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									          February 2006

2006 Commerce
Lexington Leadership

Best Places to Work in
Kentucky 2006

                  2006 Small Business Celebration
                  Award Application See page 11
    presented by:                           presented by:

    2006 Leadership Visit: Oklahoma City,   Breakfast Club: Thursday, February 9
    Oklahoma June 14-16, 2006               from 8:00 - 9:30 a.m. at the Sheraton
                                            Suites Lexington on Richmond Road
    Registration Deadline: May 12, 2006

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                                                                                    2006 Chairman of the Board:
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                                                                                    Columbia Gas of Kentucky

                                                                                    Robert L. Quick, CCE, President & CEO
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                                                                    written by:

                                                                    Shari Fiveash
                                                                    Executive Vice President
                                                                    Commerce Lexington, Inc.

                                                                                   As we get the New Year
                                                                                   underway, it is so nice to look
                                                                                   back at 2005 and be proud

february 2006: volume xiv, issue ii
                                                                                   of our accomplishments.

                                                                                     Commerce Lexington Inc.
                                                                    set out in the beginning of 2005 to achieve
                                                                    goals that many thought were impossible.
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                   We can now say that they were possible and
                                                                    we are achieving them!
Economic Development                                            5   To plan for the future of Commerce
                                                                    Lexington, your board of directors and staff
Best Places to Work in Kentucky 2006                           6    went through a strategic planning process.
                                                                    Our vision, values, and strategic framework
Events:                                                             were put in place, and 2006 will bring our
Leadership Visit: Oklahoma City Registration Form              8    transformative initiatives and action plans.
                                                                    The future is bright and Commerce Lexington
                                                                    is well prepared to be a leader so that we
Breakfast Club                                                 9    can leave to future generations a prosperous,
                                                                    sustainable Bluegrass Region with
2006 Small Business Celebration Award Application              11   opportunities for anyone prepared to             3
                                                                    grasp them.
Business Link                                                  12
                                                                    The year 2005 brought a new look and feel
IPN Resource Roundtable                                        13   to www.commercelexington.com, and it
                                                                    is the impetus to all communications from
                                                                    Commerce Lexington. You might have
Women Leading Kentucky’s Winter Roundtable Networking Luncheon 14   noticed a drastic change to the Business
                                                                    Focus this month. Each piece of collateral
2006 Commerce Lexington Leadership                             15   is being evaluated and revised to fit our
                                                                    new look. So watch for the changes as
Public Policy:                                                      the year progresses.
Legislative Session Update                                     23
                                                                    Have you visited the Commerce Lexington
                                                                    offices lately? We spent a good part of 2005
Get Involved:
                                                                    preparing and beginning the remodeling of
Member Spotlight: TravelHost of Bluegrass                     24
                                                                    our offices. Ed Houlihan came by as I was
                                                                    writing this article and mentioned that the
Leadership Programs                                            25   offices currently are the same as when the
                                                                    Chamber moved in to its 330 East Main Street
                                                                    location. The remodel is almost done with
                                                                    phase one of a three-phase process scheduled
                                                                    to be finished by late Spring 2006. I’m sure
                                                                    we will invite each and every member to
                                                                    help us celebrate!

                                                                    What does 2006 have in store for us?
                                                                    Hopefully, more of what 2005 did–great ideas,
                                                                    interesting challenges and achievable goals.
                                                                    With your support we can’t go wrong. Thank
                                                                    you for making 2005 an outstanding year for
                                                                    us. We look forward to an even
                                                                    more successful 2006.
    Ron Allen Account Executive
    (859) 226-1628 rallen@CommerceLexington.com

    Lynda Bebrowsky
    Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Member Services
    (859) 226-1611 lbebrowsky@CommerceLexington.com

    Elizabeth Bennett
    Administrative Assistant/Communications Specialist
    (859) 226-1615 lbennett@CommerceLexington.com

    Shari Fiveash Executive Vice President
    (859) 226-1613 sfiveash@CommerceLexington.com

    Gina Greathouse
    Sr. Vice President, Economic Development
    (859) 226-1623 ggreathouse@CommerceLexington.com

    Katie Hardwick Director, Special Events
    (859) 226-1608 khardwick@CommerceLexington.com

    Micah Johnson Director of Research
    (859) 226-1604 mjohnson@CommerceLexington.com

    Kevin Maines Vice President, Public Policy
    (859) 226-1614 kmaines@CommerceLexington.com

    Kendall Markesbery Account Executive
    (859) 226-1612 kmarkesbery@CommerceLexington.com

    Lynitra McCann
    Program Assistant, Economic Development Division
    (859) 226-1621 lmccann@CommerceLexington.com

4   Dawn Pope
    Manager, Accounts Receivable & Member Information
    (859) 226-1609 dpope@CommerceLexington.com

    Robert L. Quick President & CEO
    (859) 226-1616 bquick@CommerceLexington.com

    Lesli Riggins Account Executive
    (859) 226-1603 lriggins@CommerceLexington.com

    Paula Schrecker Executive Assistant
    (859) 226-1618 pschrecker@CommerceLexington.com

    Kimberly Solsbury
    Project Manager, Economic Development
    (859) 226-1627 ksolsbury@CommerceLexington.com

    Linda Stampf Vice President, Leadership Development
    (859) 226-1610 lstampf@CommerceLexington.com

    Pamela Trautner
    Executive Director, Partnership for
    Workforce Development
    (859) 226-1624 ptrautner@CommerceLexington.com

    Mark Turner Sr. Vice President, Communications
    (859) 226-1606 mturner@CommerceLexington.com

    Tyrone Tyra Vice President, Community &
    Minority Business Development
    (859) 226-1625 ttyra@CommerceLexington.com

    Diana Wilson Information Specialist
    (859) 226-1600 dwilson@CommerceLexington.com

    Dana Zinger Director, Membership Development
    (859) 226-1607 dzinger@CommerceLexington.com
                                                    Hot Growth Companies

                                                                                                                                          ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
E. ON-US Networking Event                           submitted by:
On January 19, the Commerce Lexington
economic development team attended a
networking event in Atlanta with premier            Gina Greathouse and Kimberly Solsbury
industrial and commercial site selection            Commerce Lexington Economic
consultants. The event, hosted by E. ON-US,         Development Division
was a great opportunity for Commerce
Lexington to showcase Lexington.

Medical Device & Manufacturing Tradeshow
The economic development team participated
with E.ON-US in a trade show focused on
medical device companies in Anaheim from
January 31-February 2. While in Anaheim,
Commerce Lexington called on Ceradyne
Corporation’s headquarters, as well as an
engineering and architectural firm that
Commerce Lexington has been working with
on adding a location to Lexington.

Lexington Venture Club
The next Lexington Venture Club is the
“Who Got the Money” reception on February
8, 2006. At the reception, we will recognize
and congratulate early stage and growing
companies in Central Kentucky that have                                                                                                                      5

received funding through venture capital,           asiGuardian, a central-Kentucky-based data protection company, announced the
angel investors, friends and family, and state      opening of a new primary Managed Services and Recovery Center in the
and federal sources in 2005. An entrepreneur        Coldstream Research Campus. The move will allow asiGuardian to offer enhanced
himself, our keynote speaker is Mr. Mike            versions of current services and new offerings as the company continues to expand
Scanlon, owner of Thomas & King, who will           its data protection and disaster recovery operations in response to strong customer
speak about his experiences as an                   demand and growth.
entrepreneur. The event will be held from
                                                    The new asiGuardian facilities will be located in the new Lexhold International
5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Griffin Gate
                                                    Center for Technological Innovation. The Lexhold Center will consist of two, five-
Marriott s Bluegrass Pavilion and Patio.
                                                    story state-of-the-art buildings designed to address the needs of the rapidly
The cost to attend is $30. Please RSVP to
                                                    changing high-tech sector. asiGuardian will hold special status as the exclusive IT
Lynitra McCann at
                                                    Managed Services and Recovery company housed within all the facilities developed
lmccann@commercelexington.com or
                                                    by Lexhold International at the Coldstream Research Campus.

STATISTIC OF THE MONTH: number of single family permits issued
For the first quarter of 2005 the Stats of the
Month will examine 2005 annual statistics.                    2000
Fayette County once again experienced an                      1800
increase in the total number of building permits              1600
issued. During 2005 9,378 permits were                        1400
issued compared to 8,984 for all of 2004. The                 1200
number of multi-family units decreased slightly               1000
in 2005 (930) when compared to 2004 (985)
and the number of single family residential
permits dipped slightly as well (falling to 1,739              600
from 1,814). Next month we will take a look at                 400
the 2005 employment figures.                                    200
For more Economic data,                                                 2005       2004       2003       2002       2001
visit www.CommerceLexington.com > Economic Development             Number of Single Family Permits Issued
    workforce development
    Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management Announces
    2nd Annual “Best Places to Work in Kentucky” Award Winners
    The Kentucky Society for Human Resource         The actual rankings will be announced at a gala   issue, thousands of companies are assessed
    Management (SHRM) state council, in             awards luncheon on March 30, 2006 at the          annually to compete for this honor. In
    conjunction with the Kentucky Chamber of        Lexington Convention Center in downtown           addition to the positive effect the award has
    Commerce, announces the winners in the          Lexington and published statewide in a special    on their employee relations and recruitment,
    second annual “Best Places to Work in           supplement of Business Lexington, a Central       the driving force for companies to join in
    Kentucky” competition sponsored by Anthem       Kentucky business journal.                        this program is the remarkable effect that
    Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The program is                                                        workplace improvements can have on their
    a multi-year initiative to motivate companies   The Kentucky SHRM organization consists of        bottom line.
    in the commonwealth to focus, measure,          13 local chapters throughout the state, with a
    and move their workplace environments           membership of approximately 2,800 human           Kentucky has over 17,000 companies that
    towards excellence.                             resources and business professionals across       employ 25 or more associates.
                                                    all industries. Among the prestigious state and
    Winners have been selected in two categories:   local entities endorsing the Kentucky project     While it is no secret that Kentucky is a great
    medium-sized companies of 25 up to 199          are the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce              place to live, people need to affiliate with great
    employees, and large-sized companies of 200     Executives, Kentucky Community and Technical      places to demonstrate their talent. The goal
    employees or greater. The selection process,    College System, Kentucky League of Cities,        of Best Places to Work in Kentucky is to raise
    conducted by Best Companies Group, is           Kentucky Workforce Investment Board,              the bar among the state’s employers and
    based on an assessment of the company’s         Kentucky World Trade Center, Leadership           create excellence and employee satisfaction in
    employee policies and procedures and the        Kentucky, Northern Kentucky Chamber of            the workplace that will attract talented people
    results of an internal employee survey. The     Commerce, and Commerce Lexington.                 for years to come. This initiative is integral
    survey feedback that all participating                                                            for Kentucky to compete in both national
    companies receive will enable them to           Numerous studies show a strong correlation        and global arenas.
    develop plans and implement steps necessary     between profitability and creating a good place
                                                    to work. The Best Places to Work in Kentucky      Further details about the Best Places to Work
    to create a great workplace and continue to                                                       in Kentucky initiative can be found online at
    improve the performance of their business.      initiative is based on the famous Fortune
                                                    magazine list announcing the “100 Best            www.bestplacestoworkky.com.
                                                    Companies to Work for in America.” In this
The Best Places to Work in Kentucky 2006
Rankings will be revealed at the Gala Awards Luncheon on March 30

