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					Native American Literature

   Oral tradition, myths, and
Why Native American Myths?

Native American
 Myths indirectly
 teaches the values,
 ideals, and customs
 of a particular
What are myths about?

 Creation
 Natural phenomena
 Origins of humans
 Customs
 Events beyond control
 Institutions of
  religious rites of
Important terms to know

                 Origin myths-
                  explain how life
                  began and traditional
                  stories passed down
                  from generation to
                  generation. They
                  explain phenomena
                  such as customs,
                  religious rites, or
                  events beyond control
Oral traditions

                   Stories, poems and
                    songs convey a
                    people’s values,
                    concerns, and history
                    by word of mouth
Cultural details

 While reading, notice
  references to objects,
  animals, or practices
  that show how the
  people of a culture
  live, think, or