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Jalapeo Bagels


									"Jalapeño Bagels"
by Natasha Wing

Realistic fiction tells about events that could happen in real life. Does anything in
this Selection Snapshot remind you of an event from your o wn life?
Pablo's school is having an International Day on Monday, and all the children are
bringing something from their culture. Mama tells Pablo he can bring a treat from
the family's bakery. He can come to the bakery on Sunday and help Mama and
Papa bake. Then he can choose a treat for International Day. Pablo thinks this is
a good idea.
Early Sunday morning, the family walks to the bakery. First, Pablo and Mama
make pan dulce. Mama makes the best Mexican sweet bread. After all the
ingredients are mixed, Mama and Pablo knead the sweet bread dough. Then
they form rolls and loaves and put them in the oven. Pablo thinks about taking
pan dulce to school for International Day.
Then Mama and Pablo make pumpkin turnovers, another Mexican treat. People
come to the bakery just to buy Mama's delicious turnovers. Pablo thinks of taking
them to school. Pablo helps Mama make chango bars. He puts extra chocolate
chips into the dough so the batch of chango bars will be extra special. He thinks
about taking chango bars to school.
Then Pablo helps Papa. He is making challa, using Bubbe's recipe. Bubbe is the
Yiddish word for Grandmother, and challa is a Jewish braided bread. Pablo
thinks about taking the braided bread to school.
Then Papa begins to make bagels. He rolls the dough into a long rope. He cuts it
into pieces and connects the ends of the pieces so they look like doughnuts. The
dough is allowed to rise. Papa boils the bagels, sprinkles them with toppings,
and puts them in the oven. Pablo likes to eat them with cream cheese and jam.
Papa likes to eat lox with them, but Pablo does not like fish with his bagels. Pablo
thinks about taking bagels to school for International Day.
Mama and Papa work together to make one kind of treat—jalapeño bagels.
Mama cuts the jalapeño peppers. She puts them and bits of dried red peppers
into the dough Papa makes. Then they form and cook the bagels.
Mama tells Pablo that he must decide what treat to take to school. They need to
set it aside so no one buys it. Pablo looks at the wonderful Mexican treats. He
looks at the delicious challa and bagels. It's a hard decision. Then he makes up
his mind.
"I will take jalapeño bagels to school for International Day. They are a mixture of
two great cultures, just like me!"

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