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									Dear Touring Professional:
Thank you for your interest in Back9 TOUR Services, a division of Back9Fitness®. I am
proud to have created a performance system for today’s touring professional that is designed
to help you play better, longer and enjoy the professional and financial success you deserve.

Our professional team includes many of the industry’s top golf performance experts,
covering the areas of biomechanics, physical therapy, massage, strength & conditioning and
sports nutrition. Whether you are coming off an injury, trying to remove the physical
barriers that limit your swing potential and consistency or just wanting to maximize your
health and longevity on TOUR, I am confident we have a solution for you.

Our program is multi-faceted, mobile and well structured, allowing us to personalize your
program based on your specific needs, goals and schedule. From on-tour services to
structured off-season strength and conditioning, a full spectrum of professional services are
available to you.

Please take a look at the enclosed information. I am confident you will see we offer the
knowledge and experience to complement your skill level. I look forward to working with
you to strengthen your game!


Jeffrey S. Banaszak, PT, CSCS
President Back9Fitness
(941) 914-2739

The ideal golf body should be strong, but mobile, for maximum stability with unrestricted
movement. These characteristics are necessary whether hitting a full shot or a 5-foot putt.

                             Physical barriers limit your golf potential!

Our goal at Back9 TOUR Services is to develop the comprehensive solution for you and
your game! Our entire performance team will work to ensure your success.

Our team will create a personalized golf-specific performance program designed to prevent
injury and maximize performance. Our approach is based on our “Pyramid to Success”.

                           Proper progression through this pyramid
                                     guarantees results!

We feature the quality personalized hands-on services you need to improve your game by
removing and minimizing physical barriers that arise from round after round of golf, without
adequate time to relax and recover. Our personalized program can help minimize the effects
and demands of your job, such as prolonged PRACTICE, PLAY and TRAVEL.

We assure the highest quality of service because our staff is comprised of licensed health care
and certified strength & conditioning professionals, each with significant work experience with
professional athletes.
                          SERVICE MENU

We offer three distinct Performance Enhancement areas:

        I. On-Tour

       II. Off-Week and Off-Season

      III. Structured Golf Conditioning Camps
                                ON-TOUR PROGRAM

    When on-tour, our focus is MAINTENANCE and RECOVERY. Our unique and
 comprehensive golf-specific BODY WORK techniques are designed to put the focus
   on rehabilitation and hands-on services. If you have a current injury or chronic
  issues, we can help you minimize their effects and prevent “new” injuries. These
                  services are available for players ONLY at tour event sites.
Our services menu includes:
      Hands-on body work:
          o Active stretching
          o Soft tissue/joint mobilization techniques
          o Manual therapy
          o Tool assisted soft tissue approaches
          o Tournament preparation sequence
      Injury management:
           o Pre and post-rehabilitative programs
      Overall performance enhancement:
          o One-on-one program design and development to help players prevent injury
               and maintain a high level of play throughout the long golf season
      Comprehensive physical and biomechanical assessment:
         o Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
         o Musculoskeletal Evaluation
         o Movement Based Exercise Prescription
         o Access to Advanced Motion Measurement (AMM) 3-D Motion Capture
             System designed to measure efficiency and how well you generate speed.

Our staff travels with the following equipment:
      Portable treatment table and accessories
      ATM2 upright mobilization device
      Tool assisted soft tissue instruments
      Vibracussor® hand-held vibration device
      Complete mobile exercise equipment package
      Biomechanical assessment and feedback tools:
          o 2-D Video analysis featuring the SwingView™ Pro Software. This program
              allows us to use high speed filming (i.e. Up to 300 frames per second using
              the Casio EX-F1) and the ability to share video with your golf coach via the

Player services are available in the following locations:
          o Player hotel rooms
          o TOUR fitness trailer
          o Mobile Golf Performance Center (i.e. Our own unique 5th wheel trailer)
o Other facilities (i.e. including event site player locker room) based on
  availability and access
                        ON-TOUR PACKAGE OPTIONS

   Individual Services (Walk In): Access to hands-on/body work services on an
    hourly basis. These services are sold in packages of 10-sessions. Each session will
    be scheduled based on availability with consideration to our annual customers. Our
    staff cannot guarantee event coverage to individuals committing to these packages.