                                                                                                                                                          ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
                              Compressed Air Parts &        South Kentucky Rural            Central Baptist Hospital       KORT Kentucky Orthopedic
                              Services Mayfield              Electric Cooperative            Lexington                      Rehab Team Louisville
                              Crowe Chizek and              Corporation Somerset
                              Company, LLP Louisville                                       East Kentucky Power            Norton Healthcare, Inc.
                                                            SouthEast Telephone             Cooperative, Inc. Winchester   Louisville
                              Dean, Dorton & Ford, PSC      Pikeville
                              Lexington                                                     Edward Jones Louisville        Pulaski County Board of
                                                            Sturgill, Turner, Barker, and                                  Education Somerset
Medium Companies              Deming, Malone, Livesay &     Moloney, PLLC Lexington         Fifth Third Bank Lexington
Primary Location              Ostroff CPAs Louisville                                                                      St. Elizabeth Medical Center
                                                            The Paducah Bank &              First Federal Savings Bank     Ft. Mitchell
Appriss, Inc. Louisville                                                                    Elizabethtown
                              Fellon-McCord Associates      Trust Company
                                                            Paducah                                                        St. Joseph HealthCare
BACK Construction, Inc.       Louisville                                                    First Residential Mortgage     Lexington
Lexington                                                                                   Network Louisville
                              Lexington Diagnostic Center   Woodward, Hobson &                                             Stites & Harbison PLLC
Benefit Insurance             & OPEN MRI                    Fulton, LLP Louisville          Fischer Homes                  Louisville
Marketing Lexington           Lexington
                                                            Large Companies                 Crestview Hills
                                                                                                                           Stock Yards Bank and Trust
Buggies Unlimited             New Equity Mortgage           Primary Location                Gallatin Steel Company         Company Louisville
Richmond                      Louisville
                                                            Atmos Energy Corporation        Ghent
                                                            Owensboro                                                      Yum! Brands, Inc. Louisville
Catholic Health Initiatives   New Mather Metals, Inc.                                       Georgetown Community
Erlanger                      Franklin                      Baptist Hospital East           Hospital Georgetown
Chilton & Medley CPAs         Paul Schultz Louisville       Louisville
                                                                                            Kentucky Employers
                                                            Central Bank & Trust            Mutual Insurance
                                                            Company Lexington               Lexington

    leadership visit

    Chase Presents 2006 Leadership Visit to
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: June 14-16

    presented by:

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                                Registration Information
    Our 67th annual Leadership Visit will take us          Leadership Visit packages include air travel, accommodations for two nights and all meals,
    to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, June 14-16. As             except for the optional networking dinners on Wednesday evening and lunches on Thursday
    the state capital of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City           and Friday. Accommodations are at the Sheraton Oklahoma City (One North Broadway,
    has about 1.2 million people, with 519,000 in          73102-9220) in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City.
    Oklahoma City. Public and private partnerships
                                                           Major attractions within walking distance include the Bricktown historic district, the Myriad
    over the last 10 years have dramatically
                                                           Botanical Gardens, Southwestern Bell Bricktown Ballpark, Bass Pro Shops, Oklahoma City Arts
    transformed the face of the city, staking a claim
                                                           Museum, and the Oklahoma City National Bombing Memorial.
    for the future as a pre-eminent American city.
    Oklahoma City offers everything you look for           Participants will depart Blue Grass Airport via private charter on Wednesday morning, June 14,
    in a modern metropolitan community–an                  at 8:00 a.m. The group will return to Lexington on Friday afternoon, June 16, by 5:00 p.m.
    abundance of the arts, quality health care,            Registration will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. To register, simply complete and
    excellence in education and more. And, it does         mail or fax the registration form below to the Commerce Lexington office at (859) 233-3304.
    so without high costs, energy shortages, smog          Contact Lynda Bebrowsky at (859) 226-1611 with questions at
    or traffic congestion.                                  lbebrowsky@CommerceLexington.com.

    Payment due by May 12, 2006 to hold the reservation. No refunds will be given after May 12, 2006.

8   Full Name: ______________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                              gold sponsors
    Title: _________________________________________________________________________
    Company: ___________________________ Address: ___________________________________                         Lexmark International, Inc.
    City: _________________________ State: _________ Zip Code: _______________                                Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs
    Phone: (____) ______________ Fax: (____) ____________ E-mail: __________________________
                                                                                                              silver sponsor
    Home Phone: (____) _____________
                                                                                                              Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky
         Check Here if you’re participating in your FIRST LEADERSHIP VISIT.
    Registration Options (please check one): Prices are per Person                                            bronze sponsors
         $1,250 Single with round-trip air                     $1,115 Double with round-trip air              Bluegrass Community & Technical College
                                                                                                              Business Lexington
         $750 Single, No Transportation                        $615 Double, No Transportation
                                                                                                              Columbia Gas of Kentucky
    Roommate Name: ________________________________                       Smoking       Non-smoking           Frost Brown Todd LLC
    Dietary Requirements (please explain): ________________________________________________                   Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC
                                                                                                              Hilton Suites Lexington Green
    Special Access/Other (please explain): ________________________________________________
                                                                                                              Kentucky American Water
    Payment due by May 12, 2006 to hold the reservation.                                                      Moore Stephens Potter, LLP
    No refunds will be given after May 12, 2006.                                                              Stites & Harbison
    Type of Card (Please check one):       M/C          Visa       AE       Discover                          opening night reception
    Name on Credit Card: ___________________________________________________________
                                                                                   ___                        Keeneland
                                                                                                              Kentucky Thoroughbred Association
    Credit Card # ________________________________________ Expiration Date: _____________
    Authorized Signature: ______________________________________
         Check Enclosed #_________________                 Please bill me                                      FOR OFFICE USE ONLY:
         Please charge the credit card listed above (initial statement below)                                                          _
                                                                                                               Rcd: ____________________ __________
         Yes, I authorize the COMMERCE LEXINGTON INC. to charge my 2006 Leadership                             Pymt: _____________________________
         Visit registration to the credit card listed above.
    Fax or mail form to :                                                                                      Email:_____________________________
             Commerce Lexington Inc.
             330 E. Main St., Ste. 100, Lexington, KY 40507
             ATTN: Katie Hardwick
             Fax: (859) 233-3304
breakfast club

Sandy Linville Presents Tips for Decluttering and Organizing
Your Home or Office at February 9th Breakfast Club Event

presented by:

                                                  gold sponsors
                                                  First Security Bank
                                                  First State Financial
                                                  Gordon Food Service Marketplace

Let’s face it. We would all like to be better organized.
Why not make 2006 your year to do just that?
At the next Commerce Lexington Breakfast          energy and time saving ways to do anything
Club event, presented by Greenebaum Doll
& McDonald PLLC, Sandy Linville –founder
                                                  and everything. Continuing education is
                                                  paramount in her profession and imperative
                                                                                                    JOIN US
and owner of SOS Professional Organizer –         in a society where PDAs, planners, hoarding
will present “As Simple As ABC,” which will       and clutter have become commonplace.              When:
help put you on the path to better organization   Sandy keeps on top of organizing trends and       Thursday, February 9 from 8:00-9:30 a.m.
within your home or office.                        methods as a member of NAPO, the NSGCD
                                                  and CHADD.                                        Where:
This introductory program spells out a                                                              The Sheraton Suites Lexington
universal ABC plan for decluttering and           Linville helps her audiences learn usable ideas   Richmond Road
organizing almost any place in your home or       that they can incorporate into their lives. Her
office – from your kitchen to your desk drawer.    mission is to help you get organized and STAY
You’ll learn about the relationship between       organized. She has developed presentations        TO REGISTER                                     9
tools and space and how a few changes can         to help even the most “disorganized” save
save you minutes a day – even hours a week!       time, money, and limit frustration by utilizing   Cost:
Leave with a better understanding of how          her sound advice and practical hints.             $15 per person to attend
clutter creeps into our lives and how we can
                                                  ASK YOURSELF:                                     CLX members only
set up defenses to keep it out.
                                                    • Do you have too much to do and not
Linville is the founder and owner of SOS              enough time?                                  Call: (859) 226-1608 or
Professiona Organizer. Her degree in                • Would you like to know how to save an
Psychology proves to be extremely beneficial           hour per day?                                 E-mail:
as she coaches and aids her clients as they         • Would you like to control your life rather    khardwick@CommerceLexington.com
confront and deal with the emotional ties             than it controlling you?
associated with their “stuff.”

She has always had a passion for organizing
                                                  The next Breakfast Club can help you get          MEMBERS ONLY EVENT
                                                  practical answers to these questions.
and continuously searches for more efficient,

                                                                                                    OUR WEBSITE
     2006 Small Business Celebration Award

                                                        Past Small Business Celebration Award Winners
                                                        Small Business of the Year winners:
                                                        1986 Career Management Temp Services (Dick Blanchard)
                                                        1986 (tie) Diet Center of Chevy Chase (Bettye Page & Sandee Seeberger)
                                                        1987   Jenkins Trucking (Pam Jenkins)
                                                        1988   DataBeam (Lee Todd)
     How does your business stack up among the          1989 Joseph Beth Booksellers (Neil Van Uum)
     best in the Bluegrass? Each June, Commerce
                                                        1990 James Sweat Moving Co. (James Sweat)
     Lexington Inc. recognizes the “best of the best”
     during Small Business Celebration Month            1991   Sweats Fifth Avenue (Dotti J. Berry & Barbara Anderson)
     presented by Verizon SuperPages. Applica-          1992 Ryker Dental (Bart Mahan & Dan Ramsey)
     tions for the Independent Professional of the      1993   Avant Travel (Sharon Betts, Anne Ehl, Darlene Silvestri, and Melonie Tucker)
     Year Award, the Minority Business of the Year
     Award, and the Small Business of the Year          1994 Progressive Therapy (Mark Wallace)
     Award will be accepted until Friday,               1995   Lexnet (Debbie and Craig Rouse)
     April 28, 2006.                                    1996 Hammond Design Associates (Kelly Johns)
     In selecting this year’s award winners,            1997   Multi-Link (Wayne Mulberry)
     anonymous judges look for businesses that          1998 Monthie Mechanical (Kim and Jeff Monthie)
     excel in several areas, including staying          1999 James T. Nash (JTN Homes, Jimmy Nash)
     power, response to adversity, community
     involvement, company products and                  2000 Great Harvest Bread Co. (Ron and Paula King)
     services, and growth.                              2001 One Alliance Communications (Lisa Davis)
                                                        2002 John's Run/Walk Shop (John Sensenig)
     Eligibility for each award:
                                                        2003 Images Model & Talent Agency (Janie Olmstead Head)
     • The Independent Professional of the Year
                                                        2004 Klausing Group (Roscoe Klausing)
       Award is open to all member business
       entities without any full-time employees         2005 Buggies Unlimited (Bart Mahan)
       other than owners.
                                                        Minority Business of the Year winners:
     • The Minority Business of the Year Award is
                                                        1997   Minnifield Enterprize, Inc. (Franky Minnifield)
       open to all ethnically-owned businesses.
       Applicants must be members of                    1998 African American Forum, Inc. (Debbie A. and John E. Cole III)
       Commerce Lexington.                              1999 Imperial Paging (Frankie & Chiquita Hall)
                                                        2000 Mid-American Chemical (Caldwell Smith)
     • The Small Business of the Year Award is
       open to ALL member businesses of                 2001 Mr. Goodcents Subs & Pastas (Maurice and Faith Gayden)
       Commerce Lexington with 50 employees             2002 Old Happy Days Smokehouse (Jesse & Stephanie Morris)
       or less.                                         2003 Scott-Larkin Dental Office (Drs. Michael Scott & Linda Larkin)
                                                        2004 Rising Star, Inc. (Phil Wilkins)
     Note: Members may submit applications              2005 Bluegrass Youth Ballet (Adalhi Aranda Corn)
     for more than one award, should that
     business meet the necessary criteria for each.
                                                        Independent Professional of the Year winners:
     Forms should be completed and returned             2002 Elegantly Handled (Melia Hord)
     with all supporting documents by April 28,
                                                        2003 j. holloway & associates (Janet Holloway)
     2006, to Commerce Lexington. Take a
     chance. Who knows? Your business could be          2004 Advertising Specialties (Lisa Parke)
     among the best of the best during the 2006         2005 Kathryn Bux (George Clarke House Bed & Breakfast)
     Small Business Celebration.

