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                     OPUNTIA FLOWER (Opuntia ficus indica):

               Opuntia Flower, 100 % natural, is an effective anti-inflammatory that
               is used as a treatment for health problems such as those related to the
               urinary system. It removes the uric acid, edema and prevents spasms in
               the visceral organs and in the blood vessels.

                 The Opuntia Flower has a high concentration of minerals such as:
Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc. The zinc is actually vital to the normal
functioning of the prostate gland. The quantity of Zinc in the Opuntia Flower is 0.5 mg
Zinc was found to be highly absorbent of vitamins (mainly B-Complex). It is a component in
about 25 different enzymes in the metabolism and it is one of the insulin components,
essential in building the nuclear acids, etc.

On the level of the urinary system, recent scientific findings have proved that the Opuntia
Flower is highly effective in treating different phenomena of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
(especially in males over the age of 45), such as high urgency and frequency in urinating, a
sensation of the need to urinate, dribbling at the end of urination, and the feeling of a need to
urinate more than twice during one night.

In what concern women, it was found that the Opuntia Flower is very effective in treating
pathologies such as the urgency and frequency in urinating, loss of control over the sphincters
and recurring inflammation of the urinary system. As a matter of fact, it provides better
control of the function of the urinary system.

In order to confirm the variety of Opuntia Flower's activities on the urinary system, a clinical
study was made by Dr. Levin at the Urological Clinic in the Soroka Hospital in Beer - Sheva,

His study involved 30 men, who had suffered from different disorders on the level of the
urinary systems as an outcome of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. Each man was instructed to
take 2 capsules of the Opuntia Flower 3 times a day for a period of three months.

A significant improvement was detected in most of the cases, and in another study that was
undertaken at the Agricultural Research Center, dozens of men were given 1 to 2 capsules 3
times a day (each capsule contains 350 mg) during a period of three months. The majority of
the examined cases showed a substantial improvement in the urgency to urinate and the need
to urinate a number of times during the same night. Moreover, X-rays that were taken showed
a definite reduction in the size of the prosthetic gland. Since the time the Opuntia Flower was
available on market for treating the urinary system, many patients have showed a significant
improvement in the function of the urinary system, and a significant overall relief.

Use Instructions:
Put 10g of Opuntia flower into 1 liter of boiling water, let the infusion for 15 minutes and then
start filtering. Drink 1 glass three times a day.

Cardboard box containing 60 gr. of dried Opuntia flowers, Certified Bio

Cultivation and production:
Region of Ait Baamran, South of Morocco (S.H)


                            NOPAL CACTUS POWEDER

                  Nopal Cactus Powder helps fight against obesity as it absorbs fat
                  and sugar, and has very good effects on digestion.

                   Nopal Cactus Powder has a very high nutritional value and it is
                   classified by scientists as low Glycemic index (GI) kind of food
                   with a GI of 7 and a Glycemic of 0. Recent medical studies have
                   also indicated that the regular consumption of Nopal helps keep a
healthy cholesterol level and support healthy blood sugar metabolism. It contains very
important quantities of Fiber, Amino Acids, and Niacin. It has been scientifically proved that
Niacin is able to convert LDL to HDL (bad cholesterol to good cholesterol); the thing which
decreases considerably risks of hearth diseases.
Nopal is known for its high content of fiber, pectin and mucilage. It’s a natural appetite
suppressant and fat burner, an effective anti-inflammatory, and a blood sugar reducer. It
contributes to the good management of the intestine and assimilates, cholesterol, glucose, fat,
and biliary substances.

Nopal Powder is recommended for:
   • Prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal problems
   • Controls the cholesterol levels
   • Obesity and diabetes
   • Coronary sicknesses
   • Constipation
   • Preventing Colon cancer
   • Delays arterioesclerosis
   • Regulates intestinal flora function
   • Avoid peptic ulcers
   • Reduces stomach acidity
   • The regular consumption of NOPAL prevents gastric cancer as it is rich in oxalates,
       potassium and vitamins A and C.
The dehydrated Nopal powder (paddle) possesses several nutritional and synergistic
properties due to:

