Ions Lab - IONS by hcj



In this experiment you will discover that some solutions contain ions, thus allowing them
to conduct electricity. The more ions there are in solution, the greater the current.

   1. Wear goggles
   2. Tie hair back
   3. Correct shoes


    1. Examine the conductivity apparatus. There are two LED’s – one green and one
       red. It takes more current to light the green than the red. There is an on/off
       switch that you need to use between tests.
    2. The following scale is used to express the conductivity

    Scale              Red LED     Green LED               Conductivity
0               Off                Off                Low or None
1               Dim                Off                Low
2               Medium             Off                Medium
3               Bright             Dim                High
4               Very Bright        Medium             Very High

    3. Place about five drops of the substances to be tested into the appropriate wells of
        the well plate using the pipettes in the stock solutions. Use the diagram in the
        plastic sheet for correct placement.
    4. Make sure that the two copper electrodes are parallel to each other and not
    5. Turn on the conductivity tester.
    6. Dip the electrodes into the substance to be tested.
    7. Observe the brightness of the red and the green LEDS by looking straight on.
    8. Turn off the tester. Rinse the electrodes with distilled water.
    9. Repeat for each sample.
    10. When complete, rinse and dry the electrodes, Rinse the well plate and clean your
        area. Wash your hands.

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