     Need help or guidance in filling out your
     application? We can put you in contact with
     a Past Winner. Call us at (859) 226 - 1608.
2006 Small Business Celebration Award Application

                    The Minority Business of the Year Award is open to all ethnically - owned
                    businesses that are Commerce Lexington Inc. members. For questions
                    about the Minority Business of the Year Award, contact Tyrone Tyra at
                    (859) 226-1625 or ttyra@CommerceLexington.com.

                    The Small Business of the Year Award is open to all member businesses
                    of Commerce Lexington with 50 employees or less. For questions about
                    the Small Business of the Year Award, contact Katie Hardwick at
                    (859) 226-1608 or khardwick@CommerceLexington.com.
                                                                                                Calculating Employees

                                                                                                For the Small Business of the Year Award, the
                                                                                                50 employees (or less) counts as 50 full-time
                    The Independent Professional of the Year Award is open to Commerce
                                                                                                employees or a combination of full-time and
                    Lexington member business entities without any full - time employees
                                                                                                part-time employees, where part-timers count
                    other than owners. For questions about the IPN Award, contact Katie
                                                                                                as half of a full-time employee. For example,
                    Hardwick at (859) 226-1608 or khardwick@CommerceLexington.com.
                                                                                                if you had yourself as the full-time owner of
                                                                                                your business and 60 part-time employees,
                                                                                                then your total would be 31.
Forms Due By 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 28
I would like to be considered for:                                                              Please use additional sheets to discuss the
                                                                                                following areas:
  Minority Business of Year Award and/or           Small Business of the Year Award and/or
  Independent Professional of Year Award                                                        1. Describe business history - how started, by
                                                                                                whom, any major changes, etc.                         11
Name: _________________________________________
                                                                                                2. Describe products/services & how they
Business: _______________________________________                                               originated, with special emphasis on any
Address: _______________________________________
                                               _                                                unique or innovative aspect of the business.
City: _________________ State: KY Zip: ___________ Phone: (___) ____________________            3. Describe company growth, such as increase
                                                                                                in employees, sales volume, expanded
Type of Business: ___________________________E-Mail:_____________________________
                                                                                                locations, revenue, expanded or enhanced
Employees: (full-time) _____ (part-time) _____ Years in Operation: _____________________        services to clients, etc.
  CHECK HERE if you would like your original application and supporting materials               4. Describe any business challenges faced &
  returned to you.                                                                              how they were overcome.

                                                                                                5. Describe civic & community activities -
Please list two references:                                                                     ways you or your company have contributed
                                                                                                to the community.
(1) Name: _____________________________ Title: ___________________________________

   Business: ____________________________________ Phone: ________________________
                                                                                                Note: Some of the above aspects may or may
(2) Name: _____________________________ Title: ___________________________________              not be applicable to your business. Include
                                                                                                information that applies to your company and
   Business: ____________________________________ Phone: ________________________               is necessary for the appropriate award.

Need help or guidance? We can put you in contact with a Past Winner.                            All applications and supporting documents
                                                                                                should be submitted to the attention of
Call us at (859) 226-1608.
                                                                                                      Katie Hardwick
                                                                                                      Events Coordinator
                                                                                                      Commerce Lexington, Inc.
                                                                                                      330 East Main St., Suite 100
                                                                                                      Lexington, KY 40507
                                                                                                      By 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 28
     business link

     Malone’s & Republic
     Bank Present First
     Business Link

     presented by:

     Get your networking started with a bang
     by attending the first Commerce Lexington
     Business Link event of 2006. Sponsored by
     Malone’s and Republic Bank & Trust
     Company, this after-hours event will be
     held at Malone’s Banquets in the
     Lansdowne Shoppes (off Tates Creek Road)
     on Wednesday, February 22, from
     5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

     There will be limited exhibit space
12   available for $85. To reserve an exhibit
     table space, contact Katie Hardwick at
     (859) 226-1608 or by e-mail at

     As always, to attend the Business Link,
     the cost is $5 for Commerce Lexington
     members and $10 for potential members.
     There is no need to pre- register. Just show
     up with plenty of business cards in hand.

     Wednesday, February 22
     from 5 :00-7:00 p.m.

     Malone’s Banquets in the Lansdowne
     Shoppes off Tates Creek Road

     $5 for Commerce Lexington members
     $10 for potential members

     $85 for an exhibit table space
Upcoming IPN Resource Roundtable Events
Provide Discussion of Two Great Topics

presented by:

                                                   gold sponsors
                                                   McConathy Woodworks
                                                   Strother Shadwick & Handel, PSC

The Independent Professionals Resource             The Independent Professional Resource          Roundtables are open to Commerce
Roundtables are informal gatherings of             Roundtables are sponsored by First Security    Lexington members only and there is no
members for the purpose of discussing ideas,       Bank. If you’ve been struggling with a         charge to attend; however, please register by
sharing best practices and working through         particular challenge or issue, want to learn   contacting Katie Hardwick at (859) 226-1608.
challenges faced by independent professionals      best practices from other professionals,
and small-business owners.                         brainstorm ideas, or if you just want to
                                                   expand your network - the Resource
How the Roundtables work: These informal           Roundtables may be just what you need.
events allow for maximum idea sharing on a
particular topic that is led by a moderator.       Upcoming IPN Resource Roundtables will be
You’ll basically be sitting in a circle with the   held on Tuesday, February 7, and Tuesday,
opportunity to talk about or offer advice on       March 7, from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m., at the Tates
challenges that you’ve faced or overcome.          Creek Branch of the Lexington Public Library   Tuesday, February 7, 2006:
                                                   (3628 Walden Drive).                           3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

                                                                                                  When to Outsource or Hire Subcontractors             13

                                                                                                  Tuesday, March 7, 2006:
                                                                                                  3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                  Terminating Clients without Burning Bridges

                                                                                                  Tates Creek Branch of the Lexington
                                                                                                  Public Library 3628 Walden Drive

                                                                                                  MEMBERS ONLY EVENT

                                                                                                  NEWS & NOTES
                                                                                                  Look for 2006 Annual Dinner
                                                                                                  Photos in the March issue of
                                                                                                  Business Focus
     Women Leading Kentucky’s Winter Roundtable
     Networking Luncheon Series continues Feb. 16 and 28
     Women Leading Kentucky’s Winter 2006             Both roundtable sessions begin at noon and
     Roundtable Networking Luncheon Series,           end at 1:30 p.m. These events have limited
     co-sponsored by Commerce Lexington Inc.,         seating available and require pre-registration     Topic:
     presents a prominent roster of speakers for      at least one week in advance. For much more        Leadership Challenges & Lessons Learned
     both Lexington and Richmond. The series          information, the complete roundtable
     continues on February 16 at Arlington            schedule, or to register on-line securely, visit   Thursday, February 16, 2006:
     House in Richmond and on February 28             www.womenleadingky.com.
                                                                                                         noon - 1:30 p.m.
     at Sal’s Chophouse in the Lansdowne
                                                                                                         Arlington House, Richmond
     Shoppes in Lexington.

     On February 16, Jane Stephenson, founder                                                            Speaker:
     of the New Opportunity School for Women in                                                          Jane Stephenson, Founder of the New
     Berea and director of the Steele- Reece                                                             Opportunity School for Women and Director
     Foundation, will speak at Arlington House on                                                        of the Steele-Reece Foundation
     the topic of “Leadership Challenges & Lessons
     Learned.” Then, on February 28 at Sal’s in
     Lexington, Kentucky State University President                                                      Tuesday, February 28, 2006:
     Dr. Mary Sias, will discuss her “Leadership                                                         noon - 1:30 p.m.
     Challenges & Lessons Learned.”                                                                      Sal’s Chophouse, Lexington

                                                                                                         Dr. Mary Sias
                                                                                                         President of Kentucky State University

     Nextel Presents Next New Member
     Reception on March 2, 2006

     presented by:

     gold sponsors                                    All new Commerce Lexington Inc. members
     Business Lexington                               during the month of December 2005 and the
     ExactTarget                                      first quarter of 2006 are invited to the next
     Kentucky Utilities Co.                           New Member Reception presented by Nextel
     McConathy Woodworks                              on Thursday, March 2, from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.
                                                      at Housewarmings (2312 Palumbo Drive).
     location sponsor:
     Housewarmings                                    These informal events allow new members
     invitation design sponsor:                       to learn about Commerce Lexington programs
     Hammond Design & Advertising                     and services, meet staff members, and
                                                      network with members of our Ambassador
                                                      Committee, board members, and other
     When:                                            business professionals.
     Thursday, March 2 from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.
                                                      RSVP to Dana Zinger by February 27 at
     Where:                                           (859) 226-1607 or
     Housewarmings 2312 Palumbo Drive                 dzinger@CommerceLexington.com.

