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					                   Bureau Of Indian Education
                   Recovery Act

                   Prime Recipient Reporting
                   Webex Training

                                  Friday, March 19, 2010

Bureau of Indian

Frank Dumanal, PMP                                        Prime Recipient Reporting
Senior Project Manager
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Management (DAS-M) Office
Office Phone: (703) 390-6379
Cell: (202) 631-5797


   BIE ARRA Recipient Reporting Training Presentation
   BIE Tip Sheet
   Federal Reporting Data Model (Data Dictionary)
   FederalReporting Excel Template (Grants)
   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Recipients
   CFDA Crosswalk
   Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) ARRA

Overview and Objectives

 Prime Recipient and FRPIN               Initial Submission
  Definition                              Specific Data Elements Guidance
 and                Recipient Review Relationship               Agency Review
 Basic Recipient Framework               Lessons Learned
 Recipient Reporting Example             Timeline and Activities for
 Prime Recipient Responsibilities         Continuous QA
 April 2010 Reporting Life-Cycle         Reporting Assistance/Where to Find
  Flow                                     Information
 Registration

Prime Recipient Definition

Non-Federal entity that receives Recovery Act funding as Federal awards in the form of
grants, cooperative agreements, or loans directly from the Federal Government.

FRPIN Definition
 FederalReporting PIN (FRPIN)
     – Nine-digit number created by
     – Need a FRPIN for each DUNS number you will be reporting
     – assigns each DUNS number a unique FRPIN
     – Your organization may have received multiple ARRA awards under
        multiple DUNS numbers
     – You will need to identify each DUNS number for which you will be reporting
     – FRPIN is provided to your organization POC as listed in the Central
        Contractor Registration (CCR) database
     – POC will serve as your DUNS administrator or will delegate that
        responsibility to another person in your organization

                                       6 &

                     Recipient Reporting                                            Reporting Data Portal

                                                               Publish                    Provides:
           • Recipient Registration        Database                      Database         • Public data access
           • Recipient Reporting                                                          • Coverage Maps
           • Report Review and                                                            • Standard Reports
             Validation                                                                   • Reported Data

  On-line web         Excel                  Custom software
  browser             Spreadsheet            XML
  Method 1            Method 2               Method 3

Basic Prime Recipient Framework




Prime Recipient Responsibilities

 •   Ultimately responsible for reporting ALL data required by
     Section 1512 of the Recovery Act and OMB Guidance
 •   Must report three additional elements associated with any
     vendors receiving funds from the prime recipient for payments
     greater than $25K

April 2010 - Reporting timeline and
           1 -10      11-21             22-29

  Reporting is a quarterly responsibility that begins for the reporting
                   period in which the award is made.
Registration Pre-requisites

 •   Valid email address
 •   All recipients must have a DUNS number
 •   Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
     – Prime recipient must be registered

DUNS: getting started

 •   Does your organization already have a DUNS number? Multiple
     DUNS numbers?
     – Check at
 •   What is the DUNS number associated with this award?
     – Check award documentation
     – If not on the award documentation, use the DUNS number
       your organization provided on the award application
 •   Do you already have a DUNS number registered in CCR?
 •   If you don‟t have a DUNS number, you may obtain on at

DUNS: obtaining a DUNS

 To request a new DUNS number, you               •   Physical address
     will need the following information:        •   Mailing address (if different)
 • Legal name                                    •   Telephone number
 • Headquarters name and address                 •   Contact name and title
 • “Doing business as” name                      •   Number of employees at your
                                                     physical location
CCR Registration
 •   Check to see if you have either an active or inactive CCR

CCR Search

CCR Search (cont’d)

CCR Search (cont’d)

CCR Registration (cont‟d)
 •   Use the “Start New Registration” button
 •   If you have an inactive registration, contact the CCR Assistance Center

Registration user types

 There are several different types of users in

 1                            2                            3                               4
       Federal Agency             Recipient Point of             Recipient DUNS                Recipient User
            User                      Contact                     Administrator

     • Award and/or fund          • Validates recipient        • Shares responsibilities   • Able to submit
       Recovery Act grants,         users reporting on           with Recipient POC          recipient reports
       loans, and/or                behalf of the                for one particular
                                                                                           • Must have FRPIN
       contracts                    organization                 DUNS number
                                                                                             number approved by
     • Track and monitor          • Assigns DUNS               • Can only serve as           the Recipient POC or
       awards                       Administrators               DUNS Administrator          DUNS Administrator
     • Review and comment         • Removes users from           for one DUNS number
       on recipient reports         DUNS organizations         • Remove users from
                                  • Administers FRPIN            DUNS organizations
                                                               • Administer FRPIN

