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Literature Search and Resources

                       Chew Hooi Tze
                            Feb 2007
     enable you to:

         locate resources effectively using
              Library catalogue (LINC) and
              Library Portal

         conduct your literature research efficiently
     E-form available
     Personalized resources on Library Portal
     Evaluate sources
     Introduce Boolean Operators
     Form search statement
     Finding materials from LINC
     Mark and Export records from LINC
     Locate local and foreign theses
     Introduce useful resources
     Google scholar VS Library Portal
This presentation is available at LION

    Rich Resources in NUS Libraries
   Books             ~ 1.2 mil titles
   Journals          ~ 49,000 titles
   E-resources       ~ 31,000 titles

   Electronic books
   Electronic journals
   Encyclopaedias & dictionaries
   Examination Papers
   Index databases to identify articles
   Newspapers & articles
Information organization in the Library Portal

    Services         Resources        Information
special e-forms
 Request for Document Delivery (DDS)

 – request for article not in NUS Libraries

 Request for Interlibrary Loan
(graduate students)
 - loan of books that are not owned
   by NUS Libraries

 Request for Intralibrary Loan
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- pick up books that located at another
    NUS library
personalized resources
                         >> E-journals
                         1.   Login to the Portal
                         2.   Set preference e-journals
                         3.   Select your preference
                         4.   Select the sub-subjects
                              which you wish to
                         5.   Click on Subscribe
personalized resources (cont’d)
                                         1.   Login to Library Portal
                                         2.   Select “Preferences”
                                         3.   Select to subscribe to your interest
                                              groups on News, Events, New Book
               Events                         Arrivals and Databases
                                         4.   Select “Subscribe”
                                         5.   Select “Home”
                 New Book
                  Arrivals               6.   You will see your personalized Portal
                                              as follows:
                                       To your                               Well known
                                      research                            publisher, society,

 Peer reviewed, book
   review, cited by                         Relevance
                                                        Academic merit
                                                        of source

Information, data,
                                  Evaluate Sources      Authority                         Author,
 references, Date                                                                       credentials,
created, updated,           Comprehensive                                               experience
    frequency                               Accuracy

 provides good
  evidence to                                       Data or methods of research
    support                                         reliability, Evidence, credible
   arguments                                      research, contact to verify details
Andrew Gruft is Professor Emeritus in the School of
  Architecture at University of British Columbia
  research tips
                           Use E-form to request
                           for Document Delivery
                                service (DDS)
                                             Get materials from
    START                                    other Libraries

                   Form search
                    statement:           Know what you
                                           want: e.g.
                   synonyms to          Article> journal>e-         Use the
                   expand search         journal>database         right tools Y   Retrieve
                                                                                                Use citations
                      terms,                                       to search      materials
List concepts                             Book chapter>                                             found
                   Use Boolean             book>e-book                 for          in:         to get more
   in topic:
                   operators to                                   materials:                      readings
Draft a brief                              Conference               LINC or         print
                    refine your
title for your                           papers> database               E-
                      search                                                      electronic
   research                                                       resources?
                    statement                                                                     Enough

            Consult                                                N                                      Y
      - Supervisor/tutor                          Primary
          - Librarian                            sources?                              Cite references,
                                                Secondary                            writing assignment
                                              Currency of the
                                               information?                                     END
refine and broaden your search: Boolean Operators
   AND = both terms must be present (refine)
   OR = either terms may be present (broaden)
   NOT = to exclude a term (e.g. A NOT B)
   ( ) = to indicate order of processing
    ? = to search for group of characters or no characters
          E.g. wom?n
   *    = to truncate a term (1-5 characters)
   ** = for open-ended truncation.
        environ* retrieves environment, environments, but NOT

            A             B                    A          B

                A AND B                          A OR B
information sources & tools
Draft a brief research topic:
Green Architecture in Singapore

Know what you want … and use the right tools to search for
materials. Identify which is primary sources? Which is secondary

Books/ Book chapters
NUS Theses- PhD, research
Conference papers                                        LINC
Multimedia items

Journal articles
Foreign theses                                        E-Resources
Newspapers articles                                    databases
Conference papers
 search statement                                                 Identify keywords &
                                                                     main concepts

                Green Architecture in Singapore

                                                                              List synonyms or
Sustainable                  Planning                  Singapore              topics relevant to
                                                                                your research
                                                                               interest for each
Energy efficient             Structural design                                     concept.
Natural system/energy        Design
                                                                                You may use
Energy conservation          Construction                                        dictionaries,
                                                                                thesaurus, or
Green                        Architecture                                        handbooks
                                                                                 available at
Environmental/               Building                                          Central Library
Environment                                                                      Reference 2