     By February 27 (859) 226-1607 or
                                                  2006 Commerce Lexington Inc. Leadership

2006 Board of Trustees Investors
platinum level

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue                      Chase
Shield, Kentucky Operations                     Glenn D. Leveridge
Kennan Wethington                               President
Regional Director

gold level

Ashland Inc.                           Lexmark International, Inc.         Toyota Motor Manufacturing,          University of Kentucky
James J. O'Brien                       Paul J. Curlander                   Kentucky, Inc.                       Dr. Lee T. Todd, Jr.
Chairman of the Board & CEO            Chairman & CEO                      Gary Convis                          President

silver level

ALLTEL                              Central Bank & Trust Co.         Central Baptist Hospital,       Kentucky Utilities Company          Saint Joseph Healthcare, Inc.
Dan Powell                          Luther Deaton, Jr.               Member Baptist                  Nelson Maynard                      Eugene Woods
Area President, Wireline Services   Chairman, President, & CEO       Healthcare System               Director of Electric Reliability    President/CEO
                                                                     William G. Sisson
     2006 Board of Trustees Investors
     bronze level

     Ball Homes, Inc.               BB&T                          Bluegrass Community                    Cardinal Hill                 Columbia Gas of Kentucky
     D. Ray Ball, Jr.               F. Lee Hess                   & Technical College                    Rehabilitation Hospital       Joseph W. Kelly
     President                      Regional President            Dr. Jim Kerley                         Kerry G. Gillihan, FACHE      President
                                                                  President/CEO                          CEO

     Crowe Chizek                   Dean, Dorton & Ford, PSC      East Kentucky Power                    Eastern Kentucky              Enterprise Rent - A - Car
     Stephen Jennings               Richard O. Dorton             Cooperative, Inc.                      University                    Steven M. Holt
     Managing Partner               President/CEO                 Roy Palk                               Dr. Joanne K. Glasser         Group Rental Manager
                                                                  President/CEO                          President


     Exstream Software              Fifth Third Bank              Fowler, Measle & Bell, LLP             Frost Brown Todd LLC          Galls Incorporated
     Dan Kloiber                    Samuel G. Barnes              Robert S. Ryan                         Jack R. Cunningham            Gary Christensen
     CTO/Executive Vice President   President/CEO                 Partner                                Member                        President

     Gray Construction              Greenebaum Doll &             Griffin Gate Marriott Resort           Hillenmeyer Landscape         Humana Kentucky
     Jim Gray                       McDonald PLLC                 Mark Jeffrey                           Services                      Jeff Bringardner
     President/CEO                  Job D. Turner, III            General Manager                        Stephen F. Hillenmeyer        Market President
                                    Member-In-Charge, Lexington                                          President

     IBM                            Insight Communications        J. J. B. Hilliard, W. L. Lyons, Inc.   Keeneland Association, Inc.   Kentucky American Water
     Robert Tober                   Dan DeYoung                   Stephen Grossman                       Nick Nicholson                Nick O. Rowe
     Senior Location Executive      District Vice President       Senior Vice President/                 President/CEO                 President
                                                                  Branch Manager
L-3 Communications                   Lexington Clinic                  Lexington Herald-Leader         Link-Belt Construction                National City Bank,
David Merriam                        Dr. Andrew Henderson              Timothy M. Kelly                Equip. Co.                            Kentucky
Vice President                       CEO                               Publisher                       Chuck Martz                           Harry Richart III
                                                                                                       President                             President

National Thoroughbred                NGAS Resources                    Republic Bank & Trust           Saint Joseph East                     Sallee Horse Vans, Inc.
Racing Association                   William S. Daugherty              Tucker Ballinger                Mark Streety                          Robert D. Maxwell
Gregory C. Avioli                    President/CEO                     Regional Managing Director      COO/Administrator                     Vice President/General Manager
Executive Vice President


Samaritan Hospital                   Stites & Harbison                 Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC         Trane Co.                             U. S. Bank
Frank Beirne                         Stephen M. Ruschell               William M. Lear, Jr.            David Magner                          Robert M. Canada
CEO                                  Member                            Managing Member                 General Manager                       Regional President for
                                                                                                                                             the Central and Northeastern
                                                                                                                                             Kentucky Region

                                                                                                           BOARD OF TRUSTEES PROGRAM
                                                                                                           Some of Commerce Lexington’s most committed
                                                                                                           investors are recognized through our Board of Trustees
                                                                                                           Program, which provides those companies with special
                                                                                                           relationship building and recognition opportunities
                                                                                                           throughout the year. All firms investing at a dues level
W. T. Young, LLC                     Woodward Hobson &                 Wyatt Tarrant & Combs, LLP          of $2,000 or greater are recognized as members of the
William Young, Jr.                   Fulton, LLP                       J. Mark Burton                      Trustees Program. For more information about the
President                            Donna King Perry                  Partner in Charge, Finance          various investment levels available through this program,
                                     Managing Partner                                                      please contact Dana Zinger, Director, Membership
                                     Louisville, Lexington                                                 Development at (859) 226-1607.

Not photographed

ACS (Affiliated Computer Services)   Dillard’s                         Interspace Limited, LLC         Man-O-War Ford                        Schneider Designs, Inc.
Tom Blodgett                         Don Parker                        Darlene Huffman                 Will Perryman                         Edward “Butch” Schneider
Senior Managing Director             Vice President/District Manager   Kathy Riggins                   General Sales Manager                 President
                                                                       Ellen Voldrich
                                                                       Thomas Voldrich

Square D Co.                         Thoroughbred Coal                 Wal-Mart at Nicholasville Rd.   Wal-Mart at Northpark
Ken Engel                            Company                           Richard Ratliff                 Tony Bryant
Director, Distribution               Daniel D. Tayloe                  Store Manager                   Store Manager
North American Operations            Owner
     2006 Executive Committee

     Julian Beard                    Steven L. Beshear            Kimra Cole                       Luther Deaton, Jr.             Paula Hanson
     Director                        Legal Counsel                Director of Development          Past Chairman                  Past Chair
     Mayor’s Office of Economic       Stites & Harbison            Coleman Group Commercial         Chairman, President/CEO        Partner
     Development LFUCG                                            Property Services                Central Bank & Trust Company   Dean, Dorton & Ford, PSC

     Ed Holmes                       Guy A. Huguelet, III         Mark Jeffrey                     Joseph W. Kelly                William M. Lear, Jr.
     Vice Chair of Community &       Incoming Chair               General Manager                  Chairman                       Vice Chair, Economic
     Minority Business Development   President                    Marriott’s Griffin Gate Resort    President                      Development
     President                       Adecco of Central Kentucky                                    Columbia Gas of Kentucky       Managing Member
     EHI Consultants                                                                                                              Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC

     Glenn D. Leveridge              Ann McBrayer                 Kim Menke                        Herb Miller                    Jim Ogle
     Vice Chair, Marketing &         Vice Chair, Public Policy    Vice Chair, Regional             Regional Counsel               Vice Chair, Communications
     Member Services                 President                    Planning Infastructure           American Water Services        Senior Vice President – News
     President                       Kentucky Eagle Beer, Inc.    Manager of Community Relations                                  WKYT-TV
     Chase                                                        Toyota Motor Manufacturing

     Tom Padgett                     Robert L. Quick              Daryl W. Smith
     Treasurer                       Secretary                    Vice Chair, Education &
     President                       President/CEO                Workforce Development
     Padgett Construction, Inc.      Commerce Lexington           Economic Development Executive
                                                                  Kentucky Utilities Co.
2006 Board of Directors

Rev./Dr. C.B. Akins, Sr.   Scotty Baesler               Rick Christman              John E. Cole III             Carol Fening                Arnold Gaither
Pastor                     Past Chair                   CEO                         President & CEO              President                   Executive Director
First Baptist Church                                    Employment Solutions        African American Forum, Inc. Turf Town Properties Inc.   Mayor’s Training Center

Stephen F. Hillenmeyer     Janet Holloway               Honorable Teresa A. Isaac   Darrel Ishmael               Bobbie Johnson              Timothy M. Kelly
President                  Co-Founder & Executive       Mayor                       Regional Representative      President                   President/Publisher
Hillenmeyer Landscape      Director                     Lexington Fayette Urban     East Kentucky Power          Lexington Bluegrass         Lexington Herald-Leader
Services                   Women Leading Kentucky       County Government                                        Association of Realtors

Dr. Jim Kerley             Debbie Long                  David Lord                  Bernie Lovely                Patrick Madden              Craig Moughler
President/CEO              Owner                        President                   Bluegrass Airport Board      President                   Sr. Vice President
Bluegrass Community &      Dudley’s Restaurant &        Lexington Convention &                                   Hamburg Place               Valvoline International
Technical College          Buddy’s Bar & Grill          Visitors Bureau                                                                      Ashland Inc.

Nick Nicholson             David O’Bryan                David Owen                  P.G. Peeples                 Frank Penn, Jr.             Harry Richart III
President/CEO              Managing Partner             Member                      President & CEO                                          President
Keeneland                  Moore Stephens Potter, LLP   Greenebaum Doll &           Urban League of Lexington                                National City Bank, Kentucky
                                                        McDonald PLLC

Mike Scanlon               Dr. Charles Shearer          Stu M. Silberman            Jeri Stromquist              Dr. Lee T. Todd, Jr.        Job D. Turner, III
Vice Mayor                 President                    Superintendent              Vice President – Human       President                   Member-In-Charge,
– Urban County Council     Transylvania University      Fayette County Public       Resources                    University of Kentucky      Lexington
Lexington Fayette                                       Schools                     Lexmark International                                    Greenebaum Doll &
Urban County Government                                                                                                                      McDonald PLLC

Mary Ann Vimont            Nancy Wiser                  Eugene Woods                W.T. Young, Jr.
Associate Professor        Principal                    President & CEO             President
University of Kentucky     Wiser, Hemlepp &             Saint Joseph Healthcare     W.T. Young Storage
College of Education       Associates                                               Company
     2006 Lexington Partnership for Workforce Development
     Board of Directors

     2006 Chair                  Immediate Past Chair        Elisa Bruce                  Jack Burch                      Chair-Elect             Scott Davis
     Daryl W. Smith              Herb Miller                 Business Development-        Executive Director              Rick Christman          Davis & Plomin
     Economic Development        Counsel                     Hispanic Initiative          Community Action                CEO                     Mechanical, Inc.
     Executive                   Kentucky American Water     Fifth Third Bank             Council                         Employment Solutions
     Kentucky Utilities Co.

