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Bike Ride details

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Log of our bike ride

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									24-Oct-07 3:45 PM Start from RA Puram 5:00pm Reached Poonthamalli 5:30 PM start from Poonthamalli 6:30 PM 9:00 PM 10:30 PM 12:00 PM Kanchipuram Ambur Krishnagiri Dharmapuri

Kms 20

65 180 260 313

25-Oct-07 6:00 AM Start from Dharmapuri 7:15 AM Starting of good Highway 9:00 AM Mettur 315 380

10:00 AM Ammapet 11:30 AM Sathy

400 470

2:30 PM Thengumaragada 4:30 PM Bhavanisagar Dam

6:15 PM Thimbum


8:00 PM Chamarajnagar


10:15 PM Gundalpet 26-Oct-07 6:30 AM Start from Gundalpet


8:00 AM Sulthan Bathery


9:45 AM Edakkal Caves 12:45 PM Meenmutty Falls

660 678

3:30 PM Kalpetta 6:30 PM Mananthavadi

720 755

27-Oct-07 4:40 AM Starting the bike to cross kerala border 5:30 AM Kutta (Kerala border) 780

6:30 AM Srimangalam 8:15 AM Virajpet 11:00 AM Madikeri

790 850

12:30 AM Abbey falls 3:00 PM Nisargadhama 5:00 PM Tibetian monastry

860 890 900

8:30 PM Srirangapatna 10:00 PM Mandya 28-Oct-07 6:15 AM Start from Mandya

970 990

8:30 AM Electronic city


10:00 AM Krishnagiri


1:00 PM Vellore 4:00 PM Chennai 4:00 PM Hosure (Rest of bikers ) 5:00 PM Krishnagiri (Gypsy & Rest of bikers) 12:00 PM Chennai (Gypsy & Rest of the gang)

1290 1470

Drive Status Heavy City Traffic


Fun with Arul: Couldn’t explain the position of his location and stop dinner Road was very bad, had tea, stay at a hotel Started raining

Very bad road, traffic, drive through muddy, sides and zig zag roads Drive through ghats towards thoppur was really stop for 10 minutes due to rain, had tea, picked up refreshing and really cool Dinesh from Mettur Usual fun with Arul, couldn’t catch him after Mettur, stopped 3 kms after ammapet instead of Road was good, light breakfast at a small hotel. ammapet Road was mostly good, with occasional bad and muddy roads Lunch at Sathy Refilled gas for Gypsy and bikes, decided to go for thengumaragada by Gypsy Sridhar Nudging seelan off his bike just when we started towards thengumaragada. Arul losing his Thengumaragada was a disappoinment except. mobile phone and purse. Miraculously reached us Few peacocks & deer. Worst of the road. Best when we were having a tasty & fresh fish fry at the place to test drive an SUV dam

Fantastic route, 27 hair pin binds, myst covering the road, just as we reach thimbum Luckily no incidents Mostly good roads, with occasionally bad roads in between, driving behind gypsy throughout in the night, dinner at a hotel Mostly good roads, with occasionally bad roads in between, driving behind gypsy throughout in the night, stay in a decent hotel

Mixed condition till we touch the sanctuaries, roads in the sanctuary are really smooth. Amazing road in the sanctuary and the morning Good sight of deers, one elephant herd in the dirve is excellent sanctuary. Breakfast at Bathery

Usual kerala roads. A good steep uphill and a downhill stretch. Jeep ride to the caves on the steep hill is breath taking, Nothing much in the caves except few scribblings by the neanderthals Rocky, muddy road for a kms on the hill. Furious falls was great

Seelan went off the track, marinated gooseberries and mangoes at a shop near the caves were really tasty Steep trek down to the falls and uphill terrain from the falls was really tiring Seelan went off the track. Rush for a km to catch him back. Lunch at Affas hotel, Arul decided to leave back to Chennai

Gas filling for gypsy on the way. Excellent dinner at Bismillah hotel. 2 meals, 2 fish fry, 1 chicken chilly, 1 kadala curry all for Rs I ignored Districk harthal strike news from my 100 cousins' friend Decided to start very early next morning to cross kerala border after Sridhar heard about Local harthal from a workshop guy. Hotel receptionist helped us showing us the exact route to cross the border quickly.

Through the wildlife sanctuary Break for tea, decent road. getting to verify the condition of gypsy from a local mechanic.

no wildlife except few gliztening eyes of deers

Not much of stories till madikeri Gypsy repaired Very good and broad falls. Not as furious as Meenmutty. disappointed not able to take bath. felt bloody sleepy on the road. Would have slept if Just a picnic spot. Wondered why we went there it was highway I took the Jeep . Road condition till the diversion Sridhar had some work in mysore so Gypsy left for for monastry was pathetic mysore Road was bad for 5 kms and then pretty good wide road without any markers. Tough to identify where we are travellig in the night Started raining. Waited for 1/2 hour in a petrol bunk, decided to stay at Mandya

I got diverted to a place ahead of srirangapatna in the rush to reach and take rest Seelan and Prashant decided to leave early morning at 4:30am.

Good road till mysore road / hosur road bypass. Bypass road broken in many places. Still saved good one hour of city traffic. Breakfast at electronic city

Filled up petrol and rest for 15 minutes on a shed near the bunk Started raining just after krishnagiri. Never stopped even after reaching chennai. Lunch at Aryas. Break at a Mosque for 15 mins just after Vellore. Reached chennai safely. Arul missed Hosur and reached Krishnagiri as usual. Seelan & Prashant decided to take rest in the Gypsy while Arul & Sridhar drove the bike Everybody reached safely

Totally drenched

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