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By Bryan Gergon Siodora

Konnichiwa! Welcome back to school! It’s been so long that we had spent our summer
vacation. And now, we are ready to face some MAJOR MAJOR loads of assignments,
projects and tasks as we enter another year of our formal education. Well, I reckoned that
some of us are not yet outdone with the summer sickness, some are very eager to enter
the campus with their own motives…hmmm ( just to see their!) and some are
this excited to acquire knowledge and learning. I am new in this college and my first
steps inside the campus were still fresh in my mind. Students were staring critically. It
was a circumstance of my life where I really felt like melting. Well, knowing that these
students are no ordinary ones, I was quite intimidated, but I never showed it. Instead, I let
myself be very much composed. I continued walking towards the Administration Office,
as if I didn’t feel like running away from that scene. For the first time, I saw these great
college buildings, educational facilities, pleasant-to-the-eyes landscaping, cleanliness and
orderliness. I was impressed—very far from what I have thought.

The Jose Maria College (JMC), in its 9th years of dynamism, continues to take flight.
Being one of the most excellent colleges here in Davao City, JMC never fails to deliver
quality education, lived-up the divine values, and carry forward the granting of high
standard of systematic instruction to the Filipino youth. A constantly flourishing
educational institution, pillared with wisdom from God that is composed of competent,
dynamic, superb and dedicated officials and staff, and constituted with focused,
disciplined, intelligent and well-mannered students.

Sounds interesting? Ugh! Absolutely! It is just one of the reasons why I really love to be
educated in this institution. And this time, let me refresh your mind with the happenings
that was handed down for this past few months.

          We are welcome by the college department heads and staffs through an
orientation program held at the Audi-Visual Room. All the heads of the different offices
in the department talks about the history of the school, the policies and regulations, and
about academic matters for us to be aware and responsible on our duties and actions as a
Marked August 9 -12, 2010, we celebrated the 9th Founding Anniversary of our school.
The whole academic community actively participated in the said celebration. We can see
the excitement and the smiles of enjoyment of the students and as well as mentors and
visitors. The four days celebration was held with various events that were participated by
the pre-school, elementary, high school and college departments. These include ethnic
dance, literary, musical and sports competitions. All these events are designed primarily
to develop the skills and talents of the students and this serves as a venue to uphold the
spirit of camaraderie, sportsmanship and humility among the participants.

The different clubs and organizations here in our schools had elected a new set of officers
to serve as the manpower in conducting different programs and activities. And one of the
most outstanding club, which is the Communication Arts Club also elected a new set of

What’s more?

The school endeavors that the students will be nurtured to become socially aware, thus,
the Supreme Student Government together with the Philippines Drug Enforcement
Agency (PDEA) conducted a symposium on Drug Awareness campaign of the school.
They had invited three speakers from the PDEA to impart their knowledge on the
different things about illegal drugs. The college students and the teaching staffs also
attended the said seminar.

We should all be glad that we are enrolled in an institution administered by responsible
people with good purpose. Despite all the dilemmas in our society today, the college is
still on an indestructible progression. Even the Global Financial Crisis and the Pandemic
Diseases, did not get their way of impeding the university’s development.

     Splendid… isn’t it? The brilliance of improvements is all over the vicinity of JMC.
How inspiring it is that after all the imbroglios and chaos happening in our community
today, the college remains thriving. A true sign of excellence; an area of resplendent
opportunities; a symbol of hope and inspiration- molding the Filipino youth in a very
dynamic way, and giving pride to the Southern Philippines. What more can I say? I am
proud to be a JMARIAN!.

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