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Higher and higher


									                            Higher and higher
          Level: 2º E.S.O.
          Grammar: comparative and superlative form of adjectives
          (regular and irregular); comparative and superlative structures.
          Functions: to describe sports and general activities; to compare
          sports, teams and players
          Vocabulary: soccer, footballers, hooliganism.
          Phonetics: pronunciation of comparative and superlative endings

      The lesson is divided into four sections: Footballers, Teams, Games and Culture.
Each section contains various exercises that cover the contents described above.

Sessions: This lesson has been designed to be covered in approximately 120 minutes,
that is, two 60 minute teaching sessions, but of course, the time spent on it by each
group of students will depend on their previous knowledge of the topic, the contents and
the grammar and vocabulary included in the lesson.

      The structure of the unit is as follows:

PART 1 - Footballers
Exercise 1 consists of three parts. The first two parts introduce a brief description of a
couple of footballers for students to read and understand, whereas part three contains
the reading comprehension exercise that students must do after reading the texts. It is a
fill in the gaps exercise for them to use comparative forms of the adjectives they have
previously read in the two texts.

Exercise 2 consists of two parts. In both parts students are provided with a list of
adjectives and they must write their comparative and superlative form.

Exercise 3 provides students with an example of a comparative clause. Following that
pattern, they must write more comparative clauses in order to describe the two
footballers they have seen before. They are provided with a sample key to check their

Exercise 4 is a rewriting exercise for students to consolidate the use of comparative and
superlative adjectives and the description of people. They are provided with an original
sentence together with an adjective between brackets and they must use that adjective
to rewrite the original sentence in such a way that it does not change its meaning.
PART 2 - Teams
Exercise 1 consist of two parts. In the first part, students can see information about
three well known football teams. In the second part they must use that information in
order to answer several comprehension questions. They can check their answers using
the buttons provided.

Exercise 2 is a multiple choice comprehension exercise in which the students must
choose the right form of the adjective in order to complete several sentences based on
the previous text.

Exercise 3 consists of two parts. In both of them students can listen to a basic
comparative or superlative sentence regarding the footballers and teams introduced
along the lesson. They must translate what they hear into Spanish. They can compare
their translation with a sample key by clicking the Key button.

Exercise 4 is a fill in the gaps exercise that includes two parts. It is aimed at students’
consolidating comparative and superlative forms of adjectives. They must complete
each sentence on the screen by dragging the right form of the adjective into the space

PART 3 - Games
Exercise 1 is a phonetics exercise that consists of two parts. In the first part students
must join each phonetically transcribed comparative form of an adjective with its
corresponding spelling, whereas in the second part they must do the same, although
now the forms are superlative ones.

Exercise 2 consists of three parts. In each part students are provided with unordered
comparative and superlative clauses, which they must put into the right order.

Exercise 3 contains a listening text in which five footballers are compared. Students
must listen to the text and write it in the space provided.

Exercise 4 consists of two parts. Each part is a memory game in which students must
match the right adjective with its corresponding comparative or superlative form.

PART 4 - Culture
Exercise 1 is a reading and listening comprehension text. Students can read and listen
to a text regarding football and hooliganism.

Exercise 2 is a multiple choice exercise that consists of four parts. Students must
choose the right option to complete the sentences they can see on the screen. All the
sentences regard the comprehension text they have read in the previous exercise.
Exercise 3 is a Hangman game for students to learn vocabulary regarding football.
They are provided with 25 Spanish words which they must try and find in English.

Extra information: Each exercise in the unit contains a Task button, which shows
students what to do in the exercise, together with a Grammar button, which opens
grammar explanations regarding comparative.
Besides, students will find Verify, Clear and Solve buttons that will provide them with
their score in the exercises, will allow them to start the exercises again or will let them
see the right answers to the exercise.
The key button always provides students with a sample answer to their exercise, which
does not mean it is the only possible answer; it is just a sample answer, the teacher may
well provide more answers if he or she considers it necessary.
The Listen button is there for students to click and listen to the texts provided.
The retry button allows students to start the game again; it appears in the Memory
game so that they can begin from scratch if considered adequate.
                         Higher and higher - Answer key

PART 1 - Footballers
  Exercise 1
    younger / older / older / younger / thinner / fatter / better / worse / more / fewer
  Exercise 2
    Screen 1
       strong           stronger        strongest           quick           quicker        quickest
        fast            faster          fastest             large           larger         largest
        short           shorter         shortest            nice            nicer          nicest
        old             older          oldest               fat            fatter          fattest