FR.GOV Registration

 •   After you have established a DUNS number, CCR registration,
     and have an administration strategy:
     –   Go to
     –   Click the “Register Now” button
     –   Follow the registration steps

Initial Submission
Recipient reporting methods
 Method One - Online data entry through a web browser
 •   Data entry form
 •   Access through user‟s desktop web browser
 •   Time-out function built-in

 Method Two - Excel spreadsheet
 •   Download and fill out spreadsheet
 •   Upload into
 •   Requires Excel 2003 or newer
 •   Spreadsheet “locked” to prevent modifications
 •   As of 3/17/2010, Version 1.6

 Method Three - Custom software system extract in Extensible Markup
   Language (XML)
 •   OMB guidance contains data dictionary and XML schema
 •   Must match a specific XML schema format
 •   XML schema available on
Initial Submission
Avoid duplicate reports
 Scenario One - Decentralized reporting at the prime recipient level


    Director A reports
          $100K                         $200K erroneously reported
                         $200K            to
                                              instead of $100K
    Director B reports

  • Prime Recipient does not establish a single point of entry
  • Allows for multiple parties to enter data
  • Two different officials inadvertently create separate records
    and reporting on the same activity
Initial Submission
Prime Recipient required data
•    Recipient Name*                                 •   Total Number of Payments to
•    Award Type                                          Vendors less than $25K/ Award
•    Award Number*                                   •   Total Amount of Payments to
•    Final Report                                        Vendors less than $25K/ Award
•    Recipient DUNS Number                           •   Total Number of Sub Awards less
•    Recipient Account Number                            than $25K/Award
•    Recipient Congressional District                •   Total Amount of Sub Awards less
•    Funding Agency Code                                 than $25K/Award
•    Awarding Agency Code                            •   Award Description
•    Award Date                                      •   Project Name or Project/Program
•    Amount of Award*
                                                     •   Project Status
•    CFDA Number
                                                     •   Total Federal Amount ARRA
•    Program Source (TAS)
                                                         Funds Received/Invoiced
•    Sub Account Number for Program
                                                     •   Number of Jobs*
     Source (TAS)
                                                     •   Description of Jobs Created
•    Total Number of Sub Awards to
     Individuals                                     •   Quarterly Activities/Project
•    Total Amount of Sub Awards to
     Individuals                                     •   Activity Code (NAICS or NTEE-
    * If incorrect, OMB currently considers a “Significant Error”
Initial Submission
Prime Recipient required data (cont‟d)
•   Total Federal Amount of ARRA             •   Infrastructure City
    Expenditure                              •   Infrastructure State
•   Total Federal ARRA Infrastructure        •   Infrastructure ZIP Code+4
    Expenditure                              •   Street Address 1
•   Infrastructure Contact Name              •   Street Address 2
•   Infrastructure Contact Email             •   City
•   Infrastructure Contact Phone             •   State
•   Infrastructure Contact Phone Ext         •   ZIP Code+4
•   Infrastructure Contact Street            •   Congressional District
    Address 1
                                             •   Country
•   Infrastructure Contact Street
    Address 2                                •   Prime Recipient Indication of
                                                 Reporting Applicability
•   Infrastructure Contact Street
    Address 3                                •   Officer Name
                                             •   Officer Compensation

Initial Submission
Prime Recipient required data (cont‟d)

How to find information for each reporting field

 BIE Tip Sheet
 Federal Reporting Data Model (Data Dictionary)
 FederalReporting Excel Template (Grant)
    “Mouse over” the field
    Use pull down menu in each cell
 Web Browser “Binocular” icon

Initial Submission
Prime Recipient required data:
vendor information
1. DUNS or Name and
   Zip Code of                    Federal Agency
2. Expenditure amount             Prime Recipient
3. Expenditure description

Initial Submission
Less than $25K Reporting

 •   Section 1512(c)(4) and OMB Guidance allows for prime recipients
     to aggregate reporting on:
     – Payments to vendors less than $25,000

Specific Data Elements Guidance
Number of Jobs
 • “Jobs Created/Jobs Retained” is reported in the “Number of Jobs” field
 • Number of Jobs is expressed in terms of “full-time equivalents” (FTE)
 • Number of Jobs is a simple calculation:

        Total Number of Hours Worked & Funded by Recovery Act within Reporting Quarter
                      Quarterly Hours in a Full-Time Schedule (520 hours)

 • Financial assistance prime recipients must include the hours worked on
   projects and activities managed by their funding recipients (i.e., sub-
 • Prime recipients should not attempt to report the employment impact upon
   materials suppliers and central service providers (i.e., indirect jobs) or on
   the local community
 • Best practice: maintain documentation of how you calculated Number of
   Jobs and include a description of the calculation in the “Description of Jobs
   Created” field.
Specific Data Elements Guidance
Number of Jobs

