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									Causes of Hair Loss

Hair is an important part of human’s body. In addition to provide protection it is also a form
of beauty to most people. And it is also part of our natural human process to lose some hair
in certain cycles of our life, eg: aging, pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy, certain medication,
illnesses, etc.

Although losing hair happens daily in our life, but losing hair in big amount without
replacement is worrisome. Losing hair in such way could be a sign or symptom of some
illnesses. When such symptom is detected, early treatment need to be given. There are many
types of clinical treatments available in the market and also natural herbal treatments. Before
deciding which treatment to go for, careful study and research needs to be done as wrong
treatment will only cause the problem to be more serious.

Normally treatments will take a while to see the results. While waiting for the results, one can
try to cover the extend of the hair loss by wearing a wig, styling the hair by having a fuller
and longer hair look, applying hair mousse, etc. Such cosmetics treatment can temporary
boost the self-confidence while waiting for the treatment to take effect.

Although there are many treatments available, it’s better for us to prevent hair loss from
happening at all. We should try to prevent hair loss by maintaining healthy hair and scalp and
taking healthy food. In our diet, we need to ensure that the food we take are rich in fresh
vegetables and fruits and low in salt and msg.

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