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									Effective Rotary
     Rotary Clubs and RI
Rotary clubs exist to encourage the ideal of
service as a basis of worthy enterprise.
Rotary International is the association of
Rotary clubs throughout the world. Rotary
International is only effective if its member
clubs are effective.

Effective clubs pursue the Object of Rotary,
carrying out activities along each Avenue of
           Effective Clubs
Effective clubs are identified by their
ability to:
 • Sustain and increase their membership base
 • Implement successful service projects in their
   community and communities in other
 • Support the Rotary Foundation both
   financially and through program participation
 • Develop leaders capable of serving in Rotary
   beyond the club level
Sustain & Grow Membership
Effective Rotary clubs should strive to keep
current members and bring in new members. To
be effective, Rotary clubs need committed,
knowledgeable members who wish to provide
service. More members results in:
 •   More service potential for a club
 •   More supporters of The Rotary Foundation
 •   A larger pool of workers and future leaders
 •   How would you like to have 2-3 more Rotarians to
     help share the load? (That would add 100+ to Dist.
     6400 headcount.)
Successful Service Projects
              Effective clubs provide
              service to their local
              community and in
              communities of other
              countries. “Service Above
              Self”, Rotary’s motto,
              embodies the ideal of
              service that a club must
              practice in order to be
              effective. These service
              efforts make a positive
              difference in the world.
Support Rotary Foundation
Effective clubs support the mission of The
Rotary Foundation,world peace and
understanding, by participating in
Foundation programs. Through financial
contributions, Rotary clubs ensure that the
programs of the Foundation and its mission
will continue.
Leaders Beyond the Club Level
Effective clubs plan for the future by
continually developing potential leaders for
office at all levels of the organization. District
leaders help coordinate club efforts that
result in service output no club could
achieve on their own. Strong leaders at each
level of Rotary ensures that clubs
accomplish their goals.
Your Role As President -Elect
   On July 1, 2007, you will become President-
   Please help the President in all ways possible
   Study the Presidents Manual and be prepared
    for your President-Elect training in March
   Encourage all club leaders to attend the
    District Assembly in April, 2007 and 2008
   Work with the President and the Board to
    ensure continuity of club leadership and
   Attend club committee meetings to assist &
Club Leadership Plan

 Recommended Administrative
  Structure for Rotary Clubs
The purpose of the Club Leadership Plan is
to strengthen Rotary at the club level by
providing the administrative framework of
an effective club.
   Extension of the District Leadership Plan to the
    club level
   Provides list of steps clubs should take to
    implement the plan
   Fosters continuity and consensus among
   Includes simplified list of standing club
    committees that are supported by the district
   Supported by the new Recommended Rotary
    Club Bylaws
   Can be implemented at any time
     Implementation Steps
1.   Develop a long-range plan that addresses
     the elements of an effective club.
2.   Set annual goals using the Planning Guide
     for Effective Rotary Clubs in harmony with
     the long-range plan.
3.   Conduct club assemblies that involve
     members in planning and keep them
     informed about Rotary.
     Implementation Steps
4.   Ensure clear communication between the
     club president, board, committee chairs,
     club members, district governor, assistant
     governors, and district committees.
5.   Provide for continuity in leadership,
     including the concept of succession
     planning to ensure development of future
     Implementation Steps
6.   Amend bylaws to reflect the club committee
     structure and roles and responsibilities of
     club leaders.
7.   Provide opportunities to increase fellowship
     among members of the club.
8.   Ensure that every member is active in a
     club project or function.
     Implementation Steps
9.   Develop a comprehensive training plan that
      Club leaders attend district training
      Orientation is consistently and regularly
        provided for new members
      Ongoing educational opportunities are
        available for current members
                   New Standing

                                Club Board

   Club          Club Public                      Service       The Rotary
Administration    Relations                       Projects      Foundation

*Additional committees can be appointed as needed on an annual basis
                  New Standing
                               Club Board

   Club          Club Public                    Service        The Rotary
Administration    Relations                     Projects       Foundation

