern at                  letters and other items to soldiers for
                                                   Passover, Rosh Hashanah and Hanukkah.
MEALS THAT MATTER-MONDAY                           More information to come in the next
This group, led by Robin Einhorn, cooks            bulk mail! If you are interested in
for Aid for Friends (www.aidforfriends.            helping, please contact Susy Krimker at
com) who "... serve needy, isolated       Help us make the
shut-ins, primarily the frail elderly, in          holidays a little brighter for our troops.
the 5 county Greater Philadelphia area,            Margie Chachkin, Chair
with free daily home-cooked meals. For   

                                                                                KVELLING CORNER
                                                                                 • Wendy and Alan Black will celebrate their 40th

                                                                                    wedding anniversary on February 17 .
                                                                                      Jenifer Seboek is the new Health Service
                                                                                      Coordinator for Philadelphia area for Life Line
                                                                                      Screening of America--the nation's largest provider of
                                                                                      mobile preventive health screenings.
                                                       • Michael Markovitz, son of Robin and Bruce Markovitz, competed as a
                                                         member of the USA Junior Boys Soccer Team in the 11th Pan Am Maccabi
                                                         Games, held December 26th - January 2nd in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The
                                                         team, made up of 15-17 year old players from around the country, moved on
                                                         to Buenos Aires where the team went 3-2 winning the Bronze medal.
Ellen Werther was awarded a citation from State
Representative Rick Taylor as a recipient of the       • Jenna Heisman celebrated her 7 th birthday at the end of January. Elisa
Human Rights Award from the Montgomery                   Heisman is celebrating a birthday in February (but she isn’t telling which one)!
County Advisory Council to the Pennsylvania            • On Dec. 20, 2007, Julia Friedenberg (1st grader Blue Bell elementary) visited
Human Relations Commission.                              her preschool class 4B -- with Mrs. Miller. She read 4 books to the preschoolers
In the spirit of "Tikkun Olam" or repair of              while her sister, Alyssa (4th grade,Blue Bell Elementary) visited her old Beth Or
the world, Ellen has demonstrated exemplary              Kindergarten Class with Mrs Kollender."
citizenship in working with the community and
has promoted good will, equal opportunity and
human rights for all people.
MEMORIALS & CONTRIBUTIONS                                                               HANNAH MILLER YOUTH
                                                                                           LIBRARY FUND                             CHAI-LIGHTS
          RABBI MARX'S                                                            IN APPRECIATION OF
                                               CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FUND
       DISCRETIONARY FUND                                                         • HOWARD DROSSNER & PAMELA LEHRER
                                                                                     Wendy and Michael Blum                  Welcome New
IN MEMORY OF                              IN HONOR OF                                                                        Members
                                          • LISA SOLOMON’S BAT MITZVAH
                                              Mark and Elaine Solomon                     SHARING IS CARIING                 • John, Amy, Tyler and Dylan
• DOROTHY GOTTENBERG                                                                                                           Korman
   Sydney Gottenberg                                                              IN MEMORY OF                               • Eric, Dana, Jared and Jeremy
• HELEN A. BECK                                  DOR L’DOR MUSEUM                 • LOUIS HECHT                                Pollock
   Kathie and Don Sachs                           (ARCHIVES) FUND                           Enid and Herb Rubenstein         • Patricia Bassman and Hillary
• MILDRED F. SUNDHEIM                                                             • JONATHAN GOLDBERG                          Wagner
   Stephen and Pauline Sundheim           IN MEMORY OF
• DAVID SEITZ                             • SHELDON BENDER
                                                                                            Carol Ann and Barry Miller
                                                                                                                             May Their Memory
• SALLY SEITZ                                Lauren Wernovsky
                                             Barbara Bender and Family                         MUSIC FUND                    Be a Blessing
   Warren Greenberg                                                                                                          • Myron Cooper, father of Randi
• EDYTHE CLAIR                                                                                                                 Bronstein
   Fred and Bryna Berman                    BARBARA GOLDBERG NURSERY              IN MEMORY OF
                                                                                                                             • Seymour Goldstein, father of
                                                                                  • BETTY WEISS
   Shelly, Barry, Dan and Jordan Rubin
                                                  SCHOOL FUND                     • BENJAMIN WEISS
                                                                                                                               Samuel Goldstein
                                                                                                                             • Mae Forman, grandmother of
• ROBERT ALLAN STEIN                      IN MEMORY OF                               Lorna and Donald Glassman
                                                                                                                               Debbie Kuhn
     Amy Abrams                           • DAVID KINTZER                                                                    • Jonathan Goldberg, brother of
IN HONOR OF                                   Linda and Allan Kramer                    KATE SVITEK MEMORIAL                   Faye Miller
• SAMANTHA TRESS’S BAT MITZVAH                Jennie Nerenberg and Bruce Dorsey             GARDEN FUND                      • Mitzi Shprintz, grandmother of
    Edward and Amy Tress                      Nancie Dall and Melanie Beifel                                                   Abby Segal
• MICHELLE SATTERFIELD’S BAT MITZVAH          Wendy and Alan Black                IN MEMORY OF                               • Herman Marcus, father of Dale
    L. Satterfield                             Ellen and Rodger Wichterman         • DAVID KINTZER                              Snyderman
• BIRTH OF ZACHARY MATTHEW HALBERT            Ellen and Buzzy Walters                Melissa and Daniel Stoller              • James McKeown, father of Megan
    Carol and Stan Halbert                    Susan and Jeff Asch                 IN HONOR OF                                  McKeown
                                              Cheryl and Michael Friedenberg
                                                                                  • JUDITH AND PHILIP PFEFFER’S TWO          • Adelle Schwartz, aunt of Bill
    Anita and Jerry Shomer and Nancy
                                              Jill and Scott Shapiro                                                           Jacobson
                                                                                    NEW GRANDCHILDREN, MENACHEM
