Taking the Plunge

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					Taking the Plunge ….

Yesterday afternoon, someone very close to me called for some fun advice.

He took the day, to do what he loves and came upon what he believed to be a very cool artifact. The
dilemma? It was approximately 8 feet under water. Now, I believe I know him fairly well; so, when he's
telling me about this and wanting to know what I think he should do, all I can hear is excitement in his
voice. So naturally, my response was: 'go for it!' I mean, why not, right? Without hesitation, he laughed
and agreed! Time to jump in.......

Not too long after, he calls back, still laughing and yet, for an entirely different reason. The artifact was
just a rock and even though he'd stripped down to jump in, his clothes AND shoes ended up in the water,
thanks to his sweet puppy. What I found intriguing was the degree at which he was laughing. It was
infectious and a wonderful reflection at how Jill and I find amusement in just about everything. If nothing
else, having the opportunity to share in his adventure demonstrated just how we are surrounded by like
minded / hearted people. What a gift!

However, another facet to this experience showed up when he jokingly said, 'the next time I ask whether
or not I should jump in, tell me 'no''. Here's the thing. I could hear his delight in the experience and not
even interested in speculating on whether or not he regretted the time; that's for him to say. From my
end, I could have interpreted it that way which really highlighted just how much 'we' say one thing and
feel another, which is ultimately confusing to those around us and often leads to breakdowns in
communication. Now like I said, I know this man very well, and did not allow any thoughts to take over
the feelings I was picking up. As empathic people, that's our contribution to our world; to stick with the
feelings and disregard the mental interpretations. On the other hand, it's also a reminder for me to know
what I'm creating and be very intentional with what I'm putting out there with my energy as well as my
words. It brings integrity to an entirely new level. Yes!!! I'm a girl of integrity.....

The last insight was the way his plunge reminded me that taking risks is FUN!

I've been told by many that not everybody enjoys taking risks like me. Talk about a slap in the face. Risk
taking is purely up to the individual AND I'm not about to stop talking about it. To me, there is so much
growth potential; I'd be crazy not to. So my dear friend decided to go through with his plunge, and as
I said, he was fairly certain he was going to come up with this fabulous artifact. Funny thing is he did. It just
didn't look like he thought it would. He now has a memory that will stick with him to his dying breath and
because he shared it with me, I will too! That my friends is what living as well as taking chances is all
about. It's not about the thing ~ that's far too narrow. It's about the complete picture. It not only opens
your heart, it causes a ripple effect in your world! Taking the plunge is being open to everything; it's a form
of holistic living because it feeds you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking a chance on you!!!

Description: Holistic living is about embracing life and taking chances no matter the outcome because the result is far bigger than we ever imagined.