Reports          Internal      Recruiting      Community       EREY
Finances         External      Fellowship      Vocational      PHF, PHS
Meetings                       Motivation      International   Benefactor
                               Member          Fundraising     Bequest
  New Standing Committees

                                 Club Board

   Club          Club Public                       Service      The Rotary
Administration    Relations                        Projects     Foundation

                   Public        Membership         District    The Rotary
                 Relations      Development        Programs     Foundation
                 Committee        Committee       Committees    Committee
                 District support of the Club Leadership Plan
         The Five Essential
   The next slides are brief descriptions of
    the five essential club committees.
   There is a manual for each committee in
    your Club Officers Kit.
   You will want to add or delete other
    committees to suit your needs…for
    example, a Youth Committee or
    Fundraising Committee
      Club Administration
 This committee is responsible for all
  the club’s administrative activities.
 Both the club’s secretary and
  treasurer should be members of this
 The club secretary should help fulfill
  the reporting requirements.
    Membership Committee
 Resource for helping to achieve club
  membership goals
 Develops and implements a plan for
  recruiting and retaining club
Service Projects Committee
 Resource for helping you conduct
  successful service projects
 Plans and carries out educational,
  humanitarian, and vocational
  projects that address the needs of
  your club’s community and
  communities in other countries
RI and Rotary Foundation
     Interact                      Rotary Youth
     Rotaract                       Leadership Awards
     Global Networking Groups       (RYLA)
     Rotary Friendship             World Community
      Exchange                       Service (WCS)
     Rotary Volunteers             Humanitarian Grants
     Rotary Youth Exchange
                                    Educational Programs
                                    PolioPlus and
                                     PolioPlus Partners
    The Rotary Foundation
 Resource for helping you achieve
  Foundation goals
 Educates Rotarians about The Rotary
 Develops and carries out plans to
  support the Foundation through
  financial contributions, bequests,
  and club participation in Foundation
Public Relations Committee

   Develops and executes a plan to
    provide the public with information
    about Rotary and promotes the club’s
    service projects and activities
   Mission of The Rotary
To support the efforts of Rotary
International in the fulfillment of the
Object of Rotary, Rotary’s mission, and
the achievement of world understanding
and peace through local, national, and
international humanitarian, educational,
and cultural programs
   Feedback from Clubs
“Thank you for giving us the opportunity
 to embrace this new structure. It has
 given us the freedom to think outside
 the box and to reenergize the club by
 shaking it up and cleaning house.”
“We were able to shape our bylaws to
 meet the character of our club and at the
 same time meet the objectives of RI.”
   Continuity in projects and decision
   Consensus for decision making and goal
   A larger and stronger field of club leaders
   Succession planning for club leadership
   Involves all club members in club
Implementation Timeframe
Before the start of the Rotary Year (Jan –
 Incoming and current club board agrees
  to implement the Club Leadership Plan
 Club assembly held to involve all
 Club agrees to adopt the new
  Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws as of
  1 July
 Club determines its long-range plan
 Club sets annual goals using the Planning
  Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs
   District Governor
   Assistant District Governors
   District committee members
   Club Leadership Plan (EN-245)
   Club Leadership Plan policy
   Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws
   Planning Guide for Effective Rotary
   Leadership Development Training
    Planning Guide For Effective Clubs
    (Appendix 39 of Club President’s Manual)
   This will be your responsibility next year as
    President-Elect, but you can certainly assist the
    current PE in completing this year’s form
   It is an inventory of your club’s current state and
    future state in the five areas of club organization,
    plus Leadership Development:
       1. Membership
       2. Service Projects
       3. Rotary Foundation
       4. Leadership Development
       5. Public Relations
       6. Club Administration
    Planning Guide For Effective Clubs
    (Appendix 39 of Club President’s Manual)

   Based on the current - to - future state planning, your
    club will develop goals for all six areas, plus others
    that the club deems appropriate. Examples:
      - 30 Members by April, 2008
      - X, y, z service projects for our local
      - X, y Service projects for other countries
      - Annual RI contributions goal of $5,000
      - Participate in x, y, z RIF programs
      - 100% of club officers attend District
      - Two Rotarians serve on District committees
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