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									Best Salon Hair Products

Staring at the mountain of salon hair products can be really
intimidating! Unless you're considering one of the updos for your prom,
the formal hairstyles for a wedding or hairstyles celebrity hairdressers
have conceived, the post-haircut styling is usually fairly rushed. Yet
how do you choose the best products for you from the endless offering of
gels, pomades, hairsprays, mousses, blow dryers, flat irons and brushes?
Hair expert Mark Garrison wrote a great article in Ladies Home Journal to
help demystify some of the various salon hair styling products out there.

If you have straight or slightly wavy hair and desire sexy curly
hairstyles, then you'll need these salon hair products: curlers, hair
spray and a volumizing mousse. Section your slightly damp hair into small
tendrils around curlers, keeping in mind that the more sections you
create, the more volume you'll have. Allow your hair to dry, then
hairspray each curl and add mousse to the roots for added lift. As you
blow dry, hit the roots first to get the height you need. Try Big Sexy
hairspray, Aveda Air Control or Paul Mitchell's Worked Up. If you have a
more extreme style and don't want your hair to move even an inch, then
try Rave, which is the hairspray brand of Mohawk-wearers, or Aussie

If you have perpetually dry, damaged looking hair, then you'll need the
following salon quality hair products: moisturizing shampoo, deep
conditioner, silicone spray or gel sheen. After shampooing, use a deep
conditioner for additional moisture, leaving it on for 3-5 minutes before
rinsing. Add a silicone spray evenly on dry hair, steering clear of the
roots, which will avoid build up on the scalp. A gel sheen can be used if
the silicone spray isn't efficient enough. For shampoo/conditioners try
Aveda Smooth Infusion, Kenra Deep Conditioner, Redken All Soft
Conditioner, Redken Extreme Deep Fuel, Redken Chemistry System, BioSilk
Therapy Conditioner, K-PAK shampoo and conditioner, K-PAK Deep
Penetrating Reconstructor, Bedhead Superstar shampoo/conditioner, or
Aveda Damage Remedy, all of which won 2007-2008 salon awards for their
excellence. For your spray, try John Frieda Frizz Ease Corrective Styling
Gel with Encapsulated Silicone.

If you are a professional salon hair stylist, then you should be
recommending your salon hair products. According to the latest
statistics, 68% of clients say they have never been asked to purchase
salon hair styling products, but $2.6 billion is spent each year on hair
care products sold through salons. First, you can keep your clients
happier by offering them a product you know is simply better than the
store brand products they're using. The biggest complaint in one hair
survey was that clients felt they could achieve the same look at home, so
using high-end products to style their hair and offering them your
secrets will cement them as your client. You'll be building your
credibility as a knowledgeable stylist, and clients respect that.
Additionally, you will retain over 90% of your clients if they are
purchasing three or more hair products from you. Studies show clients who
are not buying are 60% more likely to try somewhere else. Lastly,
offering the products is virtually effortless on your part, yet retail
sales may yield as much as 15-35% of your salon's overall volume.

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