Charges of Ions by hcj


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                        Charges and Names of Ions

Group Element Ion                    name              Group Element Ion               name
label        symbol                                    label        symbol
             Li                                                   Si     No ions

             Be                                                   P

               B    No ions                                       S

               C    No ions                                       Cl

             N                                                    Ar     No ions

             O                                                    K

               F                                                  Ca

             Ne     No ions                                       Br

            Na                                                     I

            Mg                                                    Ba

             Al                                                   Sr

         Ion                     name                           Ion                  name
       symbol                                                 symbol
        Fe2+                                                    Cr3+

                               Iron (III)                                            Silver

                              Cobalt (III)                                         cadmium

        Ni2+                                                    Cu+

                                Tin (IV)                                           Copper (II)

         Pb2+                                                   Zn2+

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