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					“Belletristic” Call
          Nov. 7 2008

   What situations are covered by our ―belletristic‖
   Those parts of the LC schedules under Language
    and Literature for Individual Authors
       Works themselves: novels, plays, short stories, poetry
        collections, and some non-fiction prose, e.g.
        autobiographies, correspondence, diaries, essay
       Books about individual literary authors: biographies, literary
       Books about specific works by the individual authors

Call Number Structure
050 00 ‡a PS3543.I26 ‡b H65 1990
100 1_ ‡a Vidal, Gore, ‡d 1925-
245 10 ‡a Hollywood : ‡b a novel of America in the 1920s / ‡c
Gore Vidal.

PS       American literature
3543     Individual authors (1900-60) beginning with ―V‖
.I26     Author Cutter for Gore Vidal
H65      Book number (Cutter for the title, Hollywood)
1990     Publication date
Call Number Structure
050 00 ‡a PR9499.3.R59 ‡b G63 1997
100 1_ ‡a Roy, Arundhati.
245 14 ‡a The god of small things / ‡c Arundhati Roy.
PR             English literature
9499.3         English literature outside of Great Britain
               – India – Individual authors, A-Z
.R59           Author Cutter for Arundhati Roy
G63            Book number (Cutter for the title, god)
1990           Publication date
Call Number Structure
050 00 ‡a PR9499.3.R59 ‡b G63325 2002
100 1_ ‡a Mullaney, Julie.
245 10 ‡a Arundhati Roy's The God of small things : ‡b a
reader's guide / ‡c Julie Mullaney.
PR             English literature

9499.3         English literature outside of Great Britain – India
               – Individual authors, A-Z
.R59           Author Cutter for Arundhati Roy

G63325         Book number extended (3) for Mullaney (25)

2002           Publication date

Call Number Structure
050 00 ‡a PS3543.I26 ‡b Z69 2005
100 1_ ‡a Harris, Stephen, ‡d 1960-
245 10 ‡a Gore Vidal's historical novels and the shaping of
American political consciousness / ‡c Stephen Harris.
PS             American literature
3543           Individual authors beginning with ―V‖
.I26           Author Cutter for Gore Vidal
Z69            Book number for biography/criticism must
               be within range Z5-Z999x
2005           Publication date
P-PZ40 Table (through Z458)
Form                      Notation
Complete works            .x <author Cutter> Date
Selected or collected     .x A199-A59
translations <rare>
Selections                .x A6

Separate works by title   .x A61-Z458 <book number
                          must be within range>

Applications: Complete Works
   Complete works of Gore Vidal published
       PS3543
       .I26
       2012
       050 _4 ‡a PS3543 ‡b .I26 2012

Applications: Selections
   Selections from the works of Arundhati Roy,
       PR9499.3
       .R59
       A6
       2009
       050 _ 4 ‡a PR9499.3.R59 ‡b A6 2009

Applications: Separate Works
   Hollywood : a novel of America in the 1920s /
    Gore Vidal. 1990.
       PS3543
       .I26
       H65
       1990
       050 _4 ‡a PS3543.I26 ‡b H65 1990

P-PZ40 Table (Z4581-Z999)

Form                               Notation
Serials                            Z4581-.Z4589
Dictionaries, indexes, etc.        Z459
Autobiography, journals, memoirs   Z46

Collections of letters             Z48
General works about the author     Z5-Z9999
(biography, literary criticism)

Applications: Autobiography
   Palimpsest, an autobiography of Gore Vidal
    published 1995?
       PS3543
       .I26
       Z46
       1995
       050 _4 ‡a PS3543.I26 ‡b Z46 1995

Applications: Correspondence
   Letters of Gore Vidal published 2010?
       PS3543
       .I26
       Z48
       2010
       050 _4 ‡a PS3543.I26 ‡b Z48 2010

Applications: Criticism
   Gore Vidal's historical novels and the shaping
    of American political consciousness /
    Stephen Harris. c2005.
       PS3543
       .I26
       Z69
       2005
       050 _4 ‡a PS3543.I26 ‡b Z69 2005

FAQs (P-PZ40 Notation)
   What do I do if 2 collections of letters by Gore Vidal
    are published in 2009?
     Use of Z48 is invariable; do not add extra digits
     Differentiate by date: first book cataloged, 2009;
        second book, cataloged 2009B
   If it is a translation, should I add a translation number
    for an autobiography (Z46) or a selection (A6)?
     No; use of Z46 is invariable; translations of selections
        are under A1995-A59
   If Gore Vidal publishes 2 different autobiographies, do
    I adjust the Cutter to differentiate them?
     No; use of the form number is invariable

