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Roselle is a suburb of Chicago. It is situated in the northwest of Chicago and is a home to approximately 23,115
people. It is located about 25 miles from downtime Chicago and it takes almost 25 minutes or so to reach there
from the O’Hare International Airport. You will find that Roselle is a village in bot h Cook County and the DuP age
County, Illinois and it provides you the quality of life and sense of community that is usually associated with small
town and wit h that, you would get the convenience associated with metropolitan areas.

The Roselle that you find today began in the 1830’s. It was the result of the settlement next to the native
Potawat omi Indians. The government offered land at a very cheap rate and people start ed making use of it.
Around 1868 Roselle turned out to be a major farming center for corn and flax. It was during t his time that
Chicago saw the return of Rosell Hough. He had a career of alderman and a successful businessman. He was
one of the first to understand the importance of the area of Roselle. He started the Illinois Linen Company on the
northwest corner of the now Roselle Road and Irving Park. There is no evidence to prove it but legends say that it
was the influence of Rosell Hough that was instrumental in having a railroad through it. It is said that he used his
influence and money to maneuver the land survey to have it shown that a railroad should run through Roselle,
Itasca, and Wood Dale instead of Addison and Bloomingdale. If you have any doubts, you should also be told that
Rosell Hough was the president of the Chicago ad Pacific Railroad Company. Now, t he twist in the tale- the new
train schedule perhaps misprinted the name of the new town on the new rail line and gave Roselle its current

Roselle was first incorporat ed in 1922. Many as a bedroom community consider it and there is a firm reason
behind it. The community of Roselle comprises mostly of residential zoning in income streams as well as
geographical area. You will find that most of the residents of Ros elle commute to Chicago or nearby suburbs for
their jobs. There have been some changes due to this commuting. Some believe it to be good while some believe
it to be contaminating. As a result, of this commuting the rural atmosphere that was a specialty of Roselle is
gradually vanishing.

Roselle plays host to two main commercially viable zones-the one along the southern border of the town along
Lake Street and the other at the center of the village near the Ros elle Road and the Irving Park. The year 2005
saw the development of a new downtown business center along the Soo Line Railroad tracks north of the town

Roselle has a very famous school the Lake Park High School District 108. This school not only serves Roselle but
also neighboring regions. If you need recreation here, you will find almost everything of your int erest here. Righ t
from good parks to facilities of golf, tennis, basketball etc. you can do almost everything of your choice.

The economy of Roselle is quite flattering. The per capita inc ome of Roselle is about $28501 and the median
income of Roselle is $65,254. That very well suggests the economic prosperity of Roselle. Since most of the
residents of Roselle are well employed, the standard of living is quite high here. Roselle is a very good example of
the fusion of traditionalism with modernism.

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