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Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is an exchange between the gateway and host routing information standards. RIP is an interior gateway protocol. In the national network such as the current Internet, many for the entire network with routing protocols. As the formation of an autonomous system for each network, has its own routing technology, different AS systems, routing technology is different.

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                             Synergy R.I.P.
                             Media companies bid farewell to bad business

     Richard Laermer            n 1999, “synergy” was one of those                                   I learned a lot of lessons from                         have it. They’d see the toy action fig-
          is the author of      words you’d type into LexisNexis                                  1990s salesmanship while research-                         ure and need to see the movie.
     TrendSpotting: Think
 Forward, Get Ahead and         and get 1,000 stories back.                                       ing how people behave in corporate                             Once upon a time, the heads of
   Cash In on the Future        Some folks, like me, thought syn-                                 offices for my book TrendSpotting.                         big companies kept their jobs by
  (Perigee Books, 2002)      ergy represented the collective                                      My prevailing belief is that invest-                       not playing their customers for
 and the founder of RLM
                             brainpower of a group working                                        ors, buyers and pundits are all about                      fools. But during the last years of
 Public Relations in New
York. He can be reached      together toward the same goal. On                                    to lose faith (ahem, are already los-                      the unstoppable bubble, you could
   at richard@rlmpr.com.     the other, more lopsided hand, big-                                  ing faith) in the cluttered madhouse                       pick up the Boise Gazette and read
                             gigantic-colossal media companies                                    of committees that constitute com-                         about an AOL Time Warner exe-
                             felt it meant crossing boundaries                                    panies like AOL Time Warner and                            cutive’s plan to “get” the public
                             and mediums. Blatant push of prod-                                   Bertelsmann Worldwide.                                     everywhere possible. The not-so-
                             uct! A movie company strikes a toy                                      I peeked into corners and other                         gullible people read this and just
                             deal with McDonald’s so every kid                                    offices at the turn of the century,                        said, “Nah.”
                             at every table is playing with a film                                 and there everyone was, dreaming                               Salesmanship never had a chance.
                             character; soon that movie works its                                 that—ah!—anything was possible.                            The first lesson of closing a sale is
                             way into every corner of our lives                                   Corporations openly swore that                             that in order to sell twice, you have
                             until we are forced to see it.                                       they could force-feed consumers a                          to sell successfully once. Before 1999
                                In 2002, synergy was asked to                                     bottom-line synergistic mentality                          we called that Sales 101.
                             leave the table. Corporate America                                   with tentacles that greedily reached                           The second lesson, now making a
                             has been forced to stop waxing on                                    out to get the money everyone was                          comeback, is basic: Listen to con-
                             about its ability to “convert” cus-                                  so darned anxious to spend.                                sumers, develop what they want and
                             tomers into paying for one thing just                                   Of the many firms whose stocks                          bring it back to them. What was in
                             because they like something else.                                    are currently flailing in the wind,                        the water that made companies
                             Some companies merged because of                                     media companies are the ones that                          believe that one product could sell
                             the fantastic notion that we were                                    acted as though “synergy” was just                         another just because the two coexist?
                             this bunch of fools waiting to buy                                   easy marketing! They really believed                           Sales 103 may be the hardest les-
                             things because we’re already there.                                  that everyday people—you know,                             son to learn. Pitch customers a clear,
                             Or maybe we bought them because                                      fickle consumers—would view some-                           unadulterated message. For heav-
                             they were in front of our faces.                                     thing on a monitor, on a television                        en’s sake, don’t shove things down
                                Now everyone laugh.                                               set or in a magazine and just have to                      people’s throats.

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