Adjective Clause Exercises

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					                                      Adjective Clause Exercises

Exercise A: Copy the adjective clause from each sentence. Underline the subject once and the verb twice. Before the
clause, write the word it modifies.

EXAMPLE: She is the teacher who wrote our textbook. Answer: teacher-who wrote our textbook

1. It was the coldest winter that New Yorkers had ever experienced.
2. The maple tree that Grandpa planted is over twenty feet tall.
3. Staph germs in the body head for tissue that is damaged.
4. Donna is the cheerleader who also plays baseball.
5. One American writer who lived in Paris was James Baldwin.
6. The man who is wearing a neck brace was in a car accident.
7. The mayor is the person to whom the petition should be sent.
8. Fireflies, which are really beetles, produce cold lights.
9. The milk that is in this carton smells sour.
10. This is the time of day that I like best.

Exercise B: Follow the directions for Exercise A.

1. One of the cities that produced early jazz is New Orleans.
2. The carpenter who made this cabinet is eighty years old.
3. In almost every family there is someone who cannot throw anything away.
4. Panama, which joins Central America and South America, is a small but important country.
5. The silo in which the soybeans were stored was struck by lightning.
6. The artist and her husband designed their own home, which was made of steel and glass.
7. The manager gave the reporter a list of the players whose contracts had been renewed.
8. The man whose dog bit me drove me to the hospital.
9. Sunday night is the time when television attracts the most viewers.
10. The window which was broken was repaired by a glazier.