18 amino acids among which there are 8 essentials that contribute to the body’s detoxification
and regeneration.
A very high level of calcium 76,968 mg/g (65 x higher than in milk) that can consolidate
Phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc, copper, iron, chromium that act as a synergy to
reinforce the natural metabolism.
Vegetable dietary fibers and mucilage that control excess gastric acid production and protect
the gastrointestinal mucus membranes.
Chlorophyll that helps cleaning and oxygenating blood.
Vitamins C, B1, B2, and B3.
Polysaccharides including 4 that are identical to Goji, able to regulate and stimulate natural

This Dehydrated Nopal Powder could help in the following cases:
Weight loss: it helps overcome the drawbacks of a diet.
 ”Appetite suppressant” effect.
  Regulating the bowel movement

   •   Reinforcing the digestive system and protecting the stomach and intestines (gastritis,
       colitis, bloating…)
   •   Prevention of acidity and remineralization.
   •   Reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.
   •   Reinforcing natural defense.
   •   Recent scientific studies have proven the multiple benefits of the Nopal Powder.

 Use Instructions:
2 to 3 coffee spoons at least ½ hour before meals, it is preferable to take Nopal with a yogurt
(Natural yogurt for diabetic people)

Cardboard box containing 500 gr. of Nopal Powder, Certified Bio

Cultivation and production:
Region of Ait Baamran, South of Morocco (Sahara Cactus)
                                          Opuntia Flower Macerated in Argan oil
                                       The infusion of Opuntia flowers in Argan oil is used to
                                       extract oil-soluble actives in Argan oil. It’s an ultra-
                                       nourishing product, especially for devitalized and tired
                                       skin types. It helps regenerating the most devitalized
                                       skin types.

                                       The oily macerate with a maximum concentration of
                                       flavonoids is mixed with a base
                                       oil of organic Argan.

                                       As a real revitalizing treatment, Argan oil protects and
                                       restores the hydrolipidic film of the skin. 90% of Argan
                                       oil 10 % of Flowers macerate.

                                       Use Instructions:
                                       After a shower, apply the macerate on a slightly damp

                                       Indications: Bust treatment, elasticity and tone of the
                                       Cardboard box containing a glass spray bottle of 50
                                       ml, Certified Bio

Cultivation and production:
   • For the Cactus: Region of Ait Baamran, South of Morocco (Sahara Cactus)
   •   For Argan: Region of Ait Baha (EFAS)
                 Moisturizer, Protection of face and body

    SOAP                               SOAP                               SOAP
From Cactus Oil:                 From Opuntia flower                   From Nopal:

       Weight : 80 gr                  Weight : 80 gr               Weight : 50 gr

Range of handmade soaps:

Soap scrub with Argan oil and cactus seed meal.
Soap scrub, rich in essential fatty acids, used for these properties
healing, nourishing and softening properties.
Soap from Opuntia flower macerated in Argan oil. It is highly nourishing and has got a
tightening effect due to the actives principles of barbarism flowers extracted through
Moisturizing, soothing both face and body.

Manufacturing Method:

Handmade process: Products made by the group of women working for our partner S.H, the
production techniques are conform to the Best Practices and the international standards
; they were developed by SH with the assistance of German partners.

Cultivation and production: (S.H)

                                  Argan Oil Shampoo
                                            The creamy and delicately perfumed foam of
                                            Argan organic shampoo is nourishing and

                                            A shampoo that is highly protective and
                                            extremely soft. This Argan organic oil from EFAS
                                            is frequently used for all types of hair and
                                            protects against limestone effects.

                                            Once protected effectively against the drying
                                            effects of limestone, hair regains its strength,
                                            shining, and flexibility.

                                            Ingredients: Fresh shampoo with, as main
                                            ingredients, raw Argan oil certified Bio.

Leave in hair for 1 to 2 minutes, no need to use a conditioner afterwards.
All Types of Hair


Tube of 50 ml

Manufactured by: L.L.A (EFAS)

ACTION: The moisturizer, made with Argan Oil, Certified Bio, softens and balances dry and
dehydrated skin. With such a smooth and creamy texture, this moisturizing milk protects and
nourishes your skin.

USE: Apply immediately after a shower or bath so as to avoid the water drying effect on
your skin

RESULT: Your skin is covered with a subtle and shimmering veil. It becomes soft, smooth and silky.

Tube of 50 ml

Manufactured by: L.L.A (EFAS)

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