                                              The Diamond Family
    Wolf Sussman
                                              Randee Simon and Dale Laing
                                                                                    LEVI AND OLIVIA ALEXANDRA
                                                                                     Judith and Philip Pfeffer
                                                                                                                             Mazel Tov
                                          • LIBBY GREENBERG                                                                  • Birth of Olivia Alexandra Moriconi,
    Bernice and Stan Orenstein
                                          • LOIS JANE SALIN                                                                    granddaughter of Phil and Judy
    Mark and Elaine Solomon               • JEANETTE GIRER                                   YAHRZEIT FUND                     Pfeffer
                                              Gay and Gene Salin                                                             • Birth of Menachem Levi Pfeffer,
IN APPRECIATION OF                                                                IN MEMORY OF                                 grandson of Phil and Judy Pfeffer
• RABBI MARX                              IN HONOR OF                                                                        • Birth of Mallory Hersh, daughter
                                          • BIRTH OF NOAM AXLER                   • CHARLOTTE AND YETTA SCHNELLER
   Robert J. Davis                                                                                                             of Jason and Jamie Hersh
                                              Faye and Bob Miller and Family          Ilene Schneller, Craig, Dana and
   Wendy and Michael Blum                                                                                                    • Baby naming of Briana Ann Katz,
                                          • BIRTH OF MADDOX PESTRACK                  Carley Marion
   Marilyn and Herbert Berkowitz                                                                                               daughter of David and Dawn Katz
                                              Judie C. Price                      • ALEX BLOCK
          RABBI AXLER'S                   • LAURIE BAROUH                             Joseph and Marcia Berstein
                                                                                  • MARLENE LEVIN
                                                                                                                             B'Nai Mitzvah
       DISCRETIONARY FUND                     Judy and Jonathan Beck
                                                                                      Howard Drossner                        •   Bar Mitzvah of Daniel Amchin
                                                                                  • GERTRUDE GERSON                          •   Bar Mitzvah of Jarad Mondelblatt
IN MEMORY OF                                    BARBARA GOLDBERG                      Linda and Phil Gerson                  •   Bar Mitzvah of Jeffrey Kaplan
   Tim J. Berman
                                              CONFIRMATION ISRAEL TRIP            • FLORENCE DECKTOR                         •   Bar Mitzvah of Sam Lieberman
                                                                                                                             •   Bat Mitzvah of Kimberly Seskin
                                                    ENDOWMENT                     • PHILIP DECKTOR
                                                                                      Dennis and Patricia Decktor
• BIRTH OF NOAM AXLER                     IN MEMORY OF                            • MILTON INGBER                            Todah Rabbah
    Mindi and Eric Vogel                                                          • SADIE INGBER
    Meryl, Paul Josh and Michele Wexler
                                          • DAVID KINTZER
                                                                                  • BENJAMIN SLOTT                           To Our Beth Or News and
                                          • HENRY HARRIS
    Heather and Gregg Golin
                                             Susan Edelstein                          Elaine and Ronald Slott                Bulk Mail Collators:
• BIRTH OF WILL MATTHEW RICE                                                      • LILLIAN KIRSHNER                         Flora Krimker, Barbara Spilove,
    Judie C. Rice                         IN HONOR OF                                 Jack and Linda Kirshner                Florence Sulitzer, Nora Reyner, Sylvia
• SAMANTHA TRESS’ BAT MITZVAH             • BAT MITZVAH OF JESSICA FRANKLIN       • TESSIE FELS                              Chachkin, Grace and Harvey Groner,
    Edward and Amy Tress                     Faye and Bob Miller                      Joseph and Suzanne Fels                Florence Arnold, Bette Male, Sis
• MICHELLE SATTERFIELD’S BAT MITZVAH                                                                                         Krauth, Ellen Sussmann, Kathie Sachs,
    L. Satterfield                             KARL & MALLY HERZFELD                                                          Dawn Hogan, Ruth K. Stone, Allen
IN APPRECIATION OF                                 LIBRARY FUND                         ONEG SPONSORS                        Male, Bernice Teller, Ellen Werther
• RABBI AXLER                                                                     OUR THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING
   Wendy and Michael Blum                 IN MEMORY OF                                   CONTRIBUTORS                        To Our Donation Card
   Mark and Elaine Solomon                • LIBBY GREENBERG                                                                  Writer Volunteer:
   Adeline Brownstein                         Don and Helen LeGower
   Tim J. Berman                              Don and Laura LeGower
                                                                                   JANUARY 11                                • Diane Berliner
                                                                                   • Jayne and Mark Etskovitz, in honor
SPEEDY RECOVERY OF                            Tim LeGower                            of Sam Etskovitz’s Bar Mitzvah
                                              Mike LeGower
   Gail Cohen                                 Joe and Rita Platt                   JANUARY 25                               SISTERHOOD MITZVAH FUND
                                              Donna and James Rowlett              • Brad and Pam Korman in honor of               DONATIONS
       CANTOR GREEN’S                         Kerri Lynn Hunsberger                  Jackson’s Bar Mitzvah
      DISCRETIONARY FUND                      Deron and Vanessa Platt
                                              Brian Platt and Lynn Castiglia         BIMA FLOWER DONATIONS
                                                                                                                            SPEEDY RECOVERY TO
                                                                                                                            • BARRY CHASEN
IN MEMORY OF                                  William Plummer                                                                  Murray & Ann Spain
• MIRIAM COOPER                               Ron and Linda Plummer Family
   Andrew and Paula Cooper                    Steve and Meredith Mueller           JANUARY 4                                IN LOVING MEMORY OF
                                                                                   • Dr. Scott and Margie Pfeffer, in       • MOTHER OF RONALD SIEGEL
IN HONOR OF                               IN APPRECIATION OF                                                                   Marv & Debbie Schwartz
                                                                                     honor of Jared and Zachary Pfeffer’s
• SAMANTHA TRESS’ BAT MITZVAH             • MELANIE BEIFEL                           B’nai Mitzvah
     Edward and Amy Tress
    The Mallenbaum Family
    Mark and Elaine Solomon
                                             Wendy and Michael Blum