    Screen 2
       thin             thinner        thinnest             good           better          best
        slim            slimmer         slimmest            bad             worse          worst
                                                                            more           most
        heavy           heavier        heaviest             intelligent
                                                                            intelligent    intelligent
                                                                            more           most
        happy           happier         happiest            relaxed
                                                                            relaxed        relaxed

  Exercise 3 (Possible answers)
    1. Raúl plays better than Beckham
    2. Beckham is more relaxed than Raúl
    3. Raúl's hair is darker than Beckham's
    4. Beckham is more handsome than Raúl
    5. Raúl is more serious than Beckham
    6. Raúl is fitter than Beckham
    7.Raúl is fitter than Beckham
    8. Beckham is more friendly than Raúl / Beckham is friendlier than Raúl
    9. Beckham is slimmer than Raúl.
  Exercise 4
    1. Raúl is younger than Beckham
    2. Beckham is fatter than Raúl.
    3. Beckham has scored fewer goals
    4. Raúl is uglier than Beckham
    5. Beckham is a worse player than Raúl
    6. Beckham is slower than Raúl
    7. Beckham's ring is smaller than Raúl's
    8. Becham's T-shirt is darker than Raúl's
    9. Raúl is stronger than Beckham
    10. Beckham has more children than Raúl
PART 2 - Teams
  Exercise 1
    Manchester United is the oldest
    Barcelona has the largest stadium
    Real Madrid has won most European Cups
    Real Madrid has won the Premier League most often
    Manchester United is the richest
  Exercise 2
    richest / best / more / fitter / richer
  Exercise 3
    Screen one: El Manchester United es más antiguo que el Real Madrid
                El Barcelona es más rico que el Real Madrid
                El Bernabeu es mayor que el Old Trafford
    Screen two: Beckham es el jugador más tranquilo de Gran Bretaña
                Raúl es el jugador más rápido de Europa
                Raúl es el jugador más serio de España
  Exercise 4
    Screen one: Real Madrid is very good. It's the best team in the world
                Manchester United is very old. It's the oldest team in Europe
                Barcelona has a very large stadium. It's the largest in Spain
                Old Trafford is a small stadium. It's the smallest in Europe
    Screen two: Beckham is a very friendly player. He's the friendliest player I know
                Raúl is a very hard-working player. He's the most hard-working player I've met
                Beckham is a bad player. He's the worst player in Britain
                Raúl is a happy player. He's the happiest player in Spain

PART 3 - Games
  Exercise 2
    Screen one: Madrid is bigger than Manchester / Manchester is the oldest town
    Screen two: Which is the largest city? / Barcelona is more beautiful than Manchester
    Screen three: Which is the most popular city? / Madrid has more teams than Barcelona
  Exercise 3
    Hierro is the oldest in the team. Raúl isn't older than Morientes, but he is shorter. Morientes
    has got more hair than Roberto Carlos, but Roberto Carlos is faster than him. Zidane is the
    tallest and the fittest of the five players.

PART 4 - Culture
  Exercise 2
    Tennis isn't older than football
    It is the sport with the greatest number of supporters in the world
    Football is the richest sport in the world.
    Hooligans are the worst supporters in football
  Exercise 3
    bench / championship / changing room / crossbar / defender / draw / extra-time / field / first /
    half / flagpost / forward / foul / free kick / goal kick / goalkeeper / injured / kick-off / league /
    linesman / coach / match / midfield player / national team / referee / scoreboard
                      Higher and higher - Audio scripts

PART 2 - Teams
  Exercise 3
    Screen one:
     Man United is older than Real Madrid
     Barcelona is richer than Real Madrid
     The Bernabeu is bigger than Old Trafford
    Screen two:
     Beckham is the most relaxed player in Britain
     Raúl is the fastest player in Europe
     Raúl is the most serious player in Spain

PART 3 - Games
  Exercise 3
       Hierro is the oldest in the team. Raúl isn't older than Morientes, but he is shorter.
    Morientes has got more hair than Roberto Carlos, but Roberto Carlos is faster than him.
    Zidane is the tallest and the fittest of the five players.

PART 4 - Culture
  Exercise 1
       Football began in England. It's a very old game, older than basketball or tennis. It's more
    than a hundred years old and it's the sport with the greatest number of supporters in the world.
       In the past, football was a game for fun, but nowadays it is the richest sport all over the
    planet and football players are the best-paid sportsmen of all times.
       Football supporters are the most faithful and enthusiastic fans in the world, but there are
    some very violent supporters in every team. They are called hooligans and they are the most
    dangerous football fans. They do not enjoy the game, they only spoil it.

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