   Body Work/Performance Program (Annual): Priority access to
    specialized services during each event, including pre/post round services daily,
    unlimited body work and comprehensive program progression.           Access to off-
    week/off-season services may be included this package. Staff coverage at events will
    be guaranteed based on the number of annual commitments received.

      NOTE: All packages are custom quoted based on your needs and goals.
Whether it is working with our team of professionals in your local market or if you are
traveling to one of our golf performance centers, off-weeks and the off-season are the
critical time to build the body and truly address the underlying physical imbalances limiting
performance and/or leading to injury. Back9 TOUR Services offers a full complement of
services designed to create and implement a comprehensive golf performance program for
the professional golfer.

Back9 TOUR Services is proud to operate out of two comprehensive, state-of-the-art
facilities. We are conveniently located at the Jim McLean Golf Center in Fort Worth, TX and
at the Athletic Edge Performance Center in Scotch Plains, NJ. These facilities are easily
accessed from anywhere in the world, both offering the ideal atmosphere for elite level

      Unlimited access to our staff and facilities
      Individual services including golf diagnostics, hands-on body work, strength and
       conditioning, nutritional consultation, medical services, ophthalmology care and
      All services are mobile with the ability to deliver and implement at a players’ home,
       home country club and/or there own local fitness facility
      Our staff will work directly with the players’ performance team in their local market
       to assure complete integration. Back9 TOUR Services has relationships with many
       of the top professionals working in the golf performance industry today
      Complete diagnostic screen using, Advanced Motion Measurement (AMM) 3-D
       Motion Capture System, 2-D Video, and SAM Balance Lab
      Physical screen performed in conjunction with our medical staff
      Corrective exercise prescription related to findings of physical screen and
      Recommendations for manual therapies, based on screen findings and used in
       conjunction with corrective exercises, as a means to effectively accomplish needed
      Customized exercises and movement drills, or “Transfer Training,” prescribed to
       improve swing mechanics issues depicted in 3-D analysis findings
      Personalized strength & conditioning program, based on physical and technical
       findings and specific playing goals
      Year-long periodized program or, if specific need dictates, a short-term exercise
      Program design built on the Mobility, Stability, Strength, Power model
      When applicable, training programs for weight loss or gain, done in conjunction with
       the team’s Registered Dietician
   These services can be divided into six distinct performance areas:

A. Diagnostics
   Dynamic and Static Analyses of the Golf Body: At the games elite level,
   biomechanical assessment is essential to insure that the prescribed programming is
   individualized and can be directly linked to your swing. Our team utilizes the Advanced
   Motion Measurement (AMM) 3-D Motion Capture System to help us identify your
   swing efficiency that can lead to both consistency and speed generation. Our team will
   work directly with your instructional team to help them understand how these diagnostic
   findings will be utilized to build your program.

B. Body Work (Manual Therapy and Corrective Exercises)
   Hands-on Services Designed to Help Golfers Feel Better and Play Better! Our
   performance body work program examines range of motion, flexibility, joint stability and
   strength as they relate to the golf swing. These services are ideal for you if you are a
   golfer who has a past, current or chronic injury that is affecting your ability to play golf.
   Our services will help you not only alleviate current pain, but also prevent future injuries
   and maximize your potential.         These services are featured by our mobile golf
   performance team at weekly PGA TOUR® events
C. Strength and Conditioning

   Before initiating a comprehensive strength & conditioning plan, players need to be
   assessed for any underlying limitations to range of motion, muscular balance,
   biomechanical efficiency, ground force production, etc.       Specific insight into these
   critical and influential issues will determine what steps need to be taken before beginning
   true strength & conditioning programs. This initial screen and subsequent program
   design cannot be compromised, if maximum performance is truly desired. If any physical
   limitations are uncovered during these assessments, program design will begin with
   specific corrective exercises, which can be done in combination with various manual
   therapy techniques as well. Upon determining that muscular imbalances, limited ranges
   of motion, etc. are corrected, then a player’s program can progress with movement
   pattern      drills      and       ultimately      implementing        the       complete
   Mobility/Stability/Strength/Power continuum within their customized periodized plan.

   Effective strength & conditioning is accomplished when it’s integrated within a yearlong
   process called periodization. This helps focus training on in-season, off-season and pre-
   season segments. Not only does this roadmap for training allow an athlete to have peak
   performance when necessary, it also ascertains that the body is rested, protected and
   responsive along the way.       Periodization is a scientific approach to strength &
   conditioning, taking related, overlapping and often-contradictory factors into
   consideration. Especially in the case of competitive golf, where the season is long and
   where maximum performance is almost constant, periodization is critical to elevating
   potential and achieving optimum results.