     Arnold Gaither              Treasurer                   Kathy Hillyard               Lynn Hudgins                    Lee Jackson             Phil Kerrick
     Executive Director          Gina Greathouse             Manager, Corporate           President                       Workforce Development   Executive Director
     Mayor’s Training Center     Senior Vice President,      Citizenship                  Junior Achievement of           Manager                 Capital Community
                                 Economic Development        Lexmark International, Inc   the Bluegrass                   Office of Employment &   Economic/Industrial Authority
                                 Commerce Lexington Inc.                                                                  Training


     Barry Lindeman              Joe O’Nan                   Mark Manuel                  Robert L. Quick, CCE            Vicky Rauth             Rudy Schmidt
     Director, Human Resources   Director, Member Services   Vice President/Corporate &   President & CEO                 Vice President,         President
     Clark Regional Medical      Kentucky League of Cities   Community Development        Commerce Lexington Inc.         Corporate Banking       Crest Products, Inc.
     Center                                                  Bluegrass Community &                                        National City Bank
                                                             Technical College

     Mary Ann Vimont             Bill Wilson                 Jill Wilson
     Associate Professor         Deputy Executive Director   Vice President, Marketing
     University of Kentucky      for Education & Outreach    Gray Construction
     College of Education        Kentucky Educational

     Not photographed

     Lori Collins                Greg Figgs                  Dr. Julie Sebastian          Mark Williams
     Director                    Director – High Schools     Assistant Dean               Coordinator, Career &
     Bluegrass Workforce         Fayette County Public       University of Kentucky       Technical Education
     Investment Board            Schools                     College of Nursing           Fayette County Public Schools
2006 One Team, One Vision Investors

ACS                                           First Security Bank of Lexington              Merrill Lynch
Adecco of Central Kentucky                    Four Points Sheraton                          Moore Stephens Potter LLP
ALLTEL                                        Frost Brown Todd LLC                          Mountain Metals Manufacturing
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Kentucky   Gibson Company                                National City Bank, Kentucky
                                              Graviss McDonald’s Restaurants                Patty M. Breeze & Associates
Apex Realty, Inc.
                                              Greenebaum, Doll & McDonald PLLC              Phil & Marnie Holoubek
Audio Authority Corporation
                                              Griffin Gate Marriott Resort                   Pickett Development Corp., Inc.
B.C. Wood Companies
                                              Harman Investment Properties                  PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Ball Homes, Inc.
                                              Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate          Pulliam Company
Bank of the Bluegrass and Trust Co.
                                              J.J.B. Hilliard, W.L. Lyons, Inc.             Radisson Plaza Hotel Lexington
                                              Hilton Garden Inn                             Residence Inn South by Marriott
Beazer Homes
                                              Hilton Suites Lexington Green                 Rising Star, Inc. (DBA
                                              Hisle & Company                               McDonald’s)
Bluegrass Family Health, Inc.
                                              Holiday Inn Lexington-North                   Saint Joseph HealthCare, Inc.
Blue Grass Mailing, Data &
                                              Hyatt Regency Lexington                       Samaritan Hospital
Fulfillment Services
                                              Integra Bank                                  J.M. Smucker’s, LLC
Caller Properties, LLC
                                              Interior Services Corporation                 Software Information Systems
CB Richard Ellis                                                                                                                         21
                                              Isaac Commercial Properties, Inc.             SRG Properties
Central Bank & Trust Co.
                                              KABA MAS                                      Stites & Harbison
Central Rock Mineral Co., LLC
                                              Kaufmann Properties                           Stoll Keenon Ogden, PLLC
CHA Health
                                              Keeneland Association, Inc.                   Sullivan University
                                              Kentucky Eagle Beer, Inc.                     Systems Design Group, Inc.
Clay-Ingels Company
                                              Kentucky Lighting and Supply, Inc.            Tempur-Pedic, Inc.
Coleman Group Commercial
                                              Kentucky River Properties, LLC                Thomas & King, Inc.
Property Services
                                              Kentucky-American Water                       Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc.
Columbia Gas of Kentucky
                                              KITO USA                                      Traditional Bank
Community Trust Bank, NA
                                              Lane Consultants, Inc.                        University of Kentucky
Crowe Chizek
                                              Langley Properties Company                    U.S. Bank
Davis and Plomin Mechanical, Inc.
                                              Lexington Clinic                              United States Equestrian Federation, Inc.
Dean, Dorton & Ford, PSC
                                              Lexington Herald-Leader                       WDKY-TV, Channel 56 (FOX)
Denham-Blythe Company, Inc.
                                              Lexington Industrial Foundation               Webasto Roof Systems, Inc.
Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
                                              Lexington Bluegrass Association of Realtors   Whitaker Bank
EA Partners
                                              Lexmark International, Inc.                   Wilson Equipment Co., Inc.
Elan Home Systems, LLC
                                              LG&E Energy Foundation                        WKYT-TV
Embassy Suites Hotel
                                              Mazurka Realty Group                          WLEX Communications, LLC
Exstream Software
                                              McBrayer McGinnis Leslie & Kirkland           WT Young, LLC
Fifth Third Bank
                                              Meridian Communications                       Jeff Yeary
First National Bank of Lexington
     2006 Committee Chairs

     Ambassadors                                    Leadership Visit 2006
     Sandy Straub, Rector Hayden Realtors           Guy Huguelet, Adecco of Central Kentucky

     Business Advisory Groups                       Minority Business Development Advisory
     Dick Walsh, Polymer Components                 Committee
                                                    Ed Holmes, EHI Consultants
     Independent Professionals Network
     Kathie Stamps, Stamps Communications           One Team One Vision Chair
                                                    Bob Hewett, Fifth Third Bank
     Leadership Lexington Steering Committee
     Barry Stumbo, Saint Joseph Hospital            Programs Committee
     Foundation                                     Kristen Goble, Frost Brown Todd

     Leadership Lexington Alumni Committee          Public Policy Council 2006
     Susan Rayer, Transylvania University           Nancy Wiser, Wiser, Hemlepp & Associates

     Leadership Development Committee               Workforce Development
     Mary Moore Yohon, Visually Impaired            Daryl Smith, Kentucky Utilities Co.
     Preschool Services, Inc.

     Leadership Education Committee
     Tracey Wilkerson, Adecco of Central Kentucky

     Leadership Lexington Youth Committee
     Derek Churchill, Quest Engineers, Inc.

public policy

Legislative Session Update

                                                                                                                                                                        PUBLIC POLICY
written by:

Kevin Maines
Vice President - Public Policy
Commerce Lexington, Inc.

                                                             The 2006 General Assembly is off to a hectic start. Many lobbyists
LUNCHEON JAN. 18, 06                                         have commented that “this is the busiest it has ever been this early
                                                             in a legislative session.”
                                                             The number of huge issues facing the                 savings on capital projects that are now
                                                             General Assembly will lead to numerous               subject to prevailing wage legislation. The
                                                             scenarios for negotiation as the state budget        budget also estimates $22 million dollars
                                                             is developed and funded.                             in additional revenue based on economic
                                                                                                                  development activity stimulated by the
                                                             Sure to happen this legislative session is an        adoption of Right to Work legislation.
                                                             increase in teachers’ salaries. However, all of
                                                             the legislation proposed at this time is subject     Another major battle gearing up for this
                                                             to the SEEK formula and will have minimal            session will focus on Constitutional
                                                             impact on the funding of Fayette County Public       Amendments. The Kentucky Constitution
                                                             Schools. FCPS are a “hold harmless district”         only permits two amendments in even
                                                             and do not receive the same percentage of            numbered years to be put on the ballot by the
Kentucky Budget Director Brad Cowgill, right, talked to      funding as other non-hold harmless districts.        legislature. Limits on medical malpractice
the press following a Commerce Lexington Public Affairs                                                                                                                            23
                                                                                                                  awards, expanded gaming, posting of the Ten
Luncheon presented by Kentucky American Water on             Expanded gaming has not caught on at this            Commandments at government buildings,
January 18. Cowgill offered his thoughts on the budget       point in the legislature. There appears to be
priorities just one day after Gov. Ernie Fletcher gave his
                                                                                                                  an amendment to allow local referendums on
                                                             very little support in either chamber for this       “fairness ordinances,” and proposals to
Budget Address to the state legislature.
                                                             legislation. Part of the reason for this issue not   designate 62-percent of the General Fund to
                                                             catching on is a budget surplus of nearly $240       education are all vying to be selected as the
                                                             million dollars. This is still not enough to cover   two Constitutional Amendments placed on
                                                             all of the funding needs facing the legislature.     the ballot this year.
                                                             However, there still isn’t the shortfall or budget
CONTACT                                                      crunch that would force the legislature to look      If the first month of the 2006 session of the
                                                             for new funding sources.                             General Assembly is any indication of the pace
How to Contact a State                                                                                            of this year’s session, it is sure to be exhaustive
                                                             Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher has made            and exhilarating. The negotiations and trade-
Legislator:                                                  repeal of the prevailing wage law and                offs will leave everything in play until the final
For meeting schedules & other information,                   employee choice factors in his budget. His           gavel falls.
visit www.lrc.state.ky.us                                    budget depends on $60 million dollars in

To leave a message for a State Legislator,
call (800) 372-7181.
     ambassador spotlight

     Kelly Bates, Account Executive
     TravelHost of the Bluegrass
                              This month’s Ambassador Spotlight is Kelly          Bluegrass Region than actually live here,” said
                              Bates, an account executive for TravelHost of       Bates. “Over three million visitors come to the
                              the Bluegrass. In her job, Bates consults with      area each year, and marketing to those people
                              area businesses on the importance of tourism        can have a huge impact on their business.”
                              and how TravelHost can help them reach
                              visitors who are looking for places of interest,   “I enjoy the hospitality and tourism industries
                              things to do, or restaurants at which to eat in     and truly believe TravelHost is a great asset for
                              the Bluegrass.                                      travelers,” added Bates. How does she know
                                                                                  this? Kelly formerly managed a Lexington hotel
                              Dedicated exclusively to visitors, TravelHost       which placed the publication in its hotel
                              of the Bluegrass provides information on            rooms for guests. She said, “Through this
                              places to eat, shop, and have fun through its       relationship as a distribution partner, and
                              full-color, glossy magazine that is found in        serving together in the Lexington Hospitality
                              area hotels in Lexington, Frankfort,                Sales & Marketing Association, I came to
                              Georgetown, Richmond and Nicholasville.             know Eli Mertens, the publisher of TravelHost.
                                                                                  When the opportunity arose to become part of
                              TravelHost is the nation’s leading in-hotel         the TravelHost team I did not hesitate.”
                              room travel magazine for those visiting

                              on business, for pleasure, or relocating to         Serving as a Commerce Lexington Inc.
                              the area. TravelHost has served over three          Ambassador for a second year, Bates said,

     Over                     billion travelers for 40 years in over 400
                              cities. Bates said, “Our mission is to serve
                                                                                 “I really enjoy it because it helps me to meet
                                                                                  new people, learn about a lot of different

      Three Million           the traveler and to provide access to a
                              unique readership to our advertisers and
                                                                                  businesses throughout the Bluegrass, and
                                                                                  be more involved in the community.”
                              business partners.”
          Visitors            Kelly worked in the hospitality industry for
                                                                                  To find out more about TravelHost of the
                                                                                  Bluegrass, contact Kelly Bates at
     come to the area

24                            many years, but when she began working              (859) 619- 1300.
                              for TravelHost, she was surprised at how
               each year.     many business owners did not realize the
                              importance of tourism. “I enjoy educating
                              them on how many more people visit the
leadership lexington