Ecosystem/ Ecology
        1. Get a list of relevant articles for your research topic by using
                    synonyms to form your search statement.
         2. Think of the broader terms for each concept to get a better
                       perspective on your research topic
   search statement

                      Green architecture

              Green                              Architecture

Environ**      sustainable     green       architect**     building*

                    Green AND Architecture
(environment* OR sustainable OR green) AND (architect* OR building*)
finding books

 Search using Simple Keyword
 (if you don’t have a title in mind)

 Retrieve relevant records

 Search using subject headings in relevant records

 Export/email your search results

                                       Use when you are not sure what
                                       keywords to use, you may look
                                        for: related terms, definitions,
                                       broader or narrower terms, etc.
simple keyword search

    Simple keyword:        Use the subject headings in
 Singapore Kallang river   the record to retrieve other
                               related information
title search       1. Title search:
               Singapore building plan

                             2. Look at the
                            subject headings

   3. From the “Architecture –
Singapore - Designs and Plans”
subject heading you may want to
 look at the records with subject
   “Architecture – Singapore –
 Conservation and Restoration”

                    4. 60 records related
                      to Architecture –
                        Singapore –
                     Conservation and
                     Related subjects

 To locate related
terms, broader or
  narrower terms
 (environment* OR sustainable OR green) AND (architect* OR building*)


5807 found

  (sustainable OR green NOT environment*) AND (architect* OR building*)


588 found

                                                           Use Boolean
                                                           Operators to
                                                          control search
 With the results retrieved, is the information sufficient?
 Do you need to modify the search statement?
 Need to add or omit any terms?
 Use another set of search statement to search for relevant articles.
How to mark and export the relevant records to your email?
 login to your library account
 search by keywords or title or subject in LINC
 select a relevant book
 click on subject headings in relevant books
 mark and export relevant records


1   2

4       5


    Email received
locate theses:
for Local
SDE, Information Resource Centre (IRC)
Library catalogue (LINC)

for Foreign
   NUS theses: IRC

                                               From IRC Search :
                                                 ► Call # : aki*

 NUS theses: LINC
                       From LINC Simple Keyword Search:

                                      73 found

   The word
appeared in title                                   The word
                                                 appeared in note

   Could you form the search statement to retrieve theses from
    Department of Architecture?

   n:architecture and n:(national university of singapore)

 Could you form the search statement to retrieve PhD theses from
  Department of Architecture?

   n:architecture and n:(national university of singapore) and n:ph.d
foreign theses > databases
                     1. Library Portal: E-Resources
                     2. Search for theses in Databases and by

                     3. Check in LINC to see if NUS Libraries
                         has the theses
                     4. If thesis is not available in the Library,
                         request Library to purchase using
foreign theses: ProQuest



                           2   Doctoral dissertations
                                 Master’s theses
Web of Science    Provides   access to current and retrospective multidisciplinary information
                  from approximately 8,700 of the most prestigious, high impact research
                  journals in the world. It includes indexes produced by the Institute of
                  Scientific Information: - Social Science Citation Index, Science Citation
                  Index Expanded, Arts & Humanities Citation Index
                  1,144 of the world's leading arts and humanities journals, covers
PERIND            It is an index to periodical articles relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei
                  and ASEAN (as an entity) contains citations from more than 250 core titles
                  of local, regional and international journals.
                  The subjects covered range from the humanities and social sciences to
                  business and management, architecture, building, law and medicine. In
                  addition to periodical articles, book reviews, book chapters and conference
                  papers are included. Updated weekly.
Factiva           Provides the full text from nearly 8,000 sources from newswires,
                  newspapers, magazines, trade journals in 22 languages. Factiva also has
                  company information for listed companies around the world.
                  Newspapers covered include Asian Wall Street Journal, Bangkok Post,
                  Business Times (Singapore), The Financial Times, Lianhe Zaobao
                  (Singapore), Times (London), New York Times, Straits Times (Singapore).
Iconda            A bibliographic database covering the worldwide literature on all fields of
                  building construction, construction engineering, architecture and town
                  planning. It is the database of the International Council for Building
                  Research, Studies and Documentation (CIB).
                  Over 400 journals, books, conference proceedings, covers building
                  construction, architecture and town planning
Engineering Village 2         The  combined Compendex®, Inspec® & NTIS™ databases
                              allow for searching on the broadest possible range of topics
                              within the scientific, applied science, technical and engineering
                              disciplines and includes journal articles, proceedings, unclassified
                              government reports, and more.

