NADP Goal Maintain an efficient measurement system that meets

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					         NADP Goal
    Maintain an efficient measurement
system that meets the data and
information needs of scientists, policy-
makers, educators, and the public
         NADP Needs
Increase completeness of valid precipitation
depth measurements
  reduce missing data due to equipment
  malfunctions and failures

Improve precipitation measurement efficiency
  reduce time required to read charts and
  transcribe measurements
NADP Strategy
      Replace the Belfort B5-780
      recording precipitation gage with a
      gage that
         measures all precipitation types
         reliably and accurately
         produces a digital electronic signal,
         eliminating ink pens, charts, & clocks
         lets one evaluate gage & collector
         performance without the need for
         tedious, time-consuming chart-reading
         can be accessed by satellite, Internet,
         or digital cellular communications,
         where available

 Belfort B5-780
    Criteria for New Gages
range (liquid capacity):               resolution (sensitivity):
25 cm depth or higher                  0.02 cm depth or less
accuracy (calibration/bench test):     accuracy (field): within 0.05 cm or
within 0.05 cm over entire range       5% of Weather Service standard
real-time reporting: report within     false reporting: no false positive
5 minutes of start of precipitation    reports in dry weather
wind and temperature limits: operate at 15m/s (25m/s gusts) windspeed &
in -45 C to +50C temperatures
reliability: more than 500 days with no failures
maintenance: maintenance interval more than 90 days
availability: time to repair less than 30 minutes
power: 110 VAC or 12 VDC with less than 5 amps at 12 VDC
error/failure reporting: report to indicate when gage is not operational
     NADP Actions
Conducted bench tests and field tests of
commercially available electronic gages
Used the criteria for new gages to determine
which gages performed best
NADP Network Operations Subcommittee
evaluated test results and recommended
acceptable gages
NADP Executive Committee decided on
acceptable replacements for Belfort B5-780
      NADP Resolution
(1) As of January 2006, new NADP sites must be
    equipped with one of these gages:
      ETI Instrument Systems, Inc.
      NOAH IV Total Precipitation Gauge
      Hach Environmental, Inc.
      Ott NADP Pluvio Precipitation Gauge
(2) All sites must replace their Belfort gages with
    one of the above gages by the end of 2009.
(3) Sites receiving more than 20% of annual
    precipitation as snow must install an Alter-type
    wind shield on their gage by the end of 2009.
      Gage Supplier Contacts
ETI Instrument Systems, Inc.                 HACH Environmental, Inc.
NOAH IV Total Precipitation Gage             Ott NADP Pluvio Precipitation Gage

Contact for information                      Contact for information
and prices____________                       and prices____________
Jerry Price                                  Hach Environmental
1317 Webster Avenue                          5600 Lindbergh Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80524                       Loveland, CO 80539
(970)484-9393                                (800)949-3766                       

Contact Roger Claybrooke ( or 217/244-2838) about the
     two options for acquiring data from these gages :
     (1) a specially programmed handheld computer, available at cost (~$300)
     from the NADP Program Office
     (2) telemeter (satellite, Internet, digital cell) the data to the Program Office
Sites Requiring a Wind Shield

                   s opti
               ield rea
           d sh is a
        Win in th
                                           AB13   CO92   MI48   NE15   PA13         WI10
                                           AB14   CO97   MI51   NM07   PA15         WI22
                                           AK01   CO99   MI52   NM08   PA18         WI25
                                           AK02   CT15   MI98   NM12   PA29         WI28
        Alter wind shield                  AK03   ID03   MI99   NS01   PA30         WI31
                                           AK98   IN34   MN01   NV02   PA42         WI32
If your site is listed here,               AZ02   KS32   MN08   NV05   PA52         WI35
your precipitation gage                    AZ03   MA01   MN16   NV98   PA72         WI36
needs a wind shield.                       AZ97   MA13   MN18   NV99   PA90         WI37

Contact suppliers for prices               CA96   ME00   MN23   NY01   SD04         WI98

and info on installation     .             CA99   ME02   MN27   NY08   SD08         WI99
                                           CO00   ME04   MN28   NY10   UT01        WV18
  ETI Instrument Systems, Inc.
1317 Webster Ave., Ft. Collins, CO 80524   CO01   ME09   MN32   NY22   UT09        WV99
(970)484-9393           CO08   ME96   MN99   NY29   UT98        WY02
  HACH Environmental, Inc.                 CO10   ME98   MT00   NY52   UT99        WY06
5600 Lindbergh Dr., Loveland, CO 80539
(800)949-3766                              CO15   MI09   MT05   NY67   VT01        WY08                CO18   MI26   MT96   NY68   VT99        WY99

  NovaLynx Corp.                           CO19   MI29   ND00   NY98   WI08
Box 240, Grass Valley, CA 95945-0240
                                           CO21   MI31   ND01   NY99   WI09
                                                                       Last update: 10 Apr 08
   Sites                         Shield              Shield               Shield
 Equipped              Site ID
                                           Site ID
                                                              Site ID
With a Wind            CA28       Alter     IN26     Alter    OK01         Alter

   Shield              CA50
                       CAN5       Alter    MA08      Alter    OK31         Alter

    Contact            CO02      Wyoming   MD08      Alter    OR09         Alter
                       CO22       Alter    ME08      Alter    OR18         Alter
Roger Claybrooke
                       CO90       Alter     MI53     Alter    SD18         Alter
                       CO91       Alter    MN98      Alter    SD99         Alter
dclay@sws.uiuc.ed      CO93       Alter    MT07      Alter    SK12         Alter
         u             CO94       Alter    MT97      Alter    UT08         Alter
 or 217/244-2838)      CO96       Alter    MT98      Alter    UT97         Alter
                       CO98       Alter    ND08      Alter    WA24         Alter

for questions about     IA08      Alter    ND11      Alter    WA98         Alter

gage or wind shield     IA23      Alter    NE99      Alter     WI98        Alter
                        ID02      Alter    NH02      Alter    WY00         Alter
 installation, using
                        ID03      Alter    NV03      Alter    WY95         Alter
 an existing shield,
                        ID11     Wyoming   NY06      Alter    WY97         Alter
  or corrections in     ID99      Alter    NY20      Alter    WY98         Alter
      this table.       IN20      Alter    NY43      Alter

                                                               Last update: 10 Apr 08

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