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Rebtel is a Mobile VoIP (Voice over IP) provider, founded in 2006 in Sweden
by Hjalmar Winbladh and Jonas Lindroth. The Rebtel offices are located in
Stockholm, Sweden and Luxembourg.

The Rebtel service allows for a new method of making international calls
using your mobile phone. The technology facilitates low-cost mobile-mobile
and mobile-landline international calls and works by creating local landline
numbers in both the country of origin and destination and routing the
international part of the call over VoIP. For the user, this means only being
charged for the cost of a local call – saving the need to pay for the
international leg of the call. As opposed to other similar services offering
calls over VoIP, calls with Rebtel are made without any additional user-
installed software, computers or Internet connections and work with any
mobile phone and carrier.


Cheap calls to Ghana. We recently reduced our rate with up to 30% to Ghana, new rates are
6.9c/min (landline) and 14.9c/min (mobiles). Landing page customized for Ghana callers for
higher conversion.

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