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					Personal Leadership

           Dato’ Dr Ahamad bin Sipon
        Director of SEAMEO Secretariat

 •Focus on prospective teachers

 •Some lose directions and fail to establish a
  clear path for themselves

 •Disregards other important aspects of life

 •At times, they believe that they have no
  control over different events which occur in
  their life
 •Teachers need to be personal leaders
 •They have a great degree of control over
  their own outcomes and circumstances

 • They need to have passion for continual growth
   and improvement and acknowledge their strengths
   and weaknesses and use them to propel their life in
   a positive direction
 • Teachers’ professional journey
 • An overview of what has been affecting teachers
   universally and how they react to them

 •Concept of ‘personal leadership’
 •Why and how ‘personal leadership’ should
  be incorporated in teacher preparation
 •Occupy numerous positions and in position
  to influence people
 •Face many issues and challenges
Teachers’ Professional Journey

 •Some would be able to deal with the issues
  and challenges, whilst others might find them

 •Many would become excellent teachers and
  educational administrators
Teachers’ Professional Journey

 •Some are fully committed to their job that
  they ignore other aspects of their life such as
  their health, social life, religion, and time
  with their family
 •Excellent teachers should be those with all
  rounded personality and able to balance all
  aspects of life
Teachers’ Professional Journey

 •Some teachers remain mediocre,
  complacent, detached and unwilling to move
  on and explore different avenues in their
  teaching career, unproductive, depressed,
  and sad as well as suffer from ‘burnt-out’
Teachers’ Professional Journey

 •Some could not see the way forward and find
  life as a teacher with new ideas and
  technologies troublesome. They are unable
  to cope with changes nor able to keep up
  with them
 •On the extreme, few might resort to drugs
Teachers’ Professional Journey

 •For these teachers, their life may be out of

 •Teachers should lead a balanced life. Great
  leaders and successful individuals throughout
  time have been known to have balance in
  their life. Instead of living to work, they work to
Teachers’ Professional Journey

 •Teachers need to be able to develop and
  lead themselves, have clear perspectives of
  the important things in life and find priorities
  in them so that they become more balanced
Teachers’ Professional Journey

 •Teachers who are stable intellectually,
  physically, emotionally and socially would
  be better educators
 •We should guide teachers in ‘personal
  leadership’. With ‘personal leadership’;
  teachers would be better equipped to face
  their professional journey
Teachers’ Professional Journey

 •‘Personal leadership’ is a concept, perhaps
  relatively new to education, but essential, for
  teachers to deal with their professional as
  well as personal life so that they become
  exceptional educators
Personal Leadership

 •Initially introduced in the mid 1990’s by Drs.
  J. Ramsey, Barbara F. Schaelti and Gordon
  C. Watanabe
Personal Leadership

 • Personal leadership is about one’s state of mind and heart
   whereby one takes leadership of one’s experience. It is not
   about leadership in the traditional sense of leading others;
   nonetheless, it does offer the possibility of a creative and
   inspiring relationship to work, family, friends and colleagues.

  It is about a way of being and of interacting with the world
  that begins from the ‘inside out’ (Transition Dynamics,
  2008). In other words, it can be viewed as how one leads
  one’s life before one leads others
Personal Leadership

 • ‘Personal leadership’ is a concept related neither to a
   position nor a title. Personal leadership is a trait and can be
   elaborated as the desire of an individual to take care of his
   or her own life. It is about individuals’ outlook on life and
   their role in the world.
  What is important is that personal leadership does not come
  easily to a person, nor does it require a magical formula.
  Instead, personal leadership requires commitment to
  balance, a sense of purpose and values. Thus, personal
  leadership can be achieved by anyone and everyone
Personal Leadership

 • Paul J. Meyer, the founder of Leadership Management
   International and a living example of personal development,
   success and leadership sees personal leadership as
    “the self-confident ability to crystallize your thinking and
  establish an exact direction for your own life, to commit
  yourself to moving in that direction, and then to take
  determined action to acquire, accomplish, or become
  whatever you identify as the ultimate goal for your life”
Personal Leadership

 Importance of Personal Leadership in Teaching
 • Teaching is an extremely demanding profession
 • Teaching requires in-depth knowledge of subject
   content, age-specific pedagogy, and many varied skills
   such as patience, leadership, and creativity, just to name
   a few
Personal Leadership

 •It is about having passion for life, appreciating
  students’ accomplishment, confidence and
  patience, understanding, having compassion
  for students and the ability to look at life in a
  different way and explain a topic in a different
Personal Leadership

 •Not everyone has the aura to become a
  teacher. Some leave the profession, some
  were asked to leave, some grow
  professionally despite it was not their first
  choice for a career.
  More importantly, these teachers may have
  ‘personal leadership’ qualities to help them
  make sense of their life, their teaching career
  and how to improve on them
Personal Leadership

 •Would be able to help teachers to deal with
  life in general. It is important that we equip
  teachers especially those who would be
  joining the profession, through their teacher
  initial training programme, tools and
  strategies to develop ‘personal leadership’ so
  that they could have a more fulfilling and
  meaningful life as individuals
Personal Leadership

 Personal Leadership in Teacher Preparation
 • Often in teacher preparation programme:
    ○We tend to focus amongst others on subject
     matter preparation, pedagogical preparation, and
     clinical training for classroom practice
Personal Leadership