   Programs can be structured so that players train primarily at one of our facilities, while
   out on TOUR or with their independent strength coach when at home.
C. Nutrition
   Knowing what foods to eat and when to eat them will help you recover faster and
   take your game to the next level! The sports nutrition component of your golf-
   training program will improve your performance while increasing your energy levels both
   on and off the course. Proper nutrition can also aid in increasing muscular strength,
   improving body composition and enhancing mental acuity and alertness.

D. Medical Services including yearly physicals
   All other professional sports have their players go through a comprehensive physical
   before the beginning of each season. This assessment is crucial in evaluating a player’s
   overall health, determining baseline numbers and offering continuity of care throughout
   the season. This service will help prevent non-golf related injuries and/or illnesses as
   well as identify other factors that could be effecting your body and golf swing that may
   not be necessarily be detected during the others aspects of our performance program.

E. Vision
   Understanding how vision can affect performance in golf is important. The use of
   your visual system impacts every aspect of your golf game and if you are in need of
   glasses or contact lens correction you will not be able to see your target properly. Itchy
   eyes from environmental allergies can make your ability to wear contact lens
   uncomfortable and thus a distraction.        Processing visual information and visual
   perception by the brain is dependant on both eyes working together. So ocular
   misalignment or “lazy eye”, depth perception and binocular vision are important factors.

   If you want to maximize your potential as a golfer, it is essential to identify any vision
   problems you may have. This evaluation extends beyond simply your eyesight and eye
   related health problems. It can also help determine how your entire visual system may be
   impacting your game.
                         OFF-WEEK AND OFF-SEASON
                             PACKAGE OPTIONS

    Individual Services (Walk In): Access to professional services on hourly basis.
     All services are scheduled and rendered by appointment.

    Individual Services (Weekly): Access to professional services at a package rate,
     based on number of sessions purchased upfront. Packages are available in quantities
     of 10 and 20 sessions.

    Individual Services (Monthly): Access to unlimited off-week and off-season
     service package. Services can be provided at our home location at the Jim McLean
     Golf Center – Texas, Athletic Edge Performance Center in Scotch Plains, NJ, or at
     the players’ local home, home country club and/or local fitness facility.

    Individual Services (Annual): Access to unlimited service package with annual

    Individual Services (Mobile): Off-week/off-season services can be provided
     in the player’s home city. Commitment to these services would include payment of
     services at hourly rates in addition to payment of travel expenses incurred during
     provision. These services may include the coordination of programming with local
     professionals to assure integration.

NOTE: All packages are custom-quoted based on your specific needs and goals.
                     Structured Performance Camp

Professional golf at the game’s highest level is the only professional sport that
does not utilize a structured pre-season training camp to prepare its athletes for
the upcoming season or qualifying school.

To meet this need, Back9 TOUR Services, a division of Back9Fitness®, has
developed a training camp program to help top-level professionals properly
prepare during the off-season.

Touring professionals will receive physical and biomechanical assessment
leading to a customized program design based on the professionals needs and
goals, assuring the proper physical development necessary to play successfully
and consistently at the game’s highest level. Players will train and practice in
our state-of-the-art facilities following an individualized and structured
performance plan.

Players have the flexibility to commit to multiple day and/or week program
formats based on their individual needs and goals. This program is now
offered to professionals on the PGA, Champions, LPGA, Nationwide and
other Mini-Tours as well as developmental programs for the highest-level
amateurs working to take their games to the next level.
Our program is truly unique and specifically designed to cater to the
needs of the touring professional. We offer:
    Complete access to one of our facilities either in Fort Worth, TX
     or Scotch Plains, NJ
    Use of cutting edge diagnostic equipment including 2-D Video, 3-
     D video and force plate analysis
    Performance Body Work, Performance Conditioning, and
     Nutritional Assessments and Plans
    Comprehensive Body-Swing analysis of the 3-D, 2-D,
     Performance Body Work and Conditioning Assessments
    Personalized Corrective Exercise and Performance Conditioning
    Unlimited use of the Practice Facilities and Select Golf Courses in
     the city where you are training
    Corrective Exercise, Body Work and Conditioning Sessions
    Breakfast and lunch included daily per sports dietician meal plans
    Lodging accommodations
    Massage and soft tissue release
    Multi-discipline golf-specific approach, featuring additional
     services such as:
          o Mental Management
          o Performance Nutrition
          o Internal Medicine
          o Ophthalmology
                          PACKAGE OPTIONS

 Resident – Player wishing to stay on location. This package includes
  the services listed above plus deluxe hotel accommodations and two
  meals per day.

