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					Graduates: Return on Investment

       European Humanities University Trust Fund
                 Assembly of Donors
                    June 2, 2010

1992   Founded in Minsk
2004   Closed by Belarusian authorities
2005   Re-launched activities in Vilnius
2006   Granted status of Lithuanian university and accredited
2007   First MA graduation in exile
       International Governing Board formed
2008   EHU Trust Fund established
2009   First BA graduation in exile
       Friends of EHU established
Investment in education

   Over 3,000 students enrolled in BA and MA programs since 2005
   500 graduates by July 2010
   On present course, an expected 2,600 graduates by 2014
   Over 200 teachers integrating international practices, building competencies
   Thousands exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge
   International curricula developed
   Teaching methods enhanced
   Research collaboration deepened
   Institutional capacity strengthened
   International networks expanded, diversified
   Holistic, progressive services for students
   Quality assurance initiated
International cooperation

   Erasmus Mundus
   Campus Europae
   Over 20 university connections
New development priorities:
Transformation of academic programs
Quality assurance

                                                                                                                                                         5. Implement Quality Assurance
                    Quality Management System
                           implementation levels                                                                                                       HOW WE GUARANTEE QUALITY
                  HOW EHU WILL GO FORWARD                                                                                    4. Build Quality Evaluation
                                                                                                                             WHAT IS OUR QUALITY
                                                                                                    3. Develop indicators’
                                                                                                     measurement tools
                                                                                                    HOW TO MEASURE
                                                             2. Creating of Quality indicators
                                                                WHAT IS MEASURE OF
                                   1. Quality definition for EHU
                                 WHAT MEANS QUALITY FOR US

                                                                                                 2 YEAR                                         PROJECT STAGES IN TIME
              Management Commitment
                 WE COMMIT TO
                 SUPPORT QMS
                                                                                      Main processes
                         1                             Education                                                    Scientific Research

                         2                                                           EHU results (Quality of the final product)

                                                                                     Supporting EHU processes – Resources

                         3                            Faculty and staff qualification management                   Infrastructure management
                                                      Equipment management                                         Work environment management

                                                                                   Quality Assurance processes
                                                       Document control
                         4                             Quality record and data control                    Nonconformity control
                                                       Complaint management                               Control of nonconforming products
                                                       Internal audit                                     Corrective action management
                                                       Data analysis                                      Preventive action management
BA Graduates

   First graduating class in 2009
   Preliminary survey (2010):
        45% returned to Belarus
        27% continue living in Lithuania (both studying at EHU and working)
        18% did not respond
MA Graduates

   Three graduating classes since 2007

   Class of 2009 preliminary survey (54% responded)
      All living in Belarus
      All indicated their experiences at EHU have been career and life changing
      73% working full-time or part-time; of which: 10% returned to previously-held positions such
         as state institutions primarily in the sphere of higher education, including universities and
         research institutes, on national and municipal levels
      The majority works in private sector followed by civil society organizations, mostly in the field
         of their respective degrees.
      Of those intending to continue their education in the form of PhD studies, many indicated a
         desire to explore opportunities at EHU, while others were considering PhD studies in Belarus
         or other countries.

   Classes of 2008 and 2007
      Up to 75% returned to Belarus
      Some continuing on PhD level at European universities such as University of Helsinki in
        Finland and Yale University in the United States
What are they doing?

   Assisting EU agencies and Council of Europe in
    development planning in Belarus
   Famous figures in art world in Belarus
   Establishing innovative businesses in Belarus
   Pursuing innovative research in Belarus
   Working in state institutions in Belarus
   Monitoring elections in Belarus
   Assisting EHU students
   Working at EHU: student services, marketing, alumni
    coordination, lecturing
In their words:

‘…I can say that ideal student for standard lecturer in the
universities in Belarus is a student who keeps silent, who does not
ask additional questions, who just attends the lectures and does
nothing over and above the academic plan. Such education does not
teach students to think independently and critically.’

A. N., 2nd year, BA program in Media and Communications, Mass Media and Journalism (full time)
In their words:

‘Alumni of European Humanities University are a new generation of
well educated professionals, who are able to make positive changes in
Belarus, to overcome the legacy of a present regime and bring
Belarusian society to better time…’.

A. N., 2nd year, BA program in Media and Communications, Mass Media and Journalism (full time)
In their words:

‘…But what we should be concerned about is the apathy, which is
widespread in Belarus… No matter how many resolutions are written or
how many conferences are held if there is no wish for change
all the EU strategies contributing towards the
development of civil society in Belarus will come to

N. K., 2nd year, BA program in Media and Communications, Mass Media and Journalism (full time)
They need support