FAQ (Book Numbers)
   Does the book number for the literary work need to
    be shelflisted?
       Accept the book number on LC or member copy
       If the call number is created, shelflisting the book number
        for the work is optional; use the LC or YUL number if
   Does the book number for criticism/commentary [Z5-
    Z999] of a literary author need to be shelflisted?
       Accept the book number on LC or member copy
       If the call number is created, build the Z number from the
        table or by fitting it into the Orbis sequence, whichever is
Criticism & Commentary on Specific Works

   P-PZ40 Table does not apply
   Add 3 to the book number
   Add additional digits for the main entry based
    on the appropriate LC Cutter expansion row,
    but take into account numbers already in the
    shelflist (not necessary to adjust the book
    number on member copy)

Application: Commentary on Single Work

   Arundhati Roy's The god of small things : a reader's
    guide / Julie Mullaney. 2002
     PR9499.3

     .R59

     G63325 Number for the work (G63) + number for
      commentary (3) + number for main entry (25)
     2002

     050 _4 ‡a PR9499.3.R59 ‡i G63325 2002

050 00 ‡a PZ7.R79835 ‡b Hak 2007
100 1_ ‡a Rowling, J. K.
245 10 ‡a Harry Potter and the deathly hallows / ‡c by J.K.
Rowling ; illustrations by Mary GrandPré.
PZ7            General juvenile belle lettres from 1870- ;
               American and English (actually, any jbl in
.R79835        Author Cutter for Rowling
Hak            Book number
2005           Publication date
   For copy cataloging, accept the PZ number in
   Unclear whether libraries other than LC are
    assigning PZ, but use trailing X just in case

Legacy Practices
   Until 2005, the LC author number was
    adjusted if it conflicted with the number
    established locally
   Until 2005, PZ numbers were changed to the
    applicable non-juvenile number in language
    and literature
   Until 2007, book numbers were shelflisted
    against the Orbis database

P-PZ40 Table Legacy Practices
Form                Notation
Collected works     LC & Yale Cuttered for editor (A11-A13); and
                    used the range A14-A19 for collected works of
                    specific forms (e.g. A15 collected fiction)
Serials             Yale practice used Z7-Z7999 instead of Z4581-
                    Z4589 (prior to the late 80’s, LC classed serials
                    under general works)
Autobiography,      Yale used Z5-Z52 instead of Z46
journals, memoirs   LC used Z46-Z479 instead of invariable Z46
Collections of      Yale used Z6 instead of Z48; an additional digit
letters             was added to Z6 for the 2nd correspondent
General works       Yale used Z9 and then cuttered to main entry
about the author
LC Copy
   If the book falls within scope, what do I do if the
    cataloging copy is LC (050 00)?
       Add trailing X
   Should I check Orbis for earlier editions?
       No, you are not expected to check for earlier editions
   If I have a translation, should I adjust the number so
    the translation shelves next to the original?
       No, you are not expected to keep translations together with
        the original

Member Copy with 050/090
   Can I use a member copy number ―as is‖?
       No, you need to verify that the author Cutter matches either the
        Cutter established by LC or the Cutter established by Yale
       EXCEPTION: records coded pcc should have 050 _4 with an
        author Cutter established by LC
       If the number does not match, change it accordingly in 852
   If I am aware of both the LC Cutter and the Yale Cutter,
    which should I use?
       Use the LC Cutter
   If I change the member call number’s author Cutter to
    match the Cutter established by LC, do I add trailing X?
       No, use trailing X only for 050 00 numbers

Member Copy with 050/090
   Is there a quick way to verify the LC Cutter?
       If you are cataloging a belletristic work, if the bib record
        window is on top, pressing the / on the number pad will
        open a window listing all authority records associated with
        the record [Macro Express]
       Select the author and click OK or double click to open the
        authority record
       Many literary authors now have a 053 with the established
        LC number
       Works for subjects only if the name heading isn’t

Retrieving 053

Other Ways to Find the Author Cutter
   Find other books by or about the author
       If there is a 050 00, and the book is a literary work by the
        author (or a book about the literary works), use the author
        number assigned by LC
       If there is no 050 00, use the 852 if LC classification has
        been used
   For authors new to Orbis,
       It may be helpful to search LCDB—there might be an
        authority record with 053 or a bib record with 050 00 (in
        that case, use the 053 or 050 00 number)
       If no Yale or LC author Cutter is found, establish the
        number by adjusting it to fit into the existing Orbis

