Finding Grey Literature by pengxiuhui


									   Finding grey literature

  Finding Online Health Information
            Workshop I
Vietnam National Training Programme
             Grey literature
     is another category of literature

•   Not books
•   Not book chapters
•   Not journals
•   Not journal articles

• So what is it?
For example…..
       •   Government reports
       •   PhD dissertations
       •   Master’s theses
       •   Materials from NGOs
       •   Clinical guidelines
       •   EBM materials
       •   Training modules
       •   Courseware
       •   Conference
Very often free and online

   The problem is finding them!
You can always Google….
But remember the story of the keys!

 Go instead to where high-quality grey material
         is produced and/or collected
Here is one place: WHO
      Here is another:
     The INFO Project
at Johns Hopkins University
Here is yet another
These are treasure chests
    of grey literature!

 All you have to do is open them!

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