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									The Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs and Desks
Written By: Scott Lee –

                                  The words office ergonomics and computer
                                  ergonomics are usually used to represent the
                                  same thing. These terms are often referring to
                                  the right body-adapted ergonomic office
                                  chairs, desks, keyboards, mice, and so on.

                                Sitting at office chairs and desks that doesn’t
                                have an ergonomic design can lead to
                                common chronic problems such as carpal
                                tunnel syndrome and recurring stress injuries.
                                Back, neck, and shoulder pains, as well as
headaches, and many other health problems are also caused by office chairs
and desks with the wrong ergonomics. Regardless of the job, ergonomic
office chairs paired with the right desks proves itself worthy of your budget
because of it lessens the pain while increasing your productivity.

You may be in search for new pair of office
chairs and desks but if you are willing to
purchase a second hand pair, then you may find
a used but genuine ergonomic set, or even a
relatively expensive pair on online stores if
you’re lucky enough. However, it’s not likely
that you'll be able to find the luxurious,
ergonomic office chairs and desks at very cheap

Ergonomic executive office chairs usually have
adjustable neck rest or headrest. In case you're
working in a lab setting, an ergonomic lab stool or lab chair on a lofty
cylinder with arms will be the best for you. If you're working on higher stool
then having a foot rest is necessary in order to have the right support for
you’re your knees, ankles and feet. Task office chairs also feature adjustable
height, rotating arm rests, as well as linear tracking arms.

Ergonomic office chairs and desks for intensive use are very robust and
mainly need to be designed with ergonomics in mind because workers are

The Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs and Desks                        © 2010
normally sitting on them for very long durations. Also known as 24/7 seats,
these chairs are for control rooms, dispatch room and security monitoring
areas, as well as 911 emergency dispatch centers.

There are adjustable seat pans
which can be tilted either forward
or backward. The hydraulic height
adjustment feature lets the worker
adjust the chair so the feet can
relax on the footrest or floor while
the upper body is aligned properly
with the desks, monitor, mouse
and keyboard. The angle of the
whole seat is changed by the tilt
adjustment or chair recline. The tilt
system ensures support as you shift
and recline, and it's best to rest
your back in quite a reclined
posture as you work on your desk.

An armrest ease the pressure on one’s back, however, they may interfere
with low desks. Ample lumbar support is a very critical element of a chair’s
backrest. With the backrest’s adjustable angle, reclined chairs can divert
some of the upper body weight to the chair’s backrest.

Each time you see chairs and desks that are labeled “ergonomically
designed”, it may not always mean that they are certified ergonomic and
may just be a marketing ploy. So take these considerations in mind and test
the ergonomic furniture firsthand to make sure that you’re investing on a
genuine ergonomic pair and avail of its health and performance benefits.

The Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs and Desks                    © 2010

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