   ○The objective is to furnish these teachers-to-be
    with knowledge and skills as well as to find ways
    of improving teacher education programme and

   ○What we neglect to do in the teacher preparation
    courses is to equip teachers with strategies to
    live as a teacher and as an individual
Personal Leadership

   ○We take for granted they would be able to adapt
    and adjust their life according to the demands of
    their professional, social and family life. They
    are faced with issues and challenges that may
    affect their personal as well as professional life
Personal Leadership

   ○Covey (1990), in his work on the habits of
    effective people, similarly suggests that personal
    and professional life is inseparable; as both tend
    to complement and impact one another in most
    profound way

   ○We should provide them with tools, knowledge
    and strategies to become well balanced persons
    in all aspects of life
Personal Leadership

   ○We must help them to find the strategies to
    prioritize and engage on each of the priorities.
    We have to provide strategies that help teachers
    to develop their potential to deal with expected or
    unexpected issues and challenges

   ○More importantly, we need to educate teachers
    that they have the control over key events in their
Personal Leadership

   ○Many people including teachers only develop
    and use less than 25 percent of their potential
    and tend to live on mediocrity
Personal Experience

 •Followed a Leadership Management
  International Programme on Effective
  Personal Leadership and The Total Person
 •Had achieved many goals
Personal Experience

 •Not given much attention to some aspects of
  my life

 •Wished I had followed the programme earlier
Aspects of Balanced Life based on the Total Person

 • Financial and career

 • Social and cultural

 • Family and home

 • Physical and health

 • Mental and educational, and

 • Spiritual and ethical
Financial and Career

 •Be taught and guided to enjoy their work,
  give their best

 •Be made aware that they have great
  potential and that opportunities are available
  for them to maximise their potential
Financial and Career

 •Be made to realise that teaching is a
  dynamic process and a learning process
  where as one develops as a teacher, one will
  increase one’s skills and knowledge
Financial and Career

 •Be made to realise that within the classroom
  they have the power to be creative and
  innovative, and that their enthusiasms can
  change the way children are taught, and
Financial and Career

 •Be made to aware that life as a teacher is
  very comfortable that the salary enables
  them to plan for their children’s education as
  well as their own retirement, providing they
  know how to manage their finance
Social and Cultural

 •Be encouraged to spend time with friends
  whom they could share their joy, experiences
  and knowledge, whom they could consult in
  time of need, and those whom would make
  them feel good and happy
Social and Cultural

 • Be helped to develop interests in culture and

 • Be encouraged to enjoy life and allocate time
  for recreational activities as well as outdoor
Family and Home

 • Be made to realise that quality time spent at
  home would enhance their family relationships

 • Be aware that their family deserve to be
  respected and appreciated and that they are
  equally important
Family and Home

 •Be taught how to manage delicate
  relationships of home and family, and

 •Be made to realise that they need to use
  their personal standards rather than society’s
  standards when dealing with family matters
Physical and Health

 •Be made to realise that our physical well
  being is the most precious gift that needs to
  be appreciated

 •Be taught how to look after their body so that
  they would be fit to fulfil their responsibilities
Physical and Health

 • Be taught the benefits of balanced diet and
   good nutrition on their physical conditions

 • Be encouraged to engage in physical activities
   and that exercises would make them feel better
   healthier and enable them to enjoy life more,
Physical and Health

 • Be made to realise that it is very expensive to
   be sick and unhealthy
Mental Capacity and Educational qualifications

 •Be made to realise that they need to grow
  and develop mentally and educationally
 •Be encouraged to keep seeking new
  knowledge for professional and personal
Mental Capacity and Educational qualifications

 •Be encouraged to invest in continuing
  education on a regular basis to become
  effective, and
 •Be encouraged to challenge their mental
  capacity to realise their full potential
Spiritual and Ethical aspects

 •Be reminded that religion is crucial in finding
  satisfaction in life
 •Be reminded to reconcile their relationship
  with a higher power
 •Be reminded that religion provides the
  guiding principles for their personal and
  social endeavours
Spiritual and Ethical aspects

 •Be reminded to be religious and that it is
  important to practice their religion, and

 •Be reminded to always seek ways to improve
  their religious practice
Concluding Remarks

 •Life as a teacher is highly demanding and
  extremely challenging

 •Some teachers will be able to face the
  demands and challenges positively and use
  them as a learning experience to become
  better teachers and better individuals
Concluding Remarks

 • For those teachers who are in service, they have to
   learn to realign their priorities so that things which
   are important in their life are not ignored and

 • Like to emphasise that by just focussing on content
   knowledge, pedagogical skills and field
   experiences, prospective teaches will not be
   adequately prepared to face the profession
Concluding Remarks

 •Thus, what we need to include in teacher
  preparation programme is guidance on
  ‘personal leadership’. In particular, how
  prospective teachers could learn how to
  survive, progress and develop as individuals

 •I believe we need to act now by ensuring that
  all teachers can be personal leaders
Concluding Remarks

 •Through this effort, it is hoped that
  prospective teachers can become
  outstanding and inspiring educators for their
  students and other stakeholders

 •I hope my talk today has provided some
  valuable insights into the issue of personal
  leadership and teacher preparation