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					                                  Student Leadership

INSTRUCTOR:                    Tammy McClure

TUTORIAL TIMES:                Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 4:15 – 5:00

PHONE:                         817-698-5704


This course provides an opportunity to study, practice, and develop group and individual
leadership and organizational skills. These skills include, but are not limited to, decision-making
skills, problem-solving techniques, communication skills, leadership roles, human relation skills
and understanding the need for civic responsibility.

Students who take this course will apply these skills in dealing with peers, school administrators,
and the community. It is a hands-on, lab-oriented approach to leadership.

This is an elective course offered to all students, with instructor approval, for ½ - 1 state
graduation credits.

Students’ grades will be weighted in the following manner:
        60% - Tests, Major Projects, and Speeches
        40% - Daily Assignments and Project Work
Each student will be required to lead or have assigned duties for a project each six-week period.
The projects will be graded on overall success, organization, project proposal, participation, and
project conclusion evaluation.

Each student will need some form of spiral or notebook binder with paper to leave in my
classroom for projects and journal entries, a writing instrument, and other supplies as needed.
Students may be asked to supply various items for projects during the year.


      Respect yourself, your teacher, and your classmates
      Listen and follow directions the first time they are given
      No talking or other distractions when directions or lecture are being given
      Be in class and in assigned seat before the tardy bell rings. (see below)
      Any misbehavior in the hallway or while on assigned project will result in the student
       being “grounded” to the classroom for a set amount of time
1st offense – warning
2nd offense – Study Hall (15 min) with me and parent contact
3rd offense – Study hall (30 min) with me and parent contact
4th and subsequent offenses – Office referral to house principal
Severe offenses - Refer immediately to house principal and parent contact

Be in class and in assigned seat when the tardy bell rings. The Byron Nelson High School Tardy
Policy will be strictly enforced.

I look forward to working with you. I welcome your comments, criticisms, and open discussion.
I will update my webpage on a bi-weekly basis. Please look there for updates on assignments
and what is happening in our class. Please sign and have one of your parents/guardians sign and
return to me by the next class period. Keep the syllabus for your records.


Tammy McClure
_______________________________________                          ______
STUDENT NAME                                                     PERIOD

           Student Leadership Syllabus Acknowledgement Form
Tammy McClure

We have received and read the course syllabus for Student Leadership. Our signature below
signifies that we agree with and fully understand the rules and consequences of this document.
As a student I will comply with these rules and I understand that if I am tardy, absent, or
suspended that I am fully responsible for all assignments missed. As a parent I will support my
child’s teacher if he/she does not comply with the above mentioned rules.

Student Signature:____________________________________                   Date:_____________

Student Email: ___________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature:_____________________________                 Date:_____________

______________________________                     ____________________________________
Parent Day phone number                            Parent email

                      ***Please return to Mrs. McClure by August 28th***