 Commuter – Player wishing to commute daily to course and/or camp.
  Includes the above service package excluding accommodations.

 Daily Facility Use – Daily rate available that includes one night stay
  and one day of meals

 ½ day Program – Excludes accommodations and meals

 Hourly rate – Available for individual programming
                                       EXAMPLE DAILY SCHEDULE

                NOTE: Schedules are customized based on you individual needs and goals

  MONDAY             TUESDAY       WEDNESDAY        THURSDAY          FRIDAY        SATURDAY         SUNDAY

8:30-9:00am        9:00-9:30am     9:00-9:30am     9:00-9:30am     9:00-9:30am     9:00-9:30am      9:00-9:30
 Breakfast          Breakfast       Breakfast       Breakfast       Breakfast       Breakfast       Breakfast
9:00-11:00am       9:30-10:00am    9:30-10:00am    9:30-10:00am    9:30-10:00am    9:30-10:00am    9:30-10:00am
Performance         Corrective     Overview of      Corrective      Corrective      Corrective      Corrective
 Body Work            Exercise       Findings         Exercise        Exercise        Exercise        Exercise
 Evaluation           Session                         Session         Session         Session         Session
11:00-12:00pm      10:00-12:00pm    10-10:30am     10:00-12:00pm   10:00-12:00pm   10:00-12:00pm   10:00-11:30pm
  Nutritional         Practice      Corrective        Practice        Practice        Practice      Conditioning
 Assessment                          Exercise                                                         Session
                   12:00-1:00pm                    12:00-1:00pm    12:00-1:00pm    12:00-1:00pm
12:00-1:00pm           Lunch                           Lunch           Lunch           Lunch       11:30-12:30pm
    Lunch                          10:30-12:00pm                                                    Body Work
                   1:00-4:00pm                     1:00-4:00pm     1:00-3:00pm     1:00-4:00pm
                                      Practice                                                         Session
 1:30-3:00pm          Practice                        Practice        Practice        Practice
Biomechanical                      12:00-1:00pm                                                    12:30-1:00pm
                   4:00-5:00pm                     4:00-5:00pm     3:00-4:30pm     4:00-5:00pm
 Assessment                            Lunch                                                        Lunch and
                    Body Work                       Body Work      Conditioning     Body Work
3:30-4:00pm           Session      1:00-3:00pm        Session         Session         Session
  Recovery                            Practice
                                   3:00-4:30pm                      Recovery                         1:00pm
                                   Conditioning                      Session                       End of Camp
                                 PROFESSIONAL STAFF
    Our team is comprised of licensed health care and certified performance
     professionals. Each offers significant work and travel experience in
                             professional sports.
President and Founder:
Jeffrey S. Banaszak, PT, CSCS
Fort Worth, TX
With more than 13 years experience in the golf industry, Jeff developed and founded
Back9Fitness®. Jeff’s expertise includes application of tournament specific manual therapy
techniques and the design of corrective exercise programs based on golf biomechanics. Jeff
has been traveling with touring professionals to PGA TOUR® and other professional golf
events for the past 10 years and has been leading a team of performance professionals on-
tour as Back9 Tour Services since 2006.

Massage Therapist and Director of TOUR Services:
Craig Knight, RMT, GFMP
Toronto, Canada
Craig comes to Back9 TOUR Services from Toronto, Ontario, where he is a Registered
Massage Therapist who specializes in golf conditioning, injury prevention and soft tissue
rehabilitation. Craig utilizes his education in biomechanics, exercise physiology, kinesiology,
and knowledge of the game to design scientifically sound, practical and customized programs
that optimize golf specific flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination.

Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Director of Strength &
Conditioning Services:
Ben Shear, BS
Scotch Plains, NJ
Ben is owner and director of golf performance at the Golfer’s Edge, a premier facility for the
advanced training and testing of golf athletes. With over 20 years experience he has worked
with numerous members of both the PGA and European Tours. His expertise includes
neuroproprioceptive response (NPR) testing and muscle activation techniques, 3-D
Biomechanics and the designing golf-specific conditioning programs. Ben is also an
Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor.
Athletic Trainer, Medical Services and Conditioning Camp Coordinator:
Victor Trasoff-Jilg, ATC, PES
Fort Worth, TX
Victor has been with Back9Fitness® and Back9 TOUR Services for the past two years,
including coordination of medical services and performance conditioning services for the
Dallas-Fort Worth area. Prior to working with Back9Fitness®, Victor spent 9 years working
as an Athletic Trainer in professional baseball, most recently with the Detroit Tigers as their
Minor League Medical Coordinator.

Physical Therapy:
Leanne Quinn, MSPT, LPGA Class A Teaching Professional
Orlando, FL
With 16 years experience in the world of sports and orthopedic physical therapy, Leanne has
combined her background as a Physical Therapist and an LPGA Teaching Professional into
a specialized approach for treating the body for improved golf performance. Leanne has
extensive experience treating and traveling with golfers on the Nationwide, PGA, and LPGA

Sports Dietitian:
Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD
Fort Worth, TX
Amy is the sports dietitian for Ben Hogan Sports Therapy Institute and specializes in
building nutrition programs for golfers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Amy’s
current clients range from high school athletes to professional-level golfers at all levels,
including the Texas Rangers and TCU collegiate sports. Amy is currently the personal
dietitian for Hunter Mahan, PGA TOUR® Member, as well as many other golfers playing
professionally including many Back9 TOUR Service clients.

Medical Services/Internal Medicine
Dr. Kent Smitherman, MD
Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Smitherman has been working with Back9 TOUR Services for the past two years. He
conducts physicals for our touring professionals as well as offering continuing care
throughout the season and off-season assisting with any player needs that may arise. Dr.
Smitherman graduated from Baylor College of Medicine and is a member of the American
College of Physicians, the Society of Internal Medicine and American Medical Associations,
as well as the Texas Medical Association. Dr. Smitherman was also an Assistant Professor
of Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine.
Functional Biochemistry and Applied Kinesiology:
Lester Ponce, MKin, NASM
Toronto, ON, Canada

Born in Havana, Cuba, Lester studied at the University of Havana graduating with a Masters
degree in Kinesiology in 2000. Lester has combined his interest in sports and his advanced
studies in the areas of Applied Kinesiology, Resistance Training and Advanced Functional
Biochemistry to offer a very unique approach. Lester has helped the Back9 TOUR Service
team solve some of its most challenging cases through his unique and holistic approach.

Jon Sinclair, Golf Instructor and Biomechanics Specialist
Euless, TX
Having experience as a tournament player himself, Jon currently focuses on helping players
develop there mental approach as well as the physical swing possessing an intimate
understanding of the inter-connectivity of mind and body as it relates to golf. Always
looking for new answers while keeping up with the latest technology, Jon is a student of the
game of golf as well as a teacher. Jon has worked with a wide variety of players from
amateur to professional and will customize his approach to his client's needs. Jon has
consulted with Back9 TOUR Services for the past three years measuring player efficiency
with the Advanced Motion Measurement (AMM ) 3-D Motion Capture System.

Ronald M. Barke, MD
Arlington, TX

Dr. Barke is board certified in Ophthalmology and completed his training at the
UT/Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. His practice consists of general
ophthalmology, cataract and refractive surgery and glaucoma. Dr. Barke has a special
interest in golf fitness and performance and is the official vision consultant for the program.
His practice in Arlington, Texas is fully equipped to be able to diagnose and treat any eye
condition that a golfer might experience
                                FACILITY HIGHLIGHTS
 This is where your true performance edge is created! We have two individual facilities
   available that offer a full complement of services designed to create and
    implement a complete and comprehensive golf performance program.

Jim McLean Golf Center, Fort Worth, TX

      Easily accessible with the Dallas-Fort Worth airport only 20 minutes away
      22-acre property offers a full complement of indoor and outdoor facilities
      18-hole championship golf course at Waterchase Golf Course
      9-hole scoring course and lighted range
      3,000 square foot training center dedicated to golf performance with state-of-the-art
      Fitness Fare Café providing breakfast and lunch per your personal nutritional plan
      Sinclair’s Golf Training Center featuring AMM 3D-Golf™ System, a six-degree-of-
       freedom (6DOF) motion capture system that measures golf biomechanics swing
       efficiency. Other technologies available include Trackman®, SAM PuttLab and
      Local attractions including all major sports team sports, amusement park and more.