International Civil           Covers  civil engineering publications starting from 1972. Also
Engineering Abstracts         includes titles from the International Directory of Periodical
                              Contents in Civil Engineering starting from 1992.

Architectural Publications CD-ROM in Central Library (up to 2005)

Art Abstracts                 Over   400 journals, covers Architecture and Architectural History,
                              Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Avery Index to                2,500    journals, scholarly & popular, USA, Europe, Asia
Architectural Periodicals
Type          Recommended Databases                  Recommended Publications
              E-Resources > Databases > By Type >    LINC > Title search:
              Statistical Data:

Data           EIU CountryData                      International Financial Statistics
(various       International Financial Statistics   Yearbook
countries)                                                • HG3881 IMFIFY

Data           REALIS (URA)                            Monthly Statistical Bulletin (MAS)
(Singapore)    Construction InfoNet (BCA)                 • HG3369.2 MSB

               Singapore Financial Data (MAS)


Time Series      SingSTAT Time Series

Statistics     Singapore Dept of Statistics          Yearbook of Statistics, Singapore
(Singapore)        •          • HA1801 SYS

               Statistics on Singapore               Monthly Digest of Statistics
              (a compiled bibliography of                 •HA1801 SSM
              publications & websites)
Departments:                        Circular and Tenders:                 International:
Singapore Government Departments    CPG Tender & Notices                  Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) -
Board of Architects (BOA)           URA Circulars                         Malaysian Institute of Architects
Building Construction Authority                                           Malaysian Institute of Planners
(BCA)                               Educational Institution:              Hong Kong Institute of Architects
Urban Redevelopment Authority       School Of Architecture, NUS           (HKIA)
(URA)                                                                     Royal Institute of British Architects
Ministry Of National Development    Information Technology:               (RIBA)
(MND)                               SIACAD Pte Ltd - IT arm of the        The American Institute of Architects
Ministry of Environment (MOE)       Singapore Institute of Architects     The Royal Australian Institute of
National Parks Board (Nat Parks) - Asia's leading     Architects
Housing Development Board (HDB)     online marketplace for the            Royal Architectural Institute of
                                    construction industry                 Canada
Fire Safety Bureau (FSB)
                                    Autodesk - good for patches,          Architektenkammer Nordrhein -
Land Transport Authority (LTA)      discussions etc.                      Westfalen (Germany)
Registry of Land Titles and Deeds   CADOnline - a good source of
(ROLTD)                                                                   Royal Incorporation of Architects in
                                    sites                                 Scotland
Singapore Productivity and          Shareware for AutoCAD - lots of
Standards Board                                                           Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland
                                    lisp routines, hatch patterns etc..   Union Internationale des Architectes
National Productivity & Quality     Intellectual Property Office of
Specifications (NPQS)                                                     (France)
                                    Singapore (IPOS)
Land Office (LO)

                                                                      Useful links
    Web of Science (WOS)
   Web of Science includes the following indexes produced by
    the Institute of Scientific Information. It also allows cited
    reference searches.

    - Social Science Citation Index, 1987-, updated weekly.
    - Science Citation Index Expanded, 1987-, updated weekly.
    - Arts & Humanities Citation Index, 1992-, updated weekly.

   Unique by its citation search.

   Full text link to journals subscribed by the Library.
Web of Science (WOS)                  Use Boolean Operators to
                                      narrow/broaden the search

                              (environment* OR sustainable OR
                              green) AND (architect* OR building)

               24,842 found

 Refine the results by
e.g. subject categories
                     2,288 found

                                   493 found
 Refine again the
results by Source
   Titles or use
 “analyze results”
214 found
  Exercise for WOS
Topic: green architecture in Singapore
Search term:
(environment* OR sustainable OR green) AND (architect* OR building)

   Are you able to retrieve the research done by NUS and
  identify who is the top author who published the most papers
  in this area?

      Answer: Wong NH (11 articles)
               School of Design and Environment
               Dept. of Building
                How to expand your search results?