Leadership Lexington Class Discusses Local
Education Outlets, Opportunities

                                                                                                                                                                    GET INVOLVED
                                                            Day Chairs Kelley Bozeman (University of            The afternoon featured a focus on higher
sponsored by:                                               Kentucky), Janie Cottrell (Fayette County Public    education as the class traveled to the Main
                                                            Schools), and Charlie Edgington (University of      Building at the University of Kentucky for lunch.
                                                            Kentucky) put together a very informative day       There, participants were welcomed by William
                                                            for the group, while Lexmark International, Inc.    Pollard, vice president and dean of Transylvania
                                                            was the sponsor for the session.                    University, and Dr. James Kerley, president of
                                                                                                                Bluegrass Community and Technical College.
                                                            During the morning, the group had the
                                                            opportunity to hear from Stu Silberman,             Then, Stephen Barnett talked about the
                                                            Superintendent of Fayette County Public             University of Kentucky and more specifically
                                                            Schools, Dee Patrick, Principal of Tates Creek      student recruitment, enrollment, and the
                                                            Elementary, and panels of middle school and         future of the university. Barnett is from the
                                                            elementary school students.                         UK Office of Undergraduate Admission
                                                                                                                and University Registrar.
The Leadership Lexington class listened to Fayette County   The class then moved to the Tates Creek High
Public Schools Superintendent Stu Silberman during          School library, where Principal Sam Meaux           Later, the group went to the UK Chandler
Education Day sponsored by Lexmark on January 5th.          welcomed the participants. Subsequent               Medical Center, where class members heard
                                                            roundtable discussions revolved around the          from Dr. Michael Karpf, executive vice president
                                                            following topics: Children with special needs;      for health affairs at the center, and Dr. Kenneth
The Leadership Lexington Education Day is                   No Child Left Behind; ESL/Foreign Language;         Roberts, dean of the UK College of Pharmacy,
often one the most eye-opening experiences                  Facilities and re-districting; Community            which is currently ranked eighth in the nation.
during the program. The objective of the                    involvement; Student achievement; Board of
session is to help class members better                     Education; Home schooling; Private schools;         Closing the day back at the Main Building, UK
understand the issues facing primary,                       and a high school student panel.                    Associate Vice President for External Affairs,
secondary, and higher education today.                                                                          Tom Harris, discussed the university’s impact
                                                                                                                on the Commonwealth, its Top 20 business
                                                                                                                plan, and 2006 legislative priorities.

Leadership Lexington Youth Program Gets Overview
of Local Law Enforcement and Government

sponsored by:

                                                            Leadership Lexington Youth class members           Then, it was over to the LFUCG Government
                                                            began Law Enforcement and Government               Center to have lunch with Mayor Teresa Isaac
                                                            Day at the offices of McBrayer, McGinnis,           and several LFUCG council members. The
                                                            Leslie & Kirkland, PLLC (the day’s sponsor).       class had the opportunity to discuss key
                                                            The always entertaining and informative            issues that are facing the Bluegrass
                                                            Commonwealth Attorney Ray Larson talked            community with the Mayor.
                                                            about violent crime and victims rights, as well
                                                            as programs that are in place to help people       The day wrapped up with a tour of the Fayette
                                                            who have been affected.                            Circuit Court House, and Judge Kimberly
Leadership Lexington Youth program participants heard                                                          Bunnell talked about the operations and
from Lexington Mayor Teresa Isaac and Councilman Kevin      Following a short walk to the Lexington-Fayette    responsibilities of the court and her
Stinnett during Law Enforcement and Government Day          Urban County Government Division of Police         perspective from serving in that capacity.
sponsored by McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland, PLLC.   building, the class received a tour of police
                                                            activities and departments and was then            Day Chairs Holly J. Turner and Abra Akers
                                                            addressed by Chief of Police Anthany Beatty        Endsley provided a very informative day
                                                            and Commonwealth Attorney Larson.                  for class members.
      leadership central kentucky: clark county day

      A Day in My Town

      written by:

      Alma Gentry
      East Kentucky Power Cooperative

                                            Not even the cold on a January day could deter the 2005–06
                                            Leadership Central Kentucky class from its mission.

                                            Our latest journey took us to the rolling          campuses throughout central Kentucky.
                                            hills of Clark County. Our fine hostess, Mrs.       Cities such as Paris, Lancaster, and
                                            Charmagne Castle, President of the Winchester      Georgetown have also shown an interest in
                                            Chamber of Commerce, started the day by            getting campuses.
                                            introducing Winchester Mayor Dodd Dixon.
                                                                                               Across the street from the Bluegrass
                                            Mayor Dixon talked about the KRCC, the             Community and Technical College is the old

                                            area’s local cable company, and its functions      Kentucky Wesleyan College gymnasium, which
                                            in the past in Winchester. Mayor Dixon, acting     has been renovated into a gym that is used for
                                            on behalf of his constituents, started his         community basketball games and volleyball
     It has been one of my                  campaign by addressing the issue of ever
                                            increasing rates and other violations of federal
                                                                                               games, and it has a walking track that can be
                                                                                               utilized by anyone day or night. All of these

      most informative                      regulations that had been perpetrated by
                                            the cable company. After some years of
                                                                                               services are free, and the gym is the property
                                                                                               of the Parks and Recreation Department.
       and rewarding                        discussions and concessions on both sides,

                                            the two groups (the mayor’s group and the          Have you seen the movie Elizabethtown? Clark
24                                                                                             County’s favorite soft drink is featured in the
                       experiences.         cable company) were able to agree not to pass
                                            any rate increases on to the consumers.            movie – Ale 8 One! The class got a tour of the
26                                                                                             Ale 8 One bottling company and found that
                                            Other accomplishments of Mayor Dixon’s             custom bottles can be made for special
                                            group included acquiring public pay phones         occasions such as weddings, derby parties,
                                            or a mechanism by which public pay phones          baby showers and more.
                                            can be put in place, and setting up regional
                                            cable programming.                                 Ale 8 One is a hometown company owned
                                                                                               and run by hometown people. The CEO’s
                                            GO Kentucky (Global Opportunities for              office is located inside the plant and is very
                                            Kentucky) – a second program discussed by          accessible to people. Only two people actually
                                            Mayor Dixon – is an effort to get exposure for     know the recipe for the formula for Ale 8 One.
                                            Central Kentucky in the global arena. This         They are family and the recipe is not given
                                            could bring businesses and jobs to the region.     to anyone else.

                                            Be careful when you say ‘Time is Money.’           After the soft drink plant tour, the class heard
                                           “You can bank money, but time can never be          about the Bluegrass Water Supply
                                            banked,” said Sarah Glenn in her Time              Commission and the concept of establishing a
                                            Management presentation.                           water grid similar to the electricity grid
                                                                                               currently in place. If more counties would
                                            We managed our time well and proceeded to          come aboard, the plan would benefit all of
                                            the Bluegrass Community and Technical              central Kentucky. “When you think about the
                                            College campus. Winchester, through the            droughts we’ve had in the past, this concept
                                            efforts of Jo Ellen Reed and many supporters,      can be very enticing,” said Gentry.
                                            is in the process of raising money to build a
                                            classroom building. The growth went from 32        Then, it was time for lunch. The class was
                                            students in 2000 to 540 students by 2005.          treated royally at Hall’s on the River where the
                                            “We definitely need a building,” said Reed. “If     servers were exceptional. While waiting for
                                            you have some money you want to get rid of,        lunch, the group heard about BERT–the
                                            donations have been in the range of 88 cents       Bluegrass Emergency Response Team which
                                            to $250,000. No amount is too small.” Not          was formed after 9-11. Winchester Fire Chief
                                            only does Winchester have a campus                 Danny Castle, who is also the BERT President,
                                            (formerly known as LCC), but there are other       gave an informative presentation about the
HazMat hubs, the Rescue hub, and the Mass           Ronnie Thomas, plant manager of Dale
Casualty hub. These hubs are located in some        Station was a gracious host. The group asked
of the counties that are part of the region that    several questions and Ronnie and the

                                                                                                                                    GET INVOLVED
Clark County is in. There is also a Radiation       employees at Dale took time from their work
Support Group that is located at the University     to answer them!
of Kentucky, which has been very instrumental
in the project for the region. It gives Clark       Class members left the river and went back

County a chance to take part in the emergency       to our origination point, where we were
efforts in our town, our community, and in our      rewarded with a brief demonstration by
region. Some of the activations of BERT in          Fireman Lawrence and Batallion Fire Chief
2005 were in Paris, Lexington, and Winchester.      Rigney (of the Winchester Fire Department).
                                                    They showed us some of the equipment              You wouldn’t believe the
After lunch, the group went farther up the          used with BERT. It was a delightful end to
Kentucky River to the William C. Dale Power         a delightful day!                                 history, infrastructure,
Plant (better known as Dale Station). Dale
Station makes electricity, which is sold to its    “If you ever have the opportunity to be a          economic development,
member cooperatives. The member coop-               part of Leadership Central Kentucky, please
                                                    jump on it,” said Gentry. “It has been one of
eratives own Dale Station and the other power
                                                    my most informative and rewarding
                                                                                                      demographics and just plain
generating plants that are a part of East
Kentucky Power Cooperative. East Kentucky           experiences. You wouldn’t believe the
Power Cooperative is a generation and               history, infrastructure, economic                 everyday living that are a
                                                    development, demographics and just plain

transmission company (generates at Dale
Station) of electricity. So many times we forget    everyday living that are a part of the counties   part of the counties that
that the computer we plug in, the coffee            that surround your county.”
maker we use, the curling iron, the electric                                                          surround your county.
razor, the television, the DVD player–all these
things wouldn’t be able to function without
electricity. Starting with a lump of coal and
ending in volts that come into your house that
you can’t even see.

     member news


     AT Design & Illustration, LLC                      Blue Grass Airport                                 Carnegie Center for Literacy
     Andrea Robinson and AT Design & Illustration       The Lexington- Fayette Urban County Airport        and Learning
     won a Bronze ADDY Award during the                 Board announced that Michael Gobb, executive       The Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning’s
     Lexington Advertising Club’s recent ADDY           director at Blue Grass Airport, and John Slone,    Winter Computer Workshops: Intro to
     awards night for the 2005 Commerce                 director of planning and development, have         Photoshop-Working with Digital Pictures,
     Lexington Inc. Small Business Celebration          been selected as the recipients of the 2006 Jay    February 14 & 16, 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.; Internet
     materials design. Robinson came up with the        Hollingsworth Speas Airport Award. This            Basics, February 21-23, 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.;
     design concept that was used for the 2005 SBC      national award is presented to the person or       Web Design, Saturdays, Feb. 18-25,
     Month invitations and dinner programs, as          persons judged to have contributed most            11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. For more information,
     well as special tabloid section in the Lexington   outstandingly towards achieving compatible         call (859)254 - 4175 or visit
     Herald-Leader.                                     relations between the airport and its adjacent     www.carnegieliteracy.org.
                                                        landscape. The honor comes from their major
                                                        involvement in the mural and landscape
                                                        development project along Versailles Road.

