LAOS by pengxiuhui



Genres and Themes
   Religious Literature
    • Theravada Buddhist Canonical Texts
       • short texts aimed at explaining the practical
         advantages of pious deeds
    • texts ediying lessons regarding the gods, the
      saints, and the sites containing relics of the
   Secular texts - much richer thatn religious
    • popular and classical lietrature are well known
      at all levels of society although authors names
      are unknown and texts are undated and
       • 1. Stories, legends and poem of oral tradition are
         satirical in tone
       • Stories called sysva have strong moral and
         education content
• 3. Tales that comment on the naivety of the
  peasantry, the greediness of the wealthy and the
  demands of the royalty
• 4. Judicial stories which include commentaries on
  ancient Lao codes e.g Tales of Nantantai - a lso
  version of the Indian Pancatantra
• 5. Historical Legends - e.g. Hostory of Khun Purom
  which recount the legendary migration of the Tai
  Peoples from Chinca to Luang Prabang
• 6. Poetry that are predominantly Buddhist and
  inspired to the licentious
• 7. Classical Lao Literature - written in prose and
  verse form, lenghty and not original. Themes
  include handsome priest, the heroin is a beautiful
  princess and the antagonist a demon. There is also a
  Lao version of the Ramayana
• 8. Political Writings - 1960’s as the beginning of
  Modern Literature
   – Pro-western Regime vs Socialist Regime
   – Modern Literature - soap opera novels, humorous stories,
     other poorly written works of social criticizm that featured
     dishonest officials and scheming politicians
   Since 1975 - the only modern Lao
    Literature appears to consists of work
    urging the consolidation of socialism and
    emphasizing ideology and internationalism.
TAI Minorities
   Tai minorities of Laos has very rich
    literature preserved in manuscripts from.
    • Magical and astrological texts
    • Juridical texts that are divided into small
      chapters describing specific cases and
      presenting appropriate decision
• Tai Pharmaceutical Texts dealing with
  treatment of certain illness by medicianl plants
  and other preparations. Additional texts of this
  sort list supernatural origins of illnessed and
  give remedies.
• Rich Religious Literature include rituals,
  prayers, texts written in praise of spirits
• Popular and classical texts include epics,
  stories, legends and cosmographical works.
  These works present visions of the creation of
  the worlds proper to each particual group.

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