                                    Use references to expand
                                           your search

These articles are
bibliographic references              This article cited the
for the above article                 above article

              references                                          Citing
  PERIND (Periodicals Index)
 It indexes articles on Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and ASEAN (as an
 Contains approximately 270 core journal titles published internationally
and in Singapore.
 Subject coverage: Humanities, social sciences, business, management,
building, architecture, city planning, law and medicine.
 It includes book reviews, review articles, editorials, letters, speeches,
lectures, interviews, obituaries, panel discussions, commentaries,
legislation notes, case notes and clinical case studies.
 PERIND started as an index to periodical literature from mid-1997, it
covers also book chapters and conference papers.
Title search:
(green OR sustainable) AND (architecture OR building)

                                    1.   Retrieve Indexes
                                    2.   Search the citation in
                                    3.   Request for DDS if
                                         materials not in library
Keyword search:
Singapore AND historical AND building
Search for newspaper articles
 Factiva                     Lexis-Nexis Academic
The Straits Times            The Straits Times
                                ► Coverage: 1/5/1992-
   ► Coverage: 1/1/1995-
                                ► Excludes freelance
   ► Excludes stories from         articles and other
      news agencies and            features such as
      contributors                 photographs, classifieds,

Business Times               Business Times
   ► Coverage: 30/4/1994-       ► Coverage: 1/5/1992-
                                ► Excludes stories from
   ► Excludes stories from
                                   wire services
      wire agencies and
   Provides the full text from nearly 8,000 sources from
    newswires, newspapers, magazines, trade journals in 22

   Newspapers covered include Asian Wall Street Journal,
    Bangkok Post, Business Times (Singapore), The
    Financial Times, Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore), Times
    (London), New York Times, Straits Times (Singapore).
(green OR sustainable OR energy conservation) AND Singapore AND
(architecture OR building)
                                   News Pages
               Select the source

 Select the
 Useful encyclopedia, dictionaries and handbooks
Title                                                        Call number & location

The dictionary of art / editor, Jane Turner. 1996-           N31 Dic, CL Reference 2

Dictionary of architectural and building technology /        NA31 Cow 2004, CL
Henry J. Cowan and Peter R. Smith ; with contributions       Reference 2
by W.K. Chow ... [et al.]. 2004, 4th ed.
The concise dictionary of architectural and design history   NA31 Jon, CL Reference 2
/ Frederic H. Jones. 1992.
Encyclopedia of 20th century architecture / R. Stephen       NA680 Enc 2004, CL
Sennott, editor. 2004                                        Reference 2
The Penguin dictionary of decorative arts / John Fleming     NK28 Fle, CL Reference 2
and Hugh Honour. 1989
Encyclopedia of furniture materials, trades, and             NK2205 Edw, CL Reference
techniques / Clive Edwards                                   2
A dictionary of architecture and landscape architecture /    NA31 Cur 2006, CL
James Stevens Curl. 2006, 2nd ed.                            Reference 2
Useful encyclopedia, dictionaries and handbooks

Title                                                      Call number & location

The dissertation : an architecture student's handbook / NA2108 Bor 2006, CL
Iain Borden and Katerina Rüedi Ray. 2006, 2nd           Books
Climate responsive architecture : a design handbook        NA2541 Cli, CL Books
for energy efficient buildings / editors, Arvind Krishan
... [et al.]. 2001
A guide to successful dissertation study for students of NA2000 Hol, CL Books
the built environment / Gary D. Holt. 1998, 2nd ed.
Mary Gilliatt's dictionary of architecture and interior    NK1704 Gil 2004, CL
design : plus essential terms for the home. 2004           Reference 2
The design encyclopedia / Mel Byars. 2004                  NK1370 Bya 2004, CL
                                                           Reference 2
Google Scholar        

     A free scholarly Internet search tools.
     Google Scholar display several types of records:
        Web documents, Article, Book

     Shortfall:
        Most full-text are preprints and early drafts. [Preprints may
          undergo significant revision before publication]
        Not subject specific [E-resources databases in Library portal is
          subject specific]
        May cause frustration when you need to pay for viewing full-text
          [However, NUS Libraries subscribed to many e-resources which
          you are able to access full-text from remote site]

            Google Scholar                     VS         Library Portal
     Journal title: Journal of urban design, 2002, 7 issue 1
     Article title: European Cities in Competition and the New ' Uses ' of Urban Design
Copying & copyright
For researched and private study, the limitations for copying are:

       10% or 1 chapter of a book
       1 article in a journal issue
       10% of the total number of bytes in that edition (electronic

 Please observe the Copying Act and refer to the photocopying section
                      in the NUS Library Rules
          Wish you all the best!

Chew Hooi Tze
Librarian, Central Library