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					Business Plan (BP) is basically a written description of the future of business, which
explains the WHAT and HOW plans. BP is usually used by entrepreneurs who are
looking for prospective investors to express their vision to potential investors. BP is
also often used by companies to attract key employees, prospect new business,
dealing with suppliers, or even just to give to anyone so they better understand how to
manage the company better.

BP is generally comprised of business goals, strategy used to achieve them, potential
problems to be faced about and how to overcome them, organizational structure
(including job title and responsibilities), and capital needed to finance the company
and how to defend it to reach break even .

Interesting whether a BP also depends on how I write and arrange. Often we have a
brilliant business idea, but covered in expressed in the form of BP. A business plan
will be good if it followed the guidelines agreed upon in general in the business
world, both in terms of composition and content.

There are 3 main parts of a Business Plan:
1.Yang first is the Business Concept, which describes in detail the industry that was
involved, business structure, products and services offered and how the plan to
succeed in business.
2.Yang second is the market / market, which discusses and analyzes the potential
customers: who and where they are, what causes them to want to buy, and others. In
this section, also need to explain the competition to be faced and how to position
themselves to win it.
The third is the Financial 3.Yang, including estimates of revenues and cash flow,
balance sheet and other financial ratios, such as break-even analysis. To this will
probably require the help of an accountant and a good spreadsheet software program.

The three parts can be divided further, into 7 key components:
1.Executive summary
Business 2.Deskripsi
3.Strategi market
Competitive 4.Analisis
5.Rencana Design and Development
6.Rencana Operations and Management
7.Faktor-financial factors

The short length of a BP is dependent functions of the business plan itself. BP usually
thick 15-20 pages. But if proposing a new business or even a new industry, it will
require more explanation to deliver it, maybe even up to 100 pages long. Similarly, if
need millions of dollars in capital to start a business at risk, it will be necessary to
provide a lot of explaining to convince. But if you only want to use those plans for
internal purposes, to regulate business, then an abbreviated version is sufficient.

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