Athletic Edge, Scotch Plains, NJ

      Easily accessible to Newark Liberty International Airport (20 minutes away)
      40 minutes from Manhattan
      18-hole Championship golf course and practice facility at Plainfield Country Club,
       home of 2011 Barclays Championship Tournament (5 minutes away)
      7,500 square foot training facility, with dedicated golf performance center, Golfer’s
      Golf diagnostics includes: SAM Putt Lab, Multi-camera video system, Dynamic
       Balance System (DBS), 3-D motion analysis
                        (PAST AND PRESENT)

 Michael Allen                      Stephen Ames
 Tommy Armour III                   Cameron Beckman
 Jason Bohn                         Jonathan Byrd
 Chad Campbell                      John Cook
 K J Choi                           Ben Crane
 Robert Dameron                     Marco Dawson
 Jason Day                          Steve Elkington
 Brad Faxon                         Brian Gay
 Lucas Glover                       Jason Gore
 Jeff Gove                          Mathias Gronberg
 J.J. Henry                         Gabrielle Hjerstedt
 Zach Johnson                       Derek Lamely
 J. L. Lewis                        Davis Love III
 Scott MacCarron                    Sean O’Hair
 Greg Owen                          Brenden Pappas
 Corey Pavin                        Cameron Percy
 Tom Pernice, Jr.                   Pat Perez
 Suzann Petersen                    Tim Petrovic
 D.A. Points                        Sammy Rachels
 Justin Rose                        Rory Sabbatini
 Michael Sim                        Mike Weir
 Jay Williamson                     Garret Willis
 Dean Wilson
                        … and many others…

“When it comes to hands-on body work for golf, there is no better team. The
bottom line is I play better when I am working with Back9 Tour Services!”

            - Michael Allen, PGA TOUR® Member and winner of 2009 Senior PGA

“Thanks for all your help. You and your team are great at what you do! All the

                     - Steve Elkington, 10-time PGA TOUR® winner, including the
                1995 PGA Championship and 1991 and 1997 Players Championships

“My swing has always depended on timing. When it was on it was great, when
it wasn’t, I hit it awful. By nullifying my weak body parts, I am now so much
more stable. I can hold my golf posture throughout the swing and repeat the
right body positions without worrying about timing. So basically, my bad days
now are where my goods used to be, and my good days are way beyond. It’s
been huge!”
                        - Rory Sabbatini, 5-time PGA TOUR® winner, including the
 2007 Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial and 2008 HP Byron Nelson Championship

"I chose Back9Fitness and Jeff Banaszak for my Golf Center in Texas because
I was looking for the absolute best person to run our fitness center. I knew
Jeff had been working with tour players for many years. More importantly, he
has the passion for his career path and leaves no stone unturned.

“Jeff and his team can work with anyone at any level. Jeff is truly someone
who improves lives. He is the best in his field."

                                    - Jim McLean, Owner Jim McLean Golf Schools
Quotes by Jason Bohn in Golfweek (August 2, 2010) - Special Report: PGA
TOUR Medical Exemptions article written by Adam Schupak:

Consider the case of Jason Bohn, who received a note from Tim Finchem
offering his best wishes before undergoing back surgery to remove a disk
fragment lodged behind the nerve cavity. In surgery, Bohn’s spinal cord was
cut, requiring two more operations. For 32 days, he was bedridden and
couldn’t lift his head above his waist. “I wasn’t thinking golf,” Bohn said. “I
was thinking about being able to get up so I could play with my kids.”

Due to this experiences, Jason hired a physical-therapy team, Back9 TOUR
Services a division of Back9Fitness®, which travels the TOUR and provides
fitness, training, massage therapy and nutrition expertise to several clients.
Bohn spends 6 - 7 hours per week getting his body ready to play and pays
roughly $40,000 per year for the company’s services. “I’ll probably have to
rehab and use Back9 until the day I stop playing golf or the day I go 6 feet
under, whichever comes first,” he said.

When Bohn won the Zurich Classic of New Orleans in April, his team of
therapists was among the first he publicly thanked. It was his second career
title, but Bohn equally cherishes his sixth-place finish at the 2008 Verizon
Heritage. That tournament finish earned him enough money to keep his card
after his first medical extension for a rib injury he sustained in 2007. Said
Bohn: “That was like a win for me.”

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