                                                        Bluegrass Community &
                                                        Technical College
                                                        Bluegrass Community and Technical College
                                                        was recently granted single accreditation by the
                                                        Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
                                                        (SACS). The newly consolidated colleges are a
                                                        result of the Kentucky Postsecondary
                                                        Education Improvement Act of 1997, which
                                                        sought to establish the development of a
28                                                      comprehensive community and technical
                                                        college system in Kentucky. For more
                                                        information, visit www.bluegrass.kctcs.edu.
     asiGuardian will host “Backup Practices for
     SMB’s,” a seminar developed to address the         Bluegrass Trust for Historic
     data backup challenges faced specifically by        Preservation
     small- to medium-sized companies on Friday,        Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation
     February 17, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at       presents a Brown Bag Lunch/Lecture series on
     Malone’s Banquets in the Lansdowne                 topics related to Lexington and the region's
     Shoppes. Do you have questions about what          history. These free events begin at noon on the
     data you should keep and how long, developing      third Tuesday of selected months at the Hunt
     a backup routine, or if the one you have is        Morgan House (201 N. Mill St.) in Lexington.
     working properly? Get the answers you need         The next lecture series event features Rachel
     and more by joining asiGuardian for this free      Kennedy, research and planning coordinator
     seminar and lunch. To register, visit              for the Kentucky Heritage Council, on Tuesday,
     www.asiGuardian.com/events or call                 February 21. Kennedy will present “African
     (859) 887 -1023, ext. 140.                         American Legacy: The Architecture of Free
                                                        Blacks in Lexington.” No reservations required.
                                                                                                                                                     GET INVOLVED
Coleman Group                                     Crowe Chizek and Company LLC                     Gorrell’s Computer Services, Inc.
The University Shopping Center (526 Eastern       For the third year in a row, Crowe Chizek and    Central Kentucky’s leading provider of
By- Pass Road, Richmond) was recently             Company LLC, which has offices in Lexington,      computer services to area businesses,
purchased by Compass Capitol, of which Tom        has received honors as the top accounting        Gorrell’s Computer Services, Inc., has acquired
Jameson and Bob Cole of Coleman Group are         advisory firm at the Mergers and Acquisitions     Tech Level 5, LLC – a provider of multiple
co-owners. This property is presently 90 -        Advisor Awards. M&A Advisor is a leading         business technology solutions. The deal will
percent leased. Plans are to re-develop the       publisher for financial executives in middle      significantly expand the company’s ability to
center with new facade and bring in national      market mergers and acquisitions. The awards      offer complete outsourcing of IT services.
tenants like those located at Coleman Group's     are presented each year to the top               Some of services this new company offers
other retail centers in Lexington and             “dealmakers” based on transactions in            include IT services and consulting, network
Winchester. Cole’s commercial real estate firm     middle market mergers and acquisitions.          architecture, convergence services, wireless
has also been contracted to provide property      Crowe’s M&A group offers acquisition             data, Internet services, and more. The
management and leasing services for the           strategy, deal structuring, due diligence,       expanded company will continue to be
shopping center, adding 200,070 square feet       post-merger integration services, information    headquartered in Lexington, with an additional
of commercial real estate space to the one        systems compatibility reviews and tax            Point of Presence (POP) in Louisville.
million plus square feet already represented      consulting and strategy.
by Coleman Group.
                                                  Fifth Third Bank among “Best                     GRW, a nationally ranked engineering,
Collins Bowling Centers, Inc.                     Places to Work” again                            architecture and planning firm – in association
Collins Bowling Centers wants to invite you to    Fifth Third Bank has gone back-to-back in the    with Hall Constructing of Louisville – was
learn how bowling can be an excellent source      Best Places to Work in Kentucky competition.     honored by the Ohio Valley Chapter of the
of therapy for your business and personal life.   The bank was named a top employer yet again      Design Build Institute of America with two
Bowling leagues offer many benefits to             in the second year of the program. It was        awards at their recent annual awards banquet
fellowship, employee motivation, and over         recognized a one of the top 21 places to work    in Covington. The first award was a First Place
productivity. Bowling is a great way to involve   in the large-sized employer category (those      for Water Projects under $15 million and the                29
your whole company in a weekly format to          employing more than 200 associates). Fifth       second award was the Distinguished Design
improve working relationships, sales and          Third Bank was ranked the eleventh-best place    Award for the GRW/Hall MSD West County
create a friendly competition. Visit              to work in the large company category in 2005    Wastewater Treatment Plant project.
www.bowlingsale.com for details and               and was the only bank named in that division
benefits of this unique program.                   last year. Rankings for 2006 will be announced
                                                  at the Best Places to Work Luncheon on March
                                                  30 at Lexington Center.
     Members-In-Brief (Continued)

                                              Housewarmings to help a good                        Kentucky Horse Park
                                              cause on Valentine’s Day                            Robert Dover, six-time Olympian and legendary
     SUBMIT                                   Make a note to participate in the Heart-to-Heart    Grand Prix Freestylist, will lead the 2006
                                              Valentine’s Day Dinner at Housewarmings             Kentucky Horse Park All- American Freestyle
                                              (2312 Palumbo Drive) on February 14,                Symposium on April 21 - 23 at the park. In
     Submit your company’s                    beginning at 7:00 p.m. Enjoy an all-inclusive       addition, panelists will include Freestyle Design
     Members-in-Brief notice to:              gourmet Tuscan dinner created by Bayou              Specialists Marlene Whitaker and Terry Ciatto-
                                              Bluegrass Catering paired with boutique             Gallo, along with international dressage judge,
     mturner@CommerceLexington.com            vintages by WineSelect of Kentucky and              Col. Axel Steiner, who will explore the artistic
     by the 10th of the month prior           featuring fireplaces at all tables. The cost is      marks of the freestyle tests through the levels.
     (i.e. February 10 for the March issue)   $125 per couple and proceeds benefit God’s           The symposium will include a trade show,
                                              Pantry Food Bank. Reserve your spot soon by         horse farm tours and a number of other
                                              calling (859) 231-6492 (ext. 21) or e-mailing to    outstanding events. For more information on
                                              ksmith@everburn.com.                                other events surrounding the symposium or
                                                                                                  registration forms, visit
                                              ISBO.biz, a group of Independent/Small
                                              Business Owners, has changed its monthly            Kimbrough & Associates, LLC
                                              meeting date to the second Monday of each           Kimbrough & Associates, LLC has a new luxury
                                              month. Join us at noon on Monday, February          Hamburg Park Townhouse for lease. It is a
                                              13 at Golden Buffet on Richmond Road ($9            two- bedroom, 2.5 - bath townhouse with a
                                              luncheon cost). Our Feb. 13 guest speaker is        beautiful interior complemented by elegant
                                              Laura Koppes, Ph.D., of LK Associates. The          fixtures and top- of- the- line appliances,
                                              topic is “Strategic Leaders Achieve Effective       including washer and dryer. It also has a closed
30                                            Results.” A complex and competitive global          patio and garage. Cost is $1,500 per month,
                                              market calls for all individuals to be engaged in   which includes association dues. For infor-
                                              strategic leadership. Leadership skills and         mation, contact Maddy Sellers with Warner
                                              competencies with strategic intent to transform     Realty at (859) 509- 4323. Also available are two
                                              your business will be introduced in this            office condominium suites in the Hamburg
                                              presentation. For more information or to RSVP,      area for lease. Each unit is 1,000 square feet.
                                              e- mail to kstamps@isbo.biz.                        For more information, contact Mandy
                                                                                                  Humston at (859) 263- 0815.
                                                    GET INVOLVED
The Lexington Philharmonic
On Sunday, February 12, the Lexington
Philharmonic Express hits the railway for an
awesome concert featuring music all about
trains. From pre-concert activities to an
hour-long concert that’s just right for children,
this is a day of fun for the whole family.
Everything takes place at the Singletary Center
with activities starting at 1:45 p.m. and the
concert at 3 p.m. Tickets are $13.50 for adults
and $9.50 for children and are available at
(859) 233-4226 or visit www.lexphil.org.

The Philharmonic is reaching kids and adults
with two separate, and exciting, programs
featuring Principal Harpist, Elaine Cook. On
Saturday, March 4, the Philharmonic will host
another exciting PB&J concert at 10:00 a.m.
and 11:30 a.m. at ArtsPlace. The following day,
March 5, enjoy delicious java at the Coffee
Concert at the Crowne Plaza Campbell House.
Tickets available by calling (859) 233- 4226.

LEXNET, Inc.                                                  31
LEXNET, Inc. has achieved Premier
Certification from Cisco Systems®. The Cisco
Channel Partner program provides LEXNET
with the resource framework to develop an
expertise to sell, plan, design, implement and
operate Cisco networking solutions. To earn
Premier certification, LEXNET had to meet or
surpass the stringent personnel, training,
customer satisfaction, specialization, and
post-sales support requirements set forth by
Cisco. Find out more at www.lexnetinc.com.

The Make - A - Wish Foundation
The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Ohio
and Kentucky has opened a satellite office in
Lexington. Volunteers will assist in Lexington’s
first Walk for Wishes, a two- mile walk through
one of Lexington’s oldest landmarks,
Keeneland Race Course. The Walk takes place
Saturday, June 24, with registration beginning
at 9:00 a.m. For more information about how
you can be part of the Make-A-Wish Foun-
dation and the Walk for Wishes, contact Jayna
Oakley at (859) 389-9474 or
jaynao@makeawishky.org. For more
information, visit www.makeawishky.org.

     Professional Women’s Forum
     PWF (Professional Women’s Forum) will be
     holding its sixth annual Business Showcase
     on Wednesday, March 1, from 11:00 a.m. to
     1:00 p.m. at The Red Mile Grandstand. PWF
     is one of the key professional business-
     women’s networking organizations in central
     Kentucky. The showcase is open to the public
     and will provide networking and business
     development opportunities. Please contact
     Kellie Stoddart or Lauren Art by calling
     Seasons Catering at (859)266-6661 to
     reserve your booth space for this sell-out
     event. Booth space will be limited and
     sponsorship opportunities are available. Join
     us to grow new business and sales, while
     expanding our network of contacts.

     Seasons Catering & Special
     Seasons Catering is honored to become
     the exclusive caterer and event management
     team of the new Signature Club of Lansdowne,
     which can easily accommodate up to 600
     guests, along with a separate meeting room
     for 45 guests. This state-of-the-art facility has
     a dome ceiling and elegant chandeliers that
     overlook a 2,200 - square foot terrace. There is
     also private access to the facility. Contact
     Seasons Catering at (859) 266-6661 for more
     information or to book your next event.


     Nearly 300 people attended the first-ever Bluegrass Works
     Summit at Lexington Center on January 24 to discuss
     challenges and best practices in the area of human resources
     and workforce development.
                                                   GET INVOLVED
United Way of the Bluegrass
Twenty-three members of the fall 2005 Get
On Board class graduated recently at a
special recognition ceremony at the United
Way office in Lexington. The graduating class
included Andrea Adams, Yajaira Aich, Sandra
Ballew-Barnes, Kathleen M. Berning, Danny
Bowen, Jaquelene Bradley, Rebecca Brickey,
Faith L. Calhoun, Gwendolyn B. Godfrey,
Karen Lewis, Rana Lindsay-Rahman, Melissa
Lucas, Jeanica Matlock, Melissa C. Newton,
Khara Quiney, Natasha L. Railey, L. Wayne
Sanchez, William S. Saunders, Stephanie
Alicia Surratt, Medina Tipton, Pat Whitlow,
Gloria Wright and Rachel Zietlow. Get On
Board was created by United Way of the
Bluegrass, in partnership with Urban League
of Lexington/Fayette County, Kentucky
Conference of Community and Justice, and
Kentucky League of Cities, as an initiative to
recruit, train, place and retain a diverse group
of volunteers on nonprofit boards in the
Lexington community.