            Period                 3rd Qtr   4th Qtr   1st Qtr   2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr   4th Qtr

  One (1) FTE Full-Time Schedule    520       520       520       520      520      520

           Full Time Employee 1     520       520       520       260      130      130

           Full Time Employee 2     520       520       260       260      130      130

  Part Time Employee (halftime)     260       260       260       260      130      130

  Temporary Employee (390 hrs)       0            0     130       130      130       0

            Total Hours Worked     1,300     1,300     1,170      910      520      390

                  Quarterly FTE     2.50      2.50      2.25      1.75     1.0       .75

 • Jobs may be reported even though no Recovery Act dollars have been
   expended. Report hours in the quarter in which they were worked.

Specific Data Elements Guidance
Description of Jobs Created

•   Brief description of the types of jobs created or jobs retained
•   Description may rely on job titles, broader labor categories
•   Recipient‟s existing practice for describing jobs as long as the
    terms used are widely understood and describe the general nature
    of the work
•   Best practice: include a description of how Number of Jobs was

Specific Data Elements Guidance
Award Number

• One award number – One Report
• BIE Award Numbering Convention

   GTA23456789.9Y900 (17 characters)
                           11 digit grant number
                           Decimal Separation
                           5 digit Title 1-A code

• Award number should be entered exactly as it is shown on the
  federally awarded contract, grant or loan document
• Award numbers are case, space, and special character sensitive

Specific Data Elements Guidance
Award Type

Three award classifications for the purposes of reporting in

• Federally Awarded Contract
• Grant
• Loan

Specific Data Elements Guidance
Awarding & Funding Agency

 •   Awarding Agency: 4-digit code of Federal agency that awards or
     administers the funds on behalf of the funding agency
      –   1450 - Indian Affairs (Assistant Secretary)

 •   Funding Agency: 4-digit code of Federal agency that is responsible for
     funding/distributing the ARRA funds to recipients
      –   9146 - Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

 •   Funding and awarding agency may or may not be the same

Specific Data Elements Guidance
 •   Only CFDA numbers specific to Recovery Act funding are valid in
 •   ARRA Logo designates ARRA-approved CFDA

 •   For Title 1A
      –   Use CFDA 84.389, Grants to Local Educational Agencies, Recovery Act

 •   CFDA 15.062, Replacement and Repair of Indian Schools,
     Department of the Interior
      –   Created errors last reporting quarter; was not ARRA-approved

      –   Approved March 12, 2010

 •   Reference Documents
      –   BIE Tip Sheet

      –   Indian Affairs CFDA Crosswalk

Initial Submission
Create report: report type

                Select “Grant”

               Select “Prime Only”

Initial Submission
Create report

                                          Draft or Submit

Three Tabs - Prime Recipient, Sub Recipients and Vendors

Initial Submission
Create report: enter recipient data

Initial Submission
FR.GOV Data quality checks
 •   FR.GOV runs a series of data quality checks after a report is
 •   An email with the appropriate error messages is sent to the
     recipient user
 •   Two different types of data quality checks:
      –   Hard Errors:
            •   Will prevent successful submission of a report
            •   Report must be modified to be successfully submitted
            •   Example: Total Federal Amount ARRA Funds Received/Invoiced must be less
                than or equal to Amount of Award
      –   Warning Messages:
            •   Will NOT prevent successful submission of a report
            •   Are meant to merely WARN recipients that an error might exist
            •   Example: If Number of Jobs is greater than 0, it cannot equal or exceed Total
                Federal Amount ARRA Funds Received/Invoiced

Recipient Review
My Reports

Agency Review

 •   Reports are “locked” and may not be freely modified by recipients
 •   Agencies review reports, focusing on fields OMB identified as
     significant errors:
      –   Recipient Name
      –   Number of jobs retained or created
      –   Federal award number
      –   Recipient name
 •   Recipients are provided with formal comments through FR.GOV
 •   If a recipient receives a comment, the report is “unlocked” and
     able to be modified for correction
 •   Agencies identify any non-compliant or missing reporters

Agency Review
Significant error/material omission
 •   Agencies are required to identify both „significant errors‟ and
     „material omissions‟
 •   Significant Errors:
      –   Data fields of major concern per OMB are: award amount, number of jobs
          created / jobs retained, award number and recipient name
      –   If a recipient does not make the requested correction or submit a reasonable
          explanation of why the data is not incorrect, then the award report is
          considered to have significant errors.
 •   Material Omissions:
      –   Failure of a Federal ARRA award recipient to report on a received award
      –   Data in a report that is not responsive to a specific data element (e.g., lack of
          sufficient narrative description)
 •   Significant Errors and Material Omissions are ultimately reported
     to the Recovery Act Transparency Board and OMB
 •   Recipients that do not report are published on

