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					        Magnum VI-Wet is the third generation of branch root alfalfas.
        Magnum VI-Wet combine’s the branch rooted feature along with a high
      level of resistance to the pathogens that inhabit wet soils including
     Aphanomyces root rot (Race 2). Its root system has been genetically
        designed with a greater degree of the branched rooted trait. This trait
       helps keep more of the root system above the water table and better
  secures the plant in the ground when freezing and thawing can cause heaving.
    The branch-rooted trait will adjust as moisture stresses intensify. Magnum
     VI-Wet branch root alfalfa allows alfalfa to be more persistent and
      productive in areas not usually considered for hay production.
                                                        Branch Root Trait
Bacterial Wilt                    HR
Fusarium Wilt                     HR
Phytophthora Root Rot             HR
Verticillium Wilt                 HR
Anthracnose (Race 1)              HR
Aphanomyces Root Rot (Race 1)     HR
Aphanomyces Root Rot (Race 2)     R
DRI                               30

Stem Nematode                     HR
Northern Root knot-Nematode       HR

Agronomic Traits
Winter Survival                    1.9
Fall Dormancy                      3.9
Early Seedling Growth         Very Good
Spring Vigor                  Very Good
Summer Re-growth              Very Good
Drought Stress                Very Good
Fineness of Stem              Fine
Forage Yield Index            Very Good                 Dairyland Seed Company
Forage Quality                Excellent                       P.O. Box 958
Traffic Tolerance             Very Good                  West Bend, WI 53095
Root Type                     Branched                       800-236-0163
Crown Depth                   Average                   www.dairylandseed.com

                        SCIENCE. YIELD. SUCCESS.™
                     Dairyland Magnum VI-Wet Head to Head Comparisons
                                    in University Trials

                                                                                 YIELD      % Adv.     Harvests
             Advantage                    DAIRYLAND Magnum VI-Wet                 687        103%         427
                                          Competitors Total                       666

Variety                 Total    % Adv.    # of Harv.     Variety                 Total     % Adv.     # of Harv.

Magnum VI-Wet           58.3      106         36          Magnum VI-Wet            31         103         19
53V52                    55                               Legendairy 5.0          30.2
Magnum VI-Wet          152.5      102         100         Magnum VI-Wet           48.7        106         29
54V46                  148.9                              Magnum V-Wet            45.8
Magnum VI-Wet           48.7      106         29          Magnum VI-Wet           48.7        101         29
55H05                   45.8                              Rebound 5.0              48
Magnum VI-Wet           22.6      104         15          Magnum VI-Wet           42.7        101         34
54H11                   21.8                              WL348AP                 42.3
Magnum VI-Wet           48.7      102         12          Magnum VI-Wet           118         102         82
Attention               47.6                              WL357HQ                115.4
Magnum VI-Wet           56.5      102         33          Magnum VI-Wet           10.2        103          9
Genoa                   55.4                              WL363HQ                 9.9

*NOTE: A portion of most competitors' University data is derived from non-commercial breeder seed rather than
their commercial seed product. See strip plot results for commercial product comparisons.

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