American Government Course Syllabus

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					                           American Government Course Syllabus
                                     Mr. Dickinson
First Quarter
        I.       Federal Government

                 A. American Govern ment Concepts & Princip les: Chapters 1 & 22
                       Principles and theories of government
                       Concepts/Characteristics of democracy
                       Types of government and economic systems

                 B. Influencing Govern ment: Ch 5-9
                          Political Parties
                          Liberal v. Conservative
                          Vot ing and elections/Electoral Co llege
                          Interest groups/public policy

Second Quarter
                 C. Foundations of American Govern ment: Ch 2-4
                        Roots of American Govern ment
                        The Constitution
                        Bill of Rights

                 D. The Executive Branch: Ch 13-17
                         Duties & Po wers
                         Govern ment Funding
                         Foreign Po licy & Defense

Third Quarter
                 E. The Leg islative Branch of Govern ment : Ch 10-12
                         Structure of Congress: House & Senate
                         Powers of Congress
                         How a bill becomes a law

                 F. The Judicial Branch: Ch 18
                         Structure of lo wer federal courts
                         The Supreme Court

                 G. Civil Liberties: Ch 19-21
                        1st Amendment protections
                        Protection of indiv idual rights & civil rights

Fourth Quarter
        II.    State and Local Government

                 A. Branches of State Government: Chapters 24 & 25
                         The Idaho State Legislature
                         The Governor
                         Idaho Court System

                 B. Local Govern ment:
                        County & City Govern ment