Agency Review
Consequences of uncorrected data
 •   Recipients will be given an opportunity to correct the deficiencies
     before bureaus and offices take enforcement actions
 •   Bureau or office may take proactive action to protect the Federal
     government‟s interests when it is determined a recipient is
     noncompliant with Section 1512 reporting requirements:
      –   Placing special conditions on awards or precluding the grantee from
          obtaining future awards for a specified period
      –   Taking action designed to prevent future noncompliance, such as closer
      –   Withholding, suspending or terminating payment of funds for noncompliance
          with the reporting requirement
 •   1st missed report: award official sends a cure notice or other
     strong letter to remind recipient reporting is mandatory
 •   2nd missed report: award official will initiate termination action or
     other strong sanction, including suspension or debarment

Recipient & Agency Review
Making corrections
 •   Reports may be updated once they have been initially
 •   Reports may be updated at any time during the Initial
     Submission period
 •   During the Agency Review period, reports may only be
     updated if the report is “unlocked” with an agency comment
 •   Any Recipient User that has access to the FRPIN for a
     given DUNS number may update an associated report
 •   Reports may be updated multiple times within the reporting
 •   Report updates may be made via the 3 reporting methods
     available (i.e., Excel template, online, XML)
 •   Federal agencies do not make updates to reports
 •   Each time a report is submitted, the previous version of that
     report is replaced
Recipient & Agency Review
Changes to „business key”
 •    For any current quarter reports with incorrect business key, use the
      change business key function to avoid duplicate records. Business
      key data elements are: award number, order number and DUNS
 •    This function will create a new business key and deactivate the
      incorrect report from the current quarter.
 1.   Open the applicable report
 2.   In the Report Information section
      of the report, click on the Change
      Key button
 3.   In the dialogue box, click on yes to
      leave the report
 4.   The Change Business Key
      dialogue box appears. Change
      Award, Order or DUNS data
 5.   Confirm Change Key
 6.   Enter FPRIN to confirm
      deactivation of old report
 7.   A new report will display for
Timeline & Activities for Continuous QA

Lessons Learned

 •   DUNS different than recorded with BIE for the school
 •   DUNS/CCR expired during registration period
 •   Waiting on FRPIN Number
 •   CCR – Information “Opt Out” Selection
 •   Grant Award Number entered incorrectly
 •   Award reported as a contract instead of a grant
 •   Incorrect codes used: Awarding Agency, Funding Agency, CFDA, Program Source, etc.
 •   Amount of award reported does not match amount of Title I award to school
 •   MI&R and Title I awards combined on one report, under one CFDA number
 •   Project name less than adequate; better name needed
 •   Project description inadequate; Use description #26 from BIE Tip Sheet
 •   BIE/Interior unable to view submitted report due to school filing under another agency’s
     code (one case confirmed)

Need Help?

 Contacting allows Recipients to submit and Federal Agencies to review required
 Recovery Act reporting data. If you need help with registering as a user, submitting a report,
 reviewing a report, or other website functions, contact their Service Desk.

 Service Desk Information
       Phone: 877-508-7386
       TTY: 877-881-5186
       Email:
       Chat:LivePerson Support

 Service Desk Hours of Operation
 Hours of operation varies.

 Begin Date                         End Date Hours (EST)                Days / Week

 February 1 - March 31, 2010        8 AM - 6 PM ET                      Monday - Friday
 April 1 - April 30, 2010           7 AM - 9 PM ET                      Monday - Friday
 May 1, 2010 - June 30, 2010        8 AM - 6 PM ET                      Monday - Friday
 July 1, 2010 - July 31, 2010       7 AM - 9 PM ET                      Monday - Friday

Where to find information
     – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
     – Service Desk
     – Downloads Tab (Reference Data and Additional Links)
     – Includes reporting templates, Recipient Reporting Data Model, Webinars,
        User Guides, Look-ups for congressional districts, agency codes, CFDA
        numbers, Program Source numbers, and ZIP code information
 • website
     – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
 • DOI Recovery website
 • Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS)
 • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
 • Central Contractor Registration (CCR)

BIE Contacts

 Dr. Jeffrey Hamley
 Ph: 505.563.5260

 Gaye Leia King
 Ph: 505.563.5263

 Katherine Campbell
 Ph: 505.563.5043

 Valerie Todacheene
 Ph: 505.563.5269



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