VESTA Executive Housing                                      33
VESTA Executive Housing was just selected
as one of the “Top Tri -State Woman- Owned
Businesses” in Cincinnati for 2005. Find out
more at www.vesta1.com.

Wiser, Hemlepp & Associates, LLC
Wiser, Hemlepp & Associates received two
first place awards in the Public Relations
Society of America’s East Central District
Diamond Awards competition. The district
includes Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, West
Virginia, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Wiser,
Hemlepp and Associates, LLC, specializes in
public relations, marketing communications
and opinion research. Wiser, Hemlepp &
Associates was recognized for Fresh Air, a
magazine created for Rockcastle Hospital and
Respiratory Care Center, Inc., and “Celebrate
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,”
an awareness campaign created for the
Central Kentucky Blood Center.
     additions & promotions

     Climbing the Corporate Ladder

     Blue Grass Community Foundation: The               operations supervisor–production,                   Stites & Harbison announced that Rebecca
     following have been named officers and board        while Coy was promoted to operations                A. Naser joined the firm as Counsel in the
     members for 2006 – John R. Hall, President;        specialist –production, and Shehee to               Lexington office. She is a member of the
     Jack R. Cunningham, Vice President; Garland        water quality supervisor.                           Labor and Employment Litigation Service
     H. Barr, III, Treasurer; Joan Gaines, Secretary;                                                       Group. Naser is a graduate of the University
     Tom Ackerman; C.B. Akins, Sr.; Richard Alloo;                                                          Of Virginia School Of Law, where she served
     Mira Ball; Samuel G. Barnes; Marilyn Clark;        The Lexington Hospitality Sales & Marketing         as an editor on the Virginia Journal of
     Robert N. Clay; John L. Flanagan; Whitney          Association (LHSMA) announced its officers           International Law.
     Greer-Stokes; Melanie Glasscock-Simpson;           and board members for 2006. President - Lisa
     Lee Greer; John M. Keith, Jr.; Timothy M. Kelly;   Jackson, Kentucky Horse Park; Membership
     Celeste Neuman; Doug Roederer; Arthur              Co-Chairs - Eli Mertens, TravelHost of the          The YMCA of Central Kentucky 2006 Board
     Salomon; Carla Van Meter; and Eugene A.            Bluegrass and Shawnda Pulley, Lexington             of Directors: Wendy Baldwin, University of
     Woods.                                             Convention & Visitors Bureau; Programming           Kentucky, Anthany Beatty, Sr., LFUCG -
                                                        Co- Chairs - Kelly Bates, TravelHost of the         Division of Police, Kip Cornett, Cornett
                                                        Bluegrass and Miranda Reynolds, Sheraton            Integrated Marketing Solutions, Greg David,
     Chauncey Curtz, an attorney at Dinsmore &          Suites Lexington; Secretary Co-Chairs - Amy         Ashland, Inc., Dr. Fernando DeCastro,
     Shohl LLP, has been named to the Who’s Who         Caudill, Blue Grass Airport and Jennifer Sisson,    Dermatology Associates of Kentucky, Milton
     Legal USA – Environment list. The Who’s Who        Vesta Executive Housing; Treasurer - Donna          R. Dohoney, Jr., LFUCG - Mayor’s Office,
     Legal USA – Environment 2006 edition is            Wright, Clear Channel; Board Members: Cheri         Stephen Grossman, Hilliard Lyons, Dorsey
     published by the International Who’s Who of        McMullin, The Springs Inn, Tiffany Yarbrough,       G. Hall, II, First National Bank, Katherine
     Business Lawyers.                                  Avis Rent-a-Car, Rosalie Swann, Swann’s Nest        Harper, Tom Harris, University of Kentucky,
                                                        Bed & Breakfast, Linda Wharton, Lexington In        Anthony Hartsfield, Sr., University of
                                                        Touch, and Scott Hait, Lexington Center             Kentucky Medical Center, Debra Hensley,
     Former U.S. Congressman Bob McEwen has             Corporation.                                        Debra Hensley Agency, Christie
     joined the Washington, D.C. and Cincinnati                                                             Hockensmith, The Hockensmith Agency,
     offices of Greenebaum Doll & McDonald                                                                   Marnie Holoubek, Priscilla Johnson,
     PLLC. He joins the firm’s Regulatory and            Kelli Dean, a 15 - year employee of the Lexington   Administrative Office of the Courts –
     Administrative Practice and will focus on          Public Library, has been named the library’s        Frankfort, Jim Keffer, Lexmark International,
     governmental affairs. McEwen previously            new program coordinator. In her new position,       Inc., Timothy M. Kelly, Lexington Herald-
     represented Ohio in the U.S. House of              she will be in charge of system-wide adult          Leader, Rabbi Marc Kline, Adath Israel
     Representatives for six terms, beginning in        programming such as the library’s annual One        Temple, Beth Llewellyn, Saint Joseph
     1980. During his Congressional service, he was     Book, One Lexington. Dean previously worked         HealthCare, Debbie Long, Dudley’s
     asked to serve as Special Presidential Envoy for   as a reference librarian at the Tates Creek         Restaurant & Buddy’s Bar and Grill, Chris
     both Presidents Ronald Reagan and George           Branch.                                             Moore, Nicholasville Paint, Mahendran
     H.W. Bush. He also served as a U.S.                                                                    Naidu, Techdomain, Inc., Paul O Brien,
     representative to the European Parliament from                                                         Toyota Motor Manufacturing, KY, James R.
     1985-1993.                                         The Kentucky Association of Health Plans
                                                        announced that Dustin Miller, a member of           Ogle, Jr., WKYT-TV, John O Hara, A.G.
                                                        the government affairs firm Public Policy            Edwards & Sons, Inc., William B. Owen,
     The Hyatt Regency Lexington recently               Associates, LLC, will join the association as       Lexington Center, Tom Padgett, Padgett
     welcomed a new General Manager, Lance              Executive Director. Member companies of the         Construction, Joy Sanders, University of
     Stumpf, and Human Resources Director, Todd         Kentucky Association of Health Plans include        Kentucky, Joshua E. Santana, Santana & Fay,
     Jaffee. They both previously worked at Hyatt       Anthem, Bluegrass Family Health, CHA Health,        PSC, Stu Silberman, Fayette County Public
     DFW in Dallas, Texas.                              University Healthcare Inc./Passport, and            Schools, Kathy Stein, State Representative,
                                                        UnitedHealthcare. Together, these companies         Jeri Stromquist, Lexmark International, Inc.,
                                                        provide health benefits to                           Sue Strup, University of Kentucky, Fran Taylor,
     Kentucky American Water announced the              2.4 million Kentuckians.                            Keeneland Association, Gerry van der Meer,
     promotions of Mitzi Combs, Tim Coy and                                                                 Crowne Plaza Campbell House, Curtis
     David Shehee. Combs was promoted to                                                                    Warren, LG&E Energy, and Isabel Yates,
                                                                                                            retired- LFUCG.
Welcome New Members
New Commerce Lexington Inc. members for the period of December 21, 2005 through January 16, 2006

                                                                                                                                                                GET INVOLVED
Alfalfa Restaurant, LLC                  Insurance Brokerage Services of      SkyTel                                    Top Marketing Group LLC
Restaurants                              Lexington, Inc.                      Communication Cellular / Wireless         Publishers
Vanessa Oliver                           Insurance                            Rike Sandlin                              Keith Yarber
141 East Main St., Suite 190             Greg Prewitt                         500 Clinton Center Drive, Building 2,     131 Prosperous Place, Suite 17
Lexington, KY 40507                      1604 Harrodsburg Rd.                 4th Floor                                 Lexington, KY 40509
Phone: (859) 253-0014                    Lexington, KY 40504                  Clinton, MS 39056                         Phone: (859) 552-3674
Web: www.alfalfarestaurant.com           Phone: (859) 245-8510                Phone: (601) 460-3573                     Web: www.topsinlex.com
                                                                              Web: www.skytel.com
American Eagle Airlines, Inc.            Knight Electronics & Design/KED                                                University Inn
Airline Companies                        Electronics Equipment                Southern States Lexington                 Hotels/Motels
Rene Goupil                              Larry Prinssen                       Cooperative Farm Supplies                 April Broadus
Blue Grass Airport, 4000 Terminal Dr.,   2151 Christian Road                  Mark Southworth                           1229 S. Limestone
Ste. 111                                 Lexington, KY 40509- 4301            949 Pine Street                           Lexington, KY 40503
Lexington, KY 40510                      Phone: (859) 252 -2646               Lexington, KY 40508- 3183                 Phone: (859) 278-6625
Phone: (859) 233-0290                    Web: www.knight-ed.com               Phone: (859) 255-7524                     Web: www.uinn.biz
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FEBRUARY 2006                                                            MARCH 2006
   7 IPN Resourceof Lexington presented by First Security Bank, Tates
     Creek branch
                              Public Library, 3:30-5:00 p.m.
                                                                            1 Leadership Lexington Youth Media Day
       — SEE PAGE 13                                                        2 New Member Reception presented by Nextel to be p.m. at
                                                                              Housewarmings (2312 Palumbo Drive), 4:30- 6:00

   8 Lexington Venture Club’s “Who Got the Money” reception,
     Griffin Gate Marriott’s Bluegrass Pavilion & Patio,
                                                                                — SEE PAGE 14

       5:00 - 7:00 p.m. — SEE PAGE 5                                    6&7 Ohio Valley Affiliatesco-sponsored by CommerceFourth
                                                                            Annual Conference,
                                                                                                  for Life Sciences (OVALS)

  9 Breakfast Suitespresented by(Richmond Road), 8:00-9:30 a.m.
                                  Greenebaum Doll & McDonald,                   Lexington Inc., Griffin Gate Marriott Resort

       — SEE PAGE 9                                                         9 Leadership Lexington Health & Human Services Day
       Leadership Lexington Youth program Diversity Day                    15 Leadership Central Kentucky at Scott County
10 Leadership Lexington Mid-Year Retreat
13 Commerce LexingtonStreet) beginning at 4:00 p.m.at Central
   Bank Building (Vine
                        Executive Committee meets

 15 Leadership Central Kentucky at Woodford County
20 Commerce Lexington Board ofA,Directors meets (if necessary) at
    Central Bank’s Training Room beginning at 4:00 p.m.

22 Business Link sponsored by Malone’s and Republic Bank,
   Malone’s Banquets (Lansdowne Shoppes), 5:00-7:00 p.m.
       — SEE PAGE 12

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