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Choosing Wedding Hairstyles3


									Choosing Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles are one of the biggest causes of anxiety on the
wedding day. Not only should the salon hair styling reflect upon your
unique personality, but it should also blend with the veil, dress, shoes
and accessories, and match the wedding ambiance too. Wedding hairstyles
can range from elegant updos to romantic down dos. Either way, you'll
want your hair primped, proper, shining and ultimately healthy looking.

At, the editors recommend that you choose your wedding day
hairstyle based on your personality, your wedding theme and what you'd
like to convey about yourself. For instance, if you're dramatic, urbane
and jet-setting, then you may want to choose to have a glamorous
hairstyle, such as with a Brigitte Bardot or 30s-inspired Greta Garbot
finger waves for a retro chic look. If you're minimalist, trendy and
simple chic, then you may want a modern wedding by trying a slightly
unconventional bob or a tight ponytail, with a looping twist bun in back.
Or perhaps you've always wanted the fairytale princess wedding because
you are dreamy, feminine and sentimental. You would like the romantic
look with one of the classic loose updos, with dramatic curls and wispy
tendrils framing your face. For the timeless, elegant, sophisticated and
graceful, the classic look, like an Audrey Hepburn or a Grace Kelly
hairstyle will do: try a sleek chignon resting at the nape of your neck.
The Bohemian style appeals to the new age woman who is the enchanting,
earth, free-spirited hippie; only untamed tresses will do! Then, of
course, there's the sporty, relaxed and simple beach casual bride who may
want loose and wavy shoulder-length tresses. The #1 factor for planning
formal hairstyles is that it is a fashion you will feel comfortable in.

For medium wedding hairstyles and long hairstyles, the bride side
ponytail is more ornamental than a basic down do but isn't the three-hour
hassle of complex curl updos. Women with short hairstyles can also
achieve this look through the use of clip-ons or extensions and this
style will make women with thin hair look like they have much more. A
curl enhancing product is then added to towel dried hair that's spritzed
with a heat-protecting spray and blow dried. Use a large barrel curling
iron on the bottom half of the strands, teasing at the crown to add more
lift. After creating a part, pin the curled tresses to one side and pin
to the left side just beneath the ear. Some of the strands can be wrapped
and looped around the pinned locks for a unique twist before spraying
with instant freeze hold. A jeweled or floral tiara can then be added.
Adding a braid will create texture and will accent your creativity, while
still looking elegant.

Remember when choosing wedding hairstyles that your hair should go with
your dress. For instance, a sleek bob is one of the best-looking short
hairstyles to go with a long slim gown; a pile of curls in a fancy updo
is another option. By contrast, if you have a flowing poofy gown, then
you'll want long, flowing curls to match. A strapless gown will look best
with a French twist. Long, plain satiny dresses look best with short crop
hairstyles or long curly tresses. If the dress has a behind-the-neck tie,
an updo is preferred. If the wedding ceremony is on a beach, go with
loose, flowing beach hair. There are many things to consider, but comfort
and personal style reign supreme.

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