Comparison of adjectives by pengxiuhui


									 Comparison of adjectives
There are cases in our life when we
need to compare things.
                 The first baby is as beautiful as the
                 second one.
                 We use as + adjective + as
                 to say that the things are the same.
                 We use not as + adjective + as
                 to say that the things are not the
Comparing Two Things
  (short adjectives)

  Ball 1 is smaller than ball 2

  Ball 2 is bigger than ball 1

   short adjective + er + than
Comparing Two Things
  (long adjectives)

       The first house is more modern than
       the second one.

          more + long adjective + than
                  Superlative Form
                  (short adjectives)

                              Mount Blanc            Mount Hermon
The Everest                   4,807 meters           2,814 meters
8,848 meters

  The Everest is the highest mountain in the world

               the + adjective +est
                 Superlative Form
                 (long adjectives)

Tiger is the most dangerous animal in the cat family

       the most + adjective
                 Spelling Rules
big-bigger than –the biggest
nice-nicer than-the nicest
happy-happier than-the happiest
good- better than-the best
bad-worse than-the worst
many / much-more than-the most
little smaller than-the smallest (size)
       less than-the least (quantity)

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