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Website Development Website Development Office of Student Life Website • by pengxiuhui


									Website Development
    Office of Student Life Website
• Resource for almost everything
• Updated Everyday
            Website Project
• Allows for links –
• Example: to --
• Redirect capabilities
          Organization Websites
• Organize pictures for website pages
• Content
• If a student organization would like a website to look
  in a certain way, please provide that information at
  the initial meeting or website links as examples
• Banner / logo ready
• Please complete required form, which is available
  on our website
  Steps to develop your organization website:
1.    Initial Meeting – Approval of Project
2.    Meeting for content – Provide what content will be on pages
3.    Discuss Design Capabilities – Show templates
4.    Create a site definition – Site map
5.    Create a Google account for the organization
6.    Import items/content/files (images/documents) to the template
7.    Test out the templates
8.    Show the Student Organization Group
9.    Post the website on the server and request redirect URL
10.   Train Student Organization group to update the website –
      Computers and software available in the Student Life Office at the
      Loop and Lincoln Park Campus.
       Purpose of the Website
• Informational
• Marketing
• Events – Calendar
         Site Creation Tools
• W3 Schools
• Only need notepad to build a website
• What do you think a website should have?
    Thank You!

     Ali Ismaili

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