                                               ANDREW JARRETT FUND
                                          IN HONOR OF
                                                                                   JANUARY 11
                                                                                   • Jayne and Mark Etskovitz, in honor
                                                                                     of Sam Etskovitz’s Bar Mitzvah
                                                                                   JANUARY 25
IN APPRECIATION OF                        • WINNIE AND BOB LEVITSKY’S              • Mark and Lori Motis, in honor of
• CANTOR GREEN                              ANNIVERSARY AND NEW HOME                 Julia Motis’s Bat Mitzvah
   Wendy and Michael Blum                      Grace and Harry Groner
                      BETH OR NEWS                                                                                                         Non-Profit
                                                                                                                                       U.S Postage Paid
                      CONGREGATION BETH OR                                                                                               Permit No. 61
                                                                                                                                           Ambler, PA
                      239 WELSH ROAD, MAPLE GLEN, PA 19002
                      Volume 53, Issue 6 Kislev-Tevet 5768 February 2008
                      Phone: 215 646-5806       Fa x: 215 646- 0173   Web: ht tp //   e-mail : bethor @

Senior Rabbi.......................Gregory S. Marx                           President.............................Maureen Schreiber
Rabbi.....................................Craig H. Axler                     Vice President......................Jan Zauzmer
Cantor...................................David Green                         Vice President......................Amy Abrams
Executive Director..............Liz Hirsch, F.T.A.                           Vice President......................Jennie Nerenberg
Education Director..............Susan Edelstein                              Treasurer...............................Robert Cohen
Preschool Director..............Robin Adelman                                Secretary...............................Ira Secouler
Assistant Preschool Director Dale Laing                                      Parliamentarian....................Mike Snyder
Youth Advisor..........................Josh Stone                            Sisterhood President.......... Lynn Edelman
Academy Director..................Sarah DeWoskin                             Brotherhood President.......Bruce Miller
Program Coordinator......... Elisa Heisman                                   BOFTY President..................Miriam Jacobson
Communications                                                               Beth Or News Editor............Ellen Werther
Coordinator................... Andy Myer
Organist & Choir Director.......Roland Woehr, Jr.

Published monthly, except July
Beth Or is a Reform Congregation and a member of the Union for Reform Judaism

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