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Definition of quality:
In a layman language quality is good, excellent and long- lasting. But quality can best be
defined in following ways:
Quality is fit to use
Quality is free from defect
Conform to requirements
Customer satisfaction
        Any product or service is a quality one if customer perceives it. This is because in
this age of competition customer is considered to be the king. And the organization
should always aims for finding efficient and effective methods for maintaining and
upgrading the quality.
        The word quality means different things to different people. David Garvin
identifies five perspectives on quality:

Transcendent approach: This view represents mark of uncompromising standards and
high achievement. It argues that people learn quality only from experience or repeated
Product based approach: This approach states that quality is recognized by the total of
attributes possessed by the product.
User based approach: This view tells that quality lies in the eyes of beholder. This
definition equates quality with maximum satisfaction enjoyed by the customer.
Manufacturing based approach: This view explains quality in terms of engineering
manufacturing practices. It focuses on conformance to internal specifications which are
attained by productivity and cost containment goals.
Value based approach: This approach describes quality in terms of price and value.
Quality comes to defined as affordable excellence.

Why to achieve quality?
Quality is needed to be achieved because in today’s competitive scenario a business can
grow only by serving their customers and providing maximum satis faction to customers
at least cost. The quality achievement is necessary for delighting the customer and
providing the organization a competitive edge. Until and unless the product or service is
not a quality one it will not be entertained by target market. There is a cause and effect
type relationship between customer and business where customer is the cause and
business is the effect.

How quality can be achieved?
Any product or service cannot achieve quality on its own but it needs to be achieved
through planning and management. The organization should follow a good quality
management practices like TQM. TQM aims at combining the efforts of entire
organization from employees of all departments for achieving improved quality in order
to provide customer full satisfaction.