Inserting a New Author Cutter
   Leave wiggle room
   Ignore call numbers with trailing X if they are out of
   Take filing rules into account, for example:
       Single surnames file before compound surnames
       Diacritics are ignored (Müller is filed as Muller NOT
       Abbreviations are filed as is (don’t file McGrath as

Example (Before)
   Shelf has:
       PQ6658.E6919 Hernández, Floreal
       PQ6658.E6926 Hernández, Máximo
       PQ6658.E693 Hernández, Ramón
       PQ6658.E75 Hernández Miñambres, Miguel
       PQ6658.E76538 Hernández Yáñez, Jesús
   Member copy for Hernández Salmerón,
    Francisco has 090 PQ6658.E695

Example (After)
   Adjust the number to fit after Hernández Miñambres, Miguel,
    NOT after Hernández, Floreal
   With new number inserted:
     PQ6658.E6919 Hernández, Floreal

     PQ6658.E6925 <Hernández Salmerón, Francisco: don’t interfile
       with single surname>
     PQ6658.E6926 Hernández, Máximo

     PQ6658.E693 Hernández, Ramón

     PQ6658.E695 <member 090 does not fit sequence>

     PQ6658.E75 Hernández Miñambres, Miguel

     PQ6658.E757 Hernández Salmerón, Francisco

     PQ6658.E76538 Hernández Yáñez, Jesús

If There is No 050/090
   Before passing the book to the ―needs call number shelf‖
     Check to see if the author’s Cutter has been established by LC or
     If the Cutter has been established, complete the number
      according to the P-PZ40 table
     For biography/criticism, create the Z number from the P-PZ40
      table or base it on the existing file, whichever is easier
     P-PZ40 is only set up to work with single Cutter authors
     Limit this procedure to literary authors of the 20th and 21st
     Pre-20th century literary authors do not always follow the single
      Cutter model in a predictable way

Pre-20th Century (Multiple Numbers)
   Louisa May Alcott is assigned a range of numbers
       P-PZ40 table is not used
       Individual works are assigned PS1017, Cuttered to title:
        Little women. PS1017.L5 <date>
       Criticism of Little women: PS1017.L53 <Cutter for main
         Little women : ‡b a family romance / Elizabeth Lennox
           Keyser: PS1017.L53 K49 1999
       General biography/criticism of Alcott: PS1018. <Cutter to
        main entry>.
         Louisa May : the world and works of Louisa May Alcott /
           Norma Johnston: PS1018.J64 1991

Pre-20th Century Examples
   On the other hand, minor pre-20th century
    literary authors are generally single Cuttered
    and call numbers are based on the P-PZ40
   Katharine Lee Bates: PS1077.B4
       050 00 PS1077.B4 ‡b A8 2003
       America the beautiful / Wendell Minor ; poem by
        Katharine Lee Bates. [B4=Bates; A8=America the
Workflow for Pre-20th Century
Belletristic Works & Criticism
   If a record for a pre-20th century literary work or
    a book about a pre-20th century author lacks a
    call number,
     If there are enough titles in your category that
       allow you to see the pattern, follow the pattern
     If the pattern is unclear or otherwise when in
       doubt, send it to the no-call number shelf
       (unless you normally assign numbers based
       on ClassWeb)

That Which Is Not Belletristic
   If you aren’t sure whether the book is belletristic,
    take a look at other titles with the same call number
   A literary author writing on a specific topic is
    generally not assigned the author’s literature
   A bibliography of a literary author will class in Z
   If you don’t have a call number, the book needs to
    go to the no-call number shelf

   050 PR6031.R7 ‡b A6 2005 <number for Pritchett>
    Essential stories / V.S. Pritchett ; selected and with
    an introduction by Jeremy Treglown.
   050 PG3458 ‡b .P75 1988 <number for Chekhov>
    Chekhov : ‡b a spirit set free / ‡c by V.S. Pritchett.
   050 Z8301.2 ‡b .B69 1987<bibliography number>
    F. Scott Fitzgerald : a descriptive bibliography /
    Matthew J. Bruccoli.

 P-PZ40 Table:
 P-PZ40